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Hipra University: Theoretical and practical course on Newcastle disease

12 June 2018

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On 10th and 11th May last, the first Hipra University course on Newcastle disease organised by Hipra was held in Lima (Peru).

The course brought together a group of professionals in the poultry industry in Peru, Colombia and Mexico, countries where the presence of the Newcastle virus continues to pose a major problem and where poultry vets need to have a greater knowledge of the disease and the design of vaccination programmes for proper prevention.

Indeed, Hipra University is seeking to increase its students’ knowledge of the disease and how to interpret serological results and how to take samples correctly for laboratory analysis.

On this occasion, the speakers taking part were Dr Eliana Icochea – professor at the University of San Marcos in Lima (Peru) who is a specialist in avian pathology; Dr Claudio Afonso, lead investigator in the US Department of Agriculture and Dr. Salvador Velazquez, a professor specialising in poultry production at the Benemérita Universidad de Puebla (Mexico).

The sessions presented by the speakers dealt with various aspects of the disease, epidemiology, prevalence of the virus in the different countries and its characterisation. Special emphasis was placed on the need to strengthen vaccination programmes in the face of the threat posed by the virus. Molecular diagnosis plays a significant role in monitoring the disease.

An important aspect of the course was the presentation of genuine practical cases to be solved by the participants in the course. Dr Alfredo Condemarín – Technical and Marketing Manager, Aviculture, in Peru – and Dr Jesús Rubio – Poultry Business Unit Manager, Hipra - presented and conducted the practical cases.

The San Marcos University placed its facilities at the disposal of the course for the performance of necropsies on birds and the identification of both the lesions specific to the disease and suitable tissues for sampling on FTA cards. This necropsy class was skilfully conducted by Professor Icochea.
The course is certified by the CPD certification service (an independent accreditation organisation) and is part of the Hipra University continuing education programme, that offers tailor-made training solutions for veterinarians.

With this initiative, HIPRA strengthens its commitment to Prevention in Animal Health and Newcastle disease.

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