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Efficiency is Everything in Poultry Fan Performance

04 September 2014
Termotecnica Pericoli SRL

ITALY - Termotecnica Pericoli a brand recognised for its unquestioned quality, performance and efficiency features which are very evident in the top of the range EOC Cone fan, with its high capacity, superior performance and greatly improved efficiency, all due to innovative design and engineering upgrades.

There are three models (0.75 to 1.5Hp) with six blades for high static pressure operation and performance due to:

  • aerodynamic design of the hub and main pulley
  • cone angle is designed to maximise the “venturi–effect”
  • clean undisturbed rotational discharge of the air exiting the fan
  • laminar flow of air into the propellers with the shutters on the inlet side
  • new motor position – improved airflow and cooling, and
  • preset belt tensioner – peak performance

The uniquely designed inlet shutters blades and plastic shutter sockets provides a positive seal eliminating both light and unwanted air when the fans are not in operation. The strong and sturdy design of the housing contributes to a more rigid body with less vibration and subsequent fatigue in addition to contributing to a quitter operation.

Ease of access to the motor, belts, pulleys and propellers facilitates service and maintenance but also contribute to the increased safety aspect, with the double opening, hinged wire guard on the air inlet side.

All Pericoli fans performance specifications are Bess Lab-certified inclusive of all the safety options


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