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Soy Sauce Marination Makes Chicken Tender

07 April 2014
Poultry Science journal

SOUTH KOREA - Soy sauce marination improved the tenderness of tumbled chicken breast, according to new research.

A research group with first-named author, H.W. Kim of Konkuk University says the results of their latest study suggest soy sauce marination can improve the tenderness of tumbled chicken breast.

The effects were brought about more by the salt content of the marinade than by any changes in pH.

The objective of the study, published in Poultry Science, was to evaluate the effects of soy sauce on the physicochemical and textural properties of tumbled chicken breasts.

Chicken breasts marinated with distilled water (Con), 4.0 per cent sodium chloride solution, 4.0 per cent sodium chloride and lactic acid solution (pH 4.9), and soy sauce solution (4.0 per cent salt concentration and pH 4.9) were vacuum-tumbled at 3°C for 60 minutes.

The chicken breast marinated with soy sauce solution showed lower lightness and higher redness and yellowness due to the colour of the soy sauce.

The acidic marinades led to a decrease in pH value of tumbled chicken breast. These marinades also increased collagen solubility of sample compared with 4.0 per cent sodium chloride solution, resulting in decreased shear force.

Water-holding capacity, marination and cooking yields, and solubility of myofibrillar proteins were mainly affected by the presence of salt in the marinade, rather than by pH alternation, according to Kim and co-authors.


Kim H.W., K.E. Hwang, D.H. Song, Y.J. Kim, Y.B. Lim, J.H. Choi, Y.S. Choi, H.Y. Kim and C.J. Kim. 2014. Effects of soy sauce on physicochemical and textural properties of tumbled chicken breast. Poultry Science. 93(3):680-686. doi: 10.3382/ps.2012-02930

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