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BroMaxx Crates Station Broiler Harvesting System Patented

05 October 2015
Jansen Poultry Equipment

NETHERLANDS - The BroMaxx Crates Station is an innovative solution that enables fast, labour efficient and animal friendly harvesting of broilers.

The system is placed behind the BroMaxx broiler colony system and enables convenient supply of empty crates and discharge of full crates. Jansen Poultry Equipment received a patent certificate for this innovation.

The BroMaxx Crates Station is one of the integrated solution for maximised broiler production. The BroMaxx broiler colony system is designed to produce a maximum number of quality broilers that are free from excessive use of medication and have excellent meat quality.

By harvesting the animals with utmost care the meat quality stays in perfect condition. Broilers stay free from bruises and broken wings and legs. The BroMaxx concept enables delivery of a maximised amount of high quality broiler meat.

The optional TransTruck system can be added to the BroMaxx Crates Station. The TransTruck system transports full crates directly into trucks which enables an even faster and more labour efficient processing of the birds. The system can be easily adjusted in order to match various heights of trucks.

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