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Caged Hens Free from Debeaking

18 July 2013

DENMARK - It has been officially decided by the Danish egg trade association that de-beaking of battery chickens will come to an end.

Experience has shown that there is no longer any need for this procedure, reports

According to Jørgen Nyberg Larsen, chief of the sector, hens now have new, enriched cages with nesting boxes and perches which are more spacious. 

Mr Larsen said that in recent years, chickens have also proven to be less aggressive and that two-thirds of battery chicken egg producers have given up the practice of debeaking.

According to him, some producers still de-beak more out of habit rather than necessity.

Knowledge Center for Agriculture veterinary Susan Kabell said that the decision to stop debeaking is a positive step in Danish agriculture.

According to Dr Kabell, the procedure does not involve pain for the hens so long as it is carried out in accordance with the rules.

The main reason behind Danish poultry producers' decision to debeak is the fear of cannibalism among chickens.

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