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16 January 2017
French Government to Roll Out CCTV in All Slaughterhouses
FRANCE - Following issues with animal welfare in French slaughterhouses, the French government has passed a bill ordering for CCTV cameras to be installed in all slaughterhouses in the country from 2018....
09 January 2017
Govt Stocks Red Meat, Chicken to Alter Market Prices
IRAN - Close to 25,000 tons of red meat and 50,000 tons of chicken have been stocked to adjust prices in the domestic market, says the CEO of Livestock Affairs Support Company, affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture....
21 December 2016
CCTV Not Needed in Slaughterhouses, Welsh Government Decides
WALES, UK - Vets have expressed their disappointment at a report instructed by the Welsh Government that recommends CCTV should not be mandatory in slaughterhouses in Wales....
20 December 2016
Poultry Farmer Confidence Falls Amid Prospects of Labour Shortage
UK - Farmer confidence in the dairy and livestock sectors has risen over the last year, with overall farmer confidence for 2017 rising by 12 points, a new survey by the National Farmers Union (NFU) has revealed....
05 December 2016
New Resources Aim to Clear Up Consumer Chicken Confusion
US – In an effort to recognise and continue to respond to questions about chicken production, the National Chicken Council today through its Chicken Check In initiative announced several new resources pertaining to broiler chicken welfare and chicken...
10 October 2016
CME: Broiler, Turkey Exports Experience Very Good Month
US - The USDA-ERS released August monthly trade number yesterday. These meat trade numbers are on a carcass weight basis and are calculated from product weight numbers reported by the US Department of Commerce, write Steve Meyer and Len Steiner....
07 October 2016
CME: Broiler Chicken Production Down From Last Year
US - Broiler-type chicken production since July has been running close to, or slightly below last year. The ready-to-cook weight of production during July and August was down 0.2 per cent from a year ago and given the weekly trends of September, summer...
27 September 2016
Will South African Brining Regulations Hurt the Poultry Industry?
SOUTH AFRICA - South African poultry producers have recently lost an appeal against Government’s plan to cap the brining of chicken portions at 15 per cent starting from 22 October this year. Kevin Lovell, CEO of the South African Poultry Association...
08 September 2016
Poultry Performs on Practicality but Falls on Flavour, Consumers Say
UK - The image of red meat has been undergoing a major positive change with consumers seeing it more and more as 'full of flavour', easy to cook and suitable for any day of the week, according to a survey from the Agricultural and Horticultural Development...
06 September 2016
Consumers Support Campylobacter Action
UK - Recent research from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has shown that consumers want the food industry to continue action to tackle Campylobacter on chickens – the biggest cause of food poisoning in the UK....
02 September 2016
Access to Labour Crucial for UK Meat Processing Sector
SCOTLAND, UK - Scotland’s farmers, crofters and meat processors have united to highlight the importance of non-UK labour to Scotland’s red meat sector, in the light of the Brexit vote....
2 Sisters Invests to Create World’s Most Advanced Poultry Plant
UK - UK poultry processor 2 Sisters Food Group have announced a $59m (£45m) upgrade that will create what it claims is the world’s most advanced poultry processing plant at its site in Scunthorpe. ...
31 August 2016
Dutch Consumers Choosing Chicken Thigh Meat More Often
NETHERLANDS - The Dutch love to eat chicken breast meat, but they are increasingly shifting to consuming more brown meat, according to the Dutch Association of Chicken Producing Companies, NEPLUVI....
19 August 2016
CCTV in Slaughterhouses is Cost-Effective and Feasible, say Experts
UK - A new report published by a team of independent experts headed by Sheffield Hallam University Professor Ian Rotherham, has found that the cost of independent monitoring of CCTV inside England's slaughterhouses is likely to cost between £150,000...
18 August 2016
Tyson Foods Fined Over Processing Plant Conditions after Amputation
US – An employee injury led federal workplace safety inspectors to discover the nation’s largest meat and poultry processor endangered workers....
05 August 2016
Polymer Coatings Could Aid Food Safety in Processing Plants
US – One of the keys to preventing food-borne illness and food waste is making sure that the surfaces at production facilities remain free of contamination between scheduled cleanings....
02 August 2016
New US Food Safety Company Focuses on Analytics, Innovation
ANALYSIS – Passport Food Safety Solutions, Inc. announced its formation to provide an innovative “systems” approach to helping meat and poultry processors consistently meet increasingly stringent food-safety standards. ...
19 July 2016
CME: Retail Chicken, Turkey Prices Drop
US - USDA-ERS released June average retail meat prices on Friday, write Steve Meyer and Len Steiner....
12 July 2016
US Chicken Consumption Still Rising
US – US chicken consumption remains high with 2016 levels surpassing those from the previous two years, according to new research presented at the 2016 Chicken Marketing Summit....
01 July 2016
How Will UK Meat Exports Face Challenges Following EU Exit Vote?
ANALYSIS - The UK’s meat and livestock industry can expect more volatility in the wake of the referendum vote to leave the EU, writes Chris Harris....
23 June 2016
New Technique Reduced Salmonella in Ground Meat by 90 Per Cent
US - An old technology that uses natural bacteria predators, called bacteriophages, is the focus of new research at the University of Nevada, Reno. ...
20 June 2016
CME: US Chicken Prices Trend Lower
US - Inflationary pressures in the US economy remain muted and lower food prices have played a role in keeping prices in check, write Steve Meyer and Len Steiner....
14 June 2016
New Device Invented to Humanely Kill Chickens
UK - A PhD student has created a 'neck dislocation glove' which aims to make chicken slaughter more humane....
09 June 2016
Pilgrim's Gains Approval for $24M Poultry Processing Expansion Project
US - Pilgrim's Pride Corporation has received US state approval for a $24 million expansion project at its Mayfield, Kentucky, poultry processing complex....
08 June 2016
Poultry Prices Likely to Rise Following Government Tax Proposal
PAKISTAN - The prices of poultry products are likely to increase after the government, through the budget for 2016-17, proposed enhancing sales tax from 5 to 10 per cent on certain ingredients used for poultry feed....
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