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Novus International Joins The Sustainability Consortium®

29 July 2015
Novus International

GLOBAL - A new partnership shows sustainability remains a critical component of Novus International’s business strategy.

Food producers face ongoing pressure to deliver safe, affordable food with the least possible insult to the environment. Novus is committed to providing solutions which not only solve customer pains, but do so sustainably.

To further progress toward this goal, Novus International Inc., a global leader in animal health and nutrition, has joined The Sustainability Consortium® (TSC®) as a new member of the Food, Beverage, and Agriculture Working Group.

“The greatest benefit we can have in terms of protecting our environment is providing our global customers with solutions that enable more efficient operations, utilising fewer resources and reducing waste levels,” commented Jake Piel, Manager of Sustainability at Novus.

“The partnership with The Sustainability Consortium will strengthen our ability to do this by collaborating with various members of the value chain to ensure sustainability needs are met at every level. This spans from environmental criteria to animal welfare standards. ”

The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) is a global organisation working to transform the consumer goods industry and create a new generation of products and supply networks that address environmental, social, and economic imperatives.

TSC develops methodologies, tools and strategies focused on the supply chain to create more sustainable consumer products. Novus joins more than 100 members of TSC include manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, service providers, NGOs, civil society organisations, governmental agencies, and academics working across a wide variety of consumer products sectors.

“We are proud to welcome Novus as a new member,” notes Sheila Bonini, TSC CEO.  “Food, beverage and agriculture is a diverse and important sector for TSC and to the world at large.  By joining TSC, Novus is demonstrating their commitment to addressing product sustainability across the supply chain and helping resolve today’s challenges.”

As part of the TSC Food, Beverage, and Agriculture (FBA) working group, Novus will engage with corporations, civil-society organisations, academics and government agencies on a global level. The FBA working group is the largest and oldest working group at TSC.  Including the categories recently completed, TSC has developed business tools for 117 consumer product categories, including many in the FBA sector.

For more information about Novus and the Company’s commitment to sustainable protein production, visit

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