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Innovative Fan from Termotecnica Pericoli Adds Depth

05 March 2015
Termotecnica Pericoli SRL

ITALY - A new innovative fan from Termotecnica Pericoli adds depth to making your production a little easier and more efficient.

Termotecnica Pericoli S.r.l. globally known, respected and recognized for their full range of top quality climate management equipment and systems in the livestock production sector has just added a new dimension.

The recently introduction of the new ACF 26/21 with:

  • 20 to 25 per cent increase in thrust
  • 10 per cent increased airflow and capacity
  • a decrease of 5/10 per cent in energy consumption

These combine to bring a new dimension to the circulation product line with a very cost-effective innovative and compact fan. There are many very unique features that contribute to this products success which are certainly worthy of a second look such as the all-new six-blade Peraluman (High Tech Aluminum Alloy) propeller assembly, and motor mounts which are aerodynamically designed to stabilising the airflow and increase the efficiency in addition to robustly supporting the motor.
Noteworthy: during the recent Bess Lab independent performance verification process the ACF21/26were rated in the top five per cent of all competitive fans.

The new ACF 26 compliments the company’s full range of ventilation equipment to meet every specification and requirements to compliment your livestock production, in either individual components or in balanced and integrated systems.

  • Heating : CombiTERM ; agriTERM and easyTERM
  • Cooling : PERIcool evaporative pad with the MFX/MFP water distribution or RWA cooling/humidifying
  • Ventilation : EOS/EWS & EOC extraction fans, EOR and ACF circulation fans

with a full range of supporting elements such as light traps, and inlets, etc.

Quality is engrained in every aspect of the company, supported by an extensive and dedicated global distribution network makes Pericoli the #1 choice for all your livestock production heating/cooling and ventilation requirements.

Make your production a little easier and more efficient!

For more information, visit

Termotecnica Pericoli

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