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Nutrient Intake Not Feed Intake Matters for Breeders

12 March 2015

UK - To manage a breeder flock successfully the birds must receive the correct nutrient intake to meet the bird’s requirements for growth, maintenance and egg production, says Aviagen.

Nutrient intake is the combination of the diet nutrient content and the amount of feed eaten: the amount of feed allocated to the breeder must take into account the diet formulation.

Aviagen broiler breeder chickens female feeding

Feeding either too much or too little of the required nutrients to the breeder bird results in poor performance. Both the diet nutrient content and the quantity fed must be considered. Ensuring that every bird receives the correct quantity of feed is essential for good results.

During the rearing and pre-production periods, the challenge for nutritionists is to deliver the correct volume of nutrients to achieve good flock uniformity, development of reproductive organs, growth rate and the correct body composition to fuel subsequent egg production.

Once in production, the nutritionist is required to deliver a ration that when fed at the correct volume, provides a nutrient intake which will balance bodyweight gain, fat reserves, feather cover, egg production, egg size and hatchability, which will maximise the number of high quality chicks.

Further information on the importance of nutrient intake can be found in the Parent Stock Handbook for Arbor Acres®, Indian River® and Ross®.

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