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PERIcool: Same Quality, Performance - More Cost-effective

01 May 2015
Termotecnica Pericoli SRL

ITALY - Termotecnica Pericoli S.r.l., never satisfied with the status quo, continues to invest substantial resources into constant upgrading and product improvement through R&D into design, new materials and improved supply chain.

The PERIcool evaporation pad has undergone a total review from every aspect resulting in an improved cost effectiveness without any impact in quality, now offering the same quality and performance at substantially reduced cost.

A key area of focus was achieved through focusing a thorough review of manufacturing process in addition to their raw materials supply chain of focused on:

  • virgin high-grade Swedish craft paper and
  • proprietary non-toxic resin used in the impregnation process – key to water absorption and structural stability – in combination with their glue propriety glue.

The paper/resin combination is the key factor in determining a pads structure/rigidity and service life as well as the rate of water absorption and its capacity to hold as much water as possible to generate the maximum cooling effect.

This resin is far less toxic than the competitors during both manufacture and in your application on the farm. The end result is a lower impact on the environment, the bottom line is the PERIcool pad in “Green”.

In addition, the design of the flutes, both size and angle is critical to limiting the drop in airflow, reduced static pressure and the ability for the air to absorb water as it passes through the pad and thus to be cooled down to the maximum possible.

For more information, visit the Termotecnica Pericoli web site,

Termotecnica Pericoli

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