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Iraqi Health Ministry Issues Warning on Salmonella Infected Chickens

18 September 2014

IRAQ - The Iraqi Ministry of Health uncovered the entry of infected chickens with the germ of salmonella to Iraq and its spread into local markets, confirming that its origins are Turkey, Egypt and Ukraine.

According to Iraqi News, a source in the ministry said, "The Ministry of Health conducted laboratory tests for some forms of food showed the presence of several types of imported chicken in local markets which are not fit for human consumption and infected with the germ Salmonella," stressing that "the origins of this chicken is the following countries: Turkey, Egypt and Ukraine."

A salmonella bacterium is one of the micro-organisms and unicellular microscopic size. It is found in the intestines of animals and humans; it is transmitted from human or infected animal to humans or other healthy animals. Salmonella includes more than 2,300 strains and has an ability to infect humans and animals.

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