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Automation's New Role in the Hatchery

28 February 2017

ANALYSIS - KL Automation from Zoetis offers fully automated solutions for hatcheries that improve throughput and reduce manpower, creating a more efficient environment.

Gerry St. Pierre, with KL Automation from Zoetis, speaks to ThePoultrySite's Sarah Mikesell at IPPE in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  

“The Zoetis KL Automation portfolio is essentially automation for the hatchery. It covers every aspect in terms of material handling, chick handling - we have automation and scaleable solutions. Depending on the size of your hatchery, whether it is a small producer or a mega-hatchery, we have solutions, including a suite of products in between,” said Gerry St. Pierre, with KL Automation from Zoetis. “We have a complete portfolio of automation that’s complimentary to the Embrex portfolio.”

KL Automation is designed to work hand-in-hand with the Embrex system, so machines unload the egg flats, send them down and convey them to the Inovoject system.

"Between all those products, what we do is we give the hatcheries the tools they need to improve throughput and reduce the manpower requirements and we do it all with an extremely efficient and reliable suite of products," he said.

KL Automation's robots are fully integrated with washed down stainless steel perimeter fencing and a light curtain safety barrier that helps adhere to all of the regional and global standards for safety. 

Sarah Mikesell, Senior Editor

Sarah Mikesell, Senior Editor

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