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Phytonutrients Improve Energy Utilisation in Broilers

06 May 2016

GLOBAL - In the European Union, additives composed of plant extracts are classified as flavouring compounds, and therefore belong to the sensory additives category.

Plant extracts, especially essential oils, which may be used to replace antimicrobial growth promoters, exert beneficial effects by improving digestion and absorption, optimising microbiota composition, enhancing immune responses and the overall health status of the animal.

Pancosma has developed a carefully selected blend of phytonutrients, XTRACT® Evolution-B, consisting of carvacrol, cinnamaldehyde and capsicum, which was shown to enhance energy utilisation for improved growth in broilers.

The effects of XTRACT® Evolution-B (5 per cent carvacrol, 3 per cent cinnamaldehyde en 2 per cent capsicum) on energy utilisation and growth were studied in 210 male Ross chicks.

This trial showed that supplementing feed with XTRACT® Evolution-B significantly improved daily weight gain, feed efficiency, fat digestibility, and protein retention in the carcass.

Furthermore, energy retention in the carcass was higher, and the heat loss was lower in the chicks fed a diet supplemented with the phytonutrient blend.

This trial shows that Pancosma’s XTRACT® Evolution-B, a mixture of carvacrol, cinnamaldehyde and capsicum, positively affects growth and feed efficiency. This product was recently approved by the EU as a zootechnical additive for broilers.

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