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27 February 2015
Cutting Food Waste Could Save Global Economy $300 Billion
ANALYSIS - Reducing consumer food waste could save between $120 billion and $300 billion a year by 2030....
26 February 2015
Weekly Overview: UK Agriculture Becomes Highly Political Ahead of General Election
GLOBAL - The UK's National Farmers Union (NFU) held its annual conference in Birmingham this week and with the general election coming up in May, the discussions were more political than usual. In our weekly update on bird flu news, there are reports...
24 February 2015
Agricultural Production 'Not Suitable' for Food Challenges of the 21st Century
GLOBAL - While the numbers of the chronically hungry have been reduced by 100 million over the past decade, 805 million still go without enough to eat on a regular basis....
19 February 2015
Weekly Overview: Keeping up with Poultry Market Developments
GLOBAL - This week's focus is on changing consumer preferences, new research into antibiotic resistance and an update on bird flu in poultry and cases in humans caused by viruses of avian origin....
EU Agriculture Commissioner to Address US Conference
GLOBAL - EU Agriculture Commissioner, Phil Hogan, is scheduled to address the Agricultural Outlook Conference in Virginia, US, with US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today, 19 February....
18 February 2015
What Are Your Views on the Critical List of Antibiotics?
ANALYSIS - Agricultural use of antimicrobial medicines produces a source of resistant bacteria that can spread to humans....
06 February 2015
Call for Concrete Proposals in World Trade Talks
GLOBAL - A new paper from the World Trade Organisation on the latest stage of the Doha round of the global trade talks has shown that just one country might have to make changes to its domestic support if the current proposals remain on the table....
FAO Food Price Index Falls Again
GLOBAL - The FAO Food Price Index averaged 182.7 points in January 2015, down 3.6 points (1.9 per cent) from its revised* (reduced) December 2014 value....
04 February 2015
What Role do Retailers Play in Reducing the Use of Antibiotics on Farms?
ANALYSIS - More resistant bacteria means more pressure on producers, veterinarians, and, as consumer awareness grows, retailers....
28 January 2015
Do You Feel Well Informed about Conditions to Use Antibiotics on Farms?
ANALYSIS - Concern has been growing among farming, veterinary and political communities as well as the public at large over the over-use of antibiotics....
Urgent Help Needed after Malawi Floods Wreck Farmland
MALAWI, AFRICA - Farmers in southern Malawi urgently need seeds and livestock after intense flooding destroyed their fields and homes, washing away animals and crops and threatening local food security....
26 January 2015
MSD Animal Health Offers New Tools, Services to Poultry Producers
GLOBAL - New customer tools and services from MSD Animal Health are helping poultry producers benchmark, identify and track improvements on their operation. ...
23 January 2015
International Poultry Council to Focus on Impact of Avian Flu on Industry
GLOBAL - With increased avian influenza detections around the world wreaking havoc on global poultry trade, the virus will be among the chief topics of discussion when members of the International Poultry Council (IPC) convene in April in Rome, Italy...
21 January 2015
Could EU Poultry Meat Exports to Russia Resume?
ANALYSIS - The way could be reopened for the restoration of exports of pork and pig meat products to Russia, and this could be followed by a resumption of poultry meat exports....
China, UK Strengthen Agricultural Cooperation
CHINA & UK - Minister Han Changfu met Elizabeth Truss, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs of UK last week when the two sides exchanged views on strengthening bilateral agricultural cooperation....
19 January 2015
Where is the Global Poultry Industry Headed?
ANALYSIS - Delair Bolis, Executive Director, Head of Global Poultry Business Unit at MSD Animal Health, shares expectations for the global poultry industry. ...
16 January 2015
US Counts the Cost of Chinese Ban on Its Poultry Exports
CHINA & US - As a result of China's ban on imports of all poultry and products from the US on the grounds of spreading avian flu, the US will be forced to send to rendering most of the huge volume of chicken paws (feet) and wing tips that it previously...
Why is McDonald's Passionate about Sustainability?
ANALYSIS - McDonald's vision is to source all of their food and products sustainably, said Francesca DeBiase, VP Strategic Sourcing, Sustainability at McDonald's....
09 January 2015
Near-record Meat Price Index in December 2014
GLOBAL - 2014 is third consecutive year of falling prices as all commodity groups declined except for meat, which approached its record high level....
29 December 2014
Brazil Takes Indonesia to WTO over Poultry Trade Bans
BRAZIL & INDONESIA - Brazil is taking Indonesia through the World Trade Organization (WTO) dispute procedures because of on-going restrictions on exports of chicken meat and products....
18 December 2014
Growth Forecast for North American Poultry Feed Market
US, CANADA & MEXICO - The North America poultry fed market is estimated to reach more than US$66 billion by 2019, with an annual growth rate of 6.6 per cent....
11 December 2014
Changes to US M-COOL Expected Before Canada and Mexico Retaliate
US/CANADA/MEXICO - The president of Paragon Economics expects the U.S. Congress to make changes to Mandatory Country of Origin Labelling before Canada and Mexico impose retaliatory tariffs on imported US products, writes Bruce Cochrane....
05 December 2014
FAO Food Price Index Broadly Stable
GLOBAL - Food and Agriculture Organisation's monthly food price index was stable in November, as vegetable oil and grain prices inched up and offset ongoing declines in dairy prices....
02 December 2014
US Appeals WTO Panel Reports in US-COOL Disputes
GLOBAL - The US is to appeal against the decision of the World Trade Organization over the decision on country of origin labelling....
26 November 2014
Ross Association Meeting Highlights Support and Opportunity in Asia
ASIA - The tradition of gathering at the Ross Association to meet, share and update on industry developments was evident to everyone with the excellent attendance of key customers and distributors from the Asian region....
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