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New Aviagen® Broiler Handbooks deliver revised flock management information for Arbor Acres®, Indian River® and Ross® brands

21 September 2018

Aviagen® is committed to providing up-to-date management information that is used by customers worldwide - and Broiler Handbooks are especially popular sources of knowledge that are relied on by broiler growers.

Newly updated versions of the Broiler Handbooks have recently been released for the Arbor Acres®, Indian River® and Ross® brands* - and the revised handbooks ensure that users can rely on their contents as being cutting-edge, timely and relevant. “We’ve made a number of enhancements and revisions across the board,” says Aviagen’s global technical transfer manager, Emma Longley. “These will ensure that the Broiler Handbooks will continue to maintain their value as a go-to reference tool for broiler growers worldwide.”

* Copies of the handbooks can be downloaded by clicking on the highlighted links, above.

Revisions, improvements and enhancements

The Broiler Handbooks have principal sections that cover Chick Management; Feed & Water; Nutrition; Health & Biosecurity; Housing & Environment; Monitoring Live Weight/Uniformity of Performance, and Pre-Processing Management. “Where appropriate, all sections have been updated with new illustrations and figures,” says Emma Longley. “In addition, we’ve made text alterations to cover the latest technologies, whilst also ensuring that we create a user-friendly experience.”

Flock management and best practice advice have been revised in line with current practice and recent genetic improvements, whilst new features include a Key Management Timetable, which gives the critical age objectives for broiler stock, from placement through to pre-processing management. In addition, updated Minimum Ventilation Rates have been included in the handbooks, in accordance with the latest performance improvements.

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