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22 May 2015
International Farming Organisations United on Trans-Pacific Partnership
GLOBAL - As Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) nations meet this week in Guam to continue negotiations, agri-food producer and processor organisations from around the world have united to call for a trade agreement to improve market access for agricultural...
21 May 2015
Global Protein Developments: What are the Implications for the Meat Industry?
ANALYSIS - What meat will be on the world's plate in the coming decades? Who will eat what and why? Stuart Lumb went to listen to Rabobank analyst Albert Vernooij. ...
19 May 2015
WTO Rules Against US over Country of Origin Labelling
GLOBAL - The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has thrown out the US appeal against its ruling over mandatory country of origin labelling....
08 May 2015
FAO Predicts World Food Import Bill to Fall to Five-year Low
GLOBAL - International prices for agricultural commodities continued to decline in April and abundant inventories are poised to offset any pressure from the slight reduction in global harvests expected this year....
29 April 2015
Urgent Need to Find Solutions in Farm Trade Talks
GLOBAL - A plea has been sent out to nations in the World Trade Organization to step up efforts to their differences on key issues blocking progress in the Doha Round farm trade talks....
28 April 2015
Maize to Lead Global Grain Contraction
GLOBAL – Smaller maize output will drive a ‘modest decline’ in global grain production this year....
23 April 2015
Weekly Overview: Avian Flu and Its Impacts on the US Poultry Sector
GLOBAL - New outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian flu in the United States continue to be reported on a daily basis, with turkey flocks in Minnesota bearing the brunt of the onslaught. A 3.8-million-bird layer flock in Iowa has also been affected in the...
07 April 2015
FAO Food Price Index Drops Further in March 2015
GLOBAL - The FAO Food Price Index averaged 173.8 points in March 2015, down 2.6 points (1.5 per cent) from its revised February value and nearly 40 points (18.7 per cent) below its level in March 2014....
01 April 2015
Asian Protein Consumption Leads Animal Feed Innovation
GLOBAL - The increase in demand for meat and dairy products in the Asia Pacific region has led to a need for using the best possible technology and animal feed methods, according to Cargill....
Time-out on Trade Talks and Global Negotiations Stall
GLOBAL - Talks at the World Trade Organization over food safety and animal and plant health as part of the on-going trade negotiations have come to an impasse....
31 March 2015
WTO Sets up Disputes Panel over Russian EU Trade Tariffs
GLOBAL - The dispute settlement body of the World Trade Organisation has established a disputes panel over Russia’s tariff treatment of agricultural and manufacturing goods from the EU....
25 March 2015
Antimicrobial Resistance – Who is Responsible?
ANALYSIS - Misuse and overuse of antimicrobials has been linked to the emergence and spread of organisms resistant to them, rendering treatments obsolete and threatening public health....
Global Antibiotic Use in Animals to Rise 67 Per Cent by 2030
GLOBAL - A new study estimates that global use of antibiotics will be 67 per cent higher in 2030 than in 2010 as agriculture intensifies to meet the growing demand for animal protein....
23 March 2015
Punitive Trade Barriers Hit European Exports
ANALYSIS - Significant trade and investment barriers are being built by Europe’s leading trading partners....
20 March 2015
Five Countries Are Home to Half World’s Hungry
GLOBAL - Brazil, China, India, Indonesia and Mexico may be rising economic powerhouses but these five fast-growing, middle income countries are still home to nearly half of the world’s hungry, or 363 million people, according to IFPRI's new Global Food...
19 March 2015
Weekly Overview: Bird Flu Impacts Global Poultry Sector
GLOBAL - The spread of avian influenza in recent months has affected the bottom line of one leading poultry company and, according to a new report, it is set to impact global trade streams. New outbreaks have been reported in the last week in the US,...
17 March 2015
Global Poultry Outlook Upbeat, Says Rabobank
GLOBAL - Rabobank has published a new report on the global poultry industry, looking at the impact of avian influenza outbreaks across the sector....
06 March 2015
Food Price Index Dips to Lowest Level Since July 2010
GLOBAL - The FAO Food Price Index averaged 179. 4 points in February 2015, down 1.8 points (1.0 per cent) from its January value and 29 points (14.0 per cent) below its level in February 2014. ...
27 February 2015
Cutting Food Waste Could Save Global Economy $300 Billion
ANALYSIS - Reducing consumer food waste could save between $120 billion and $300 billion a year by 2030....
26 February 2015
Weekly Overview: UK Agriculture Becomes Highly Political Ahead of General Election
GLOBAL - The UK's National Farmers Union (NFU) held its annual conference in Birmingham this week and with the general election coming up in May, the discussions were more political than usual. In our weekly update on bird flu news, there are reports...
24 February 2015
Agricultural Production 'Not Suitable' for Food Challenges of the 21st Century
GLOBAL - While the numbers of the chronically hungry have been reduced by 100 million over the past decade, 805 million still go without enough to eat on a regular basis....
19 February 2015
Weekly Overview: Keeping up with Poultry Market Developments
GLOBAL - This week's focus is on changing consumer preferences, new research into antibiotic resistance and an update on bird flu in poultry and cases in humans caused by viruses of avian origin....
EU Agriculture Commissioner to Address US Conference
GLOBAL - EU Agriculture Commissioner, Phil Hogan, is scheduled to address the Agricultural Outlook Conference in Virginia, US, with US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today, 19 February....
18 February 2015
What Are Your Views on the Critical List of Antibiotics?
ANALYSIS - Agricultural use of antimicrobial medicines produces a source of resistant bacteria that can spread to humans....
06 February 2015
Call for Concrete Proposals in World Trade Talks
GLOBAL - A new paper from the World Trade Organisation on the latest stage of the Doha round of the global trade talks has shown that just one country might have to make changes to its domestic support if the current proposals remain on the table....
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