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Alarm Ahead of the Damage

28 October 2016
Big Dutchman

GLOBAL - If the ventilation in a barn fails, alarm systems only issue warnings when the temperature at animal level has already reached a critical level.

With a new function of the AC Touch alarm unit, Big Dutchman now takes a great leap forward: The system extension “Cross-Check” recognizes issues within the ventilation system before dangerous situations such as excessive temperatures occur. AC Touch Cross-Check verifies that fans or fan groups actually start rotating after being activated and thus notices when they do not work due to damage, cable breaks, short circuits or even incorrect operation. An alarm is generated within few seconds, alerting the farm manager to the dangerous situation even before it occurs.

On most farms, fans or fan groups are currently not specifically monitored in agriculture because this is very complicated. “We have now developed a very cost-efficient monitoring method that can be used with fans from any manufacturer. With this method, an alarm is generated even if the issue is incorrect operation, not a technical fault,” explains Big Dutchman expert Axel Schulz.

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