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Lessafre Reborn as Phileo

28 January 2015

GLOBAL – Feed additive company, Lesaffre, is now called Phileo as part of a new identity unveiled at the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, US.

New name and branding will be given to the company in a new corporate identity decided to reflect a “pioneering business dynamic”, said a company spokesperson.

Explaining the new name, the spokesperson said: "Taken from the Greek verb “to love,” this word conjures up notions of care, respect and protection.

"Additionally, its spiral-shaped logo illustrates new momentum and a forward-looking attitude. Joining forces with this evocative brand name is a new philosophy, which is equally resonant: “Raising life”.

“A respectable figure in the world of farming, PHILEO applies its philosophy on a daily basis. Working at the crossroads of nutrition and health, its innovative nutritional solutions help enhance animal health and performance.

“By the year 2050, our planet will be home to more than nine billion people who will all need feeding. The quality of animal feed will therefore be essential in order to provide the necessary nutritional resources for everyone.

“Finding new solutions to meet the needs of future generations is a challenge that PHILEO will embrace – we strive to enhance the lives of animals in order to better enhance the lives of people.

“So that it is always at the forefront of innovation, PHILEO has a dedicated R&D division. Its engineers, nutritionists and veterinarians work in tight collaboration with Lesaffre’s own R&D department as well as universities and institutes around the world.

“The teams’ expertise includes fundamental in vitro research, development of industrial processes and validation through scientific animal studies in research institutes and farming.

“This triple expertise contributes to the creation of groundbreaking solutions, which respond to both current and future needs for the ruminant, pig, poultry and aquaculture industries, from traditional to intensive farming.”

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