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Mango peels and the shelf-life of chicken: A novel approach to packaging

25 June 2018

INDIA - Novel packaging made from mango peels could extend the shelf life of poultry meat

A Report from The Hindu details the research of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) in Mumbai. BARC's researchers have used mango peels along with three other biodegradable polymers to develop a packaging film which, "showed good antimicrobial properties against common food microbes and also exhibited high antioxidant characteristics," reports The Hindu.

The film showed high puncture and tensile strength and, when storing at 2-4 degrees celsius, kept the meat fresh for 12 days, compared with conventional polythene packaging which only did so for 3 days.


“Meat has [a] high lipid content that is prone to oxidation on storage/processing. We wanted to check how the film preserved the meat from both microbial spoilage and oxidative rancidity,” added Dr Kanatt. “Increase in shelf life as well as safety of the meat will be a boon to the food processer as they can store this meat in chilled rather than frozen state. Film preparation methods are being fine-tuned for possible commercial applications.”


Click here to read the full article from The Hindu

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