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12 August 2014
WASDE Report Bearish for Beans, Slightly Bullish for Corn, Neutral Wheat
ANALYSIS - Corn futures initially moved to a new contract low in the wake of Tuesday's USDA supply and demand and crop production reports - but mainly due to a sell-off in the soybean futures market following the data, writes Jim Wyckoff for ThePoultrySite....
07 August 2014
US Thanksgiving Next Big Challenge for KellyBronze Turkey
UK - The purchase of a farm in Virginia to scale up production of KellyBronze turkeys for the US Thanksgiving market was announced by Paul Kelly at a 30th birthday celebration for the product at Danbury, Essex....
06 August 2014
Congressmen Commend Final Rule on Poultry Slaughter Inspection
US - Congressmen Sanford D. Bishop, Jr. (GA-02) and Rick Crawford (AR-01), Co-Chairs of the Congressional Chicken Caucus, have released statements after USDA published its final rule on the 'Modernization of Poultry Slaughter Inspection' on 31 July 2014....
04 August 2014
USDA Announces New Inspection System for Poultry Products
US - The US Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) last week announced a critical step forward in making chicken and turkey products safer for Americans to eat....
Mexico Removes Tariff on Brazilian Chicken Imports
MEXICO – Mexican authorities have lifted a burdensome import tariff on Brazilian chicken to sure up domestic meat volumes amid the bird flu scare....
30 July 2014
CME: Composite Broiler Price in June Lower Than Previous Month
US - Supply, supply, supply — that seems to be all we talk about these and, for that matter, most days. There’s a good reason for that, of course — primarily that virtually all of the data we get, especially on a frequent basis, is about supply,...
24 July 2014
CME: Red Meat, Poultry Stocks Below Year Ago Levels
US - On Tuesday (22 July), USDA released the results of its monthly survey of about 800 public and private refrigerated warehouses and the results will likely be viewed as bullish for cattle and, to a lesser extent, for hog futures today, write Steve...
16 July 2014
All Cargill Turkeys Free of Growth-promoting Antibiotics by End of 2015
US - Cargill’s Honeysuckle White and Shady Brook Farms, are the first major turkey brands to remove growth-promoting antibiotics from all turkeys across the independent farms they work with, without charging a premium price....
14 July 2014
US Corn Prices Drop - Will Corn Creep Back into Feed Rations?
ANALYSIS - Matt Roberts, agricultural economist at The Ohio State University, said corn prices could drop another 40 cents to 50 cents going into the fall and with lower grain prices, he questions when livestock producers will start adding corn back into...
10 July 2014
Construction Starts on Tambov Turkey Meat Integration
RUSSIA - A Russian bank has offered Cherkizovo Group the first tranche of credit for the construction of a turkey meat processing plant, part of a Russian-Spanish joint venture in Tambov in south-west Russia....
03 July 2014
Turkey Growth after Cocci Vaccination: Get Back on Track Without Medicated Feed
US - Poultry producers use live coccidial vaccines, thereby reducing the need for in-feed anti-coccidials. However, live vaccination often causes an early reduction in growth, an effect not observed with medicated feed. This transient reduction is most...
Newcastle Disease Outbreaks in Hazafon, Hamerkaz
ISRAEL - The Israeli veterinary authorities have reported four outbreaks of Newcastle disease in poultry farms located in Hazafon and Hamerkaz, affecting 41 and 44-week-old table egg layers, four-week-old broilers and six-week-old turkeys....
30 June 2014
USDA Reports Hammer Soybean Futures Lower
ANALYSIS - Soybeans led a downside price surge in grain futures Monday, in the wake of mostly bearish supply and demand data released by the US Department of Agriculture at midday Monday, writes livestock analyst Jim Wyckoff for ThePoultrySite. ...
Go-ahead Granted for Collective Bargaining by NSW Poultry Farmers
AUSTRALIA - The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has granted authorisation to enable members of the New South Wales (NSW) Farmers’ Association who grow chicken, turkey and duck meat, to bargain collectively with processors....
24 June 2014
Cargill Turkey Feed Mill Marks 30 years with no Lost Time Injury
US - An impressive accomplishment began in 1984 at the Cargill Turkey and Cooked Meats (CTCM) feed mill, located in Springdale, Arkansas....
23 June 2014
Poultry Specialist Wins Top Honour at UK Green Awards
UK - Leading poultry specialist, Rural Energy, has won a top honour at the renewable energy industry’s major awards....
19 June 2014
Poultry Health Issues Top Agenda at EU Egg, Chick Association
SPAIN - At its recent meeting in Barcelona, EPEXA (Association of European Hatching Eggs, One-Day Olds and Pullet Exporters in EU Countries) discussed the challenges of poultry health issues for international trade and agreed to join forces with two other...
McConnell to Manage Events for Kelly Turkeys
UK - Becky McConnell has been appointed by Kelly Turkeys to manage their participation in shows and events....
18 June 2014
Cargill to Celebrate 30 Years of Safe Turkey Feed Production
ARKANSAS, US - Cargill's turkey feed mill is set to mark 30 years with no lost time injury with a ceremony in Springdale that will also honour its employees....
17 June 2014
Poultry Is UK's Favourite Meat
UK - Almost 70 per cent of people buy and consume more poultry meat than any other meat, new research for the British Poultry Council (BPC) has revealed. ...
New Zealand Poultry Meat Firm Aims for Further Global Growth
NEW ZEALAND - Hot on the heels of being named New Zealand’s 'Supreme Exporter', chicken and turkey meat processor, Tegel, says it intends to continue its global growth....
11 June 2014
UK Poultry Industry Heads for Day at Henley Regatta
UK - A day out is being arranged by The Copas Partnership for those involved in the poultry industry at Henley Regatta on 6 July....
06 June 2014
Butterball Names Doughty President, CEO
US - Turkey processing company, Butterball, has named Kerry Doughty as the company’s president and chief executive officer (CEO)....
29 May 2014
NSW Poultry Meat Producers Get Go-ahead for Collective Bargaining
AUSTRALIA - The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is proposing to grant authorisation to enable members of the New South Wales (NSW) Farmers’ Association who grow chicken, turkey and duck meat, to bargain collectively with poultry...
19 May 2014
CME: Retail Meat Prices for April Reveal More New Records
US - Thursday's edition of DLR remains germane to the current situation in the beef industry and published reports in "Meat & Poultry" and the "Dodge City Daily Globe" indicate that Cargill is making changes in response to falling cattle numbers by...
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