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18 January 2017
Merial’s World-Leading Vaccine for Newcastle Disease Now Available in the U.S.
US - Merial, now part of Boehringer Ingelheim, announces the introduction of AvinewTM. After 20 years of proven results internationally, Avinew is now available in the U.S....
13 January 2017
Willmar AG Forte Launches World’s First SmartCount™ Turkey Counter
US - Willmar Poultry Company / AG Forte has successfully developed an innovative new concept for its turkey take-off and processing line, with the installation of the world’s first SmartCount™ turkey counter in collaboration with Pas Reform and NatureForm...
10 October 2016
CME: Broiler, Turkey Exports Experience Very Good Month
US - The USDA-ERS released August monthly trade number yesterday. These meat trade numbers are on a carcass weight basis and are calculated from product weight numbers reported by the US Department of Commerce, write Steve Meyer and Len Steiner....
04 October 2016
What Is the Ingress Protection Rating?
GLOBAL - The Ingress Protection (IP) rating is used to specify the environmental protection – electrical enclosure – of electrical equipment. ...
30 September 2016
Vent Actuator Delivers Right Kind of Sticker Shock
GLOBAL - Your reaction on seeing the PRICE of Georgia Poultry’s Vent Actuator will probably be to dismiss it as a low quality item. Don’t let the price fool you....
02 August 2016
New US Food Safety Company Focuses on Analytics, Innovation
ANALYSIS – Passport Food Safety Solutions, Inc. announced its formation to provide an innovative “systems” approach to helping meat and poultry processors consistently meet increasingly stringent food-safety standards. ...
19 July 2016
CME: Retail Chicken, Turkey Prices Drop
US - USDA-ERS released June average retail meat prices on Friday, write Steve Meyer and Len Steiner....
06 June 2016
Industry Insights: Increased Production, Improved Animal Welfare Meet Global Needs
ANALYSIS - The growing population, increases in household income and water scarcity are key drivers for the protein industry, and technology that can increase production and improve animal welfare will be important in meeting these challenges, according...
23 May 2016
Georgia Poultry Launches AirStorm Ventilation Fans
GLOBAL - Georgia Poultry’s launch of AirStorm fiberglass fans continues our commitment to reducing the price poultry farmers pay for production equipment. ...
07 March 2016
Suspected Avian Flu Outbreak in Norwegian Turkeys
NORWAY - An outbreak of avian influenza is suspected on a turkey farm in Østfold after routine surveillance detected antibodies....
18 February 2016
Researchers Look for New Ways to Fight Blackhead in Turkeys
US - Blackhead is a serious condition with high morbidity and mortality in turkeys....
27 January 2016
Nigeria Reports 11 New Avian Flu Outbreaks
NIGERIA - A further 11 outbreaks of Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) have been reported in central and northern Nigeria....
18 January 2016
USDA Reports Added 50 Million Lbs to Chicken Production
ANALYSIS - USDA released four reports on Tuesday with implications for the livestock and grain markets, writes Sarah Mikesell for ThePoultrySite. ...
23 November 2015
Avian Influenza US Outlook for 2016
ANALYSIS - RNA virus' mutate very rapidly, but Harrisvaccines does not have to guess which strain is going to affect the industry next thanks to their unique rapid response technology. ...
16 October 2015
Informed Silicon Dioxide as a Natural Feed Supplement to Improve Animal Performance and Farm Environment
CANADA - Ceresco Nutrition, a research company that is behind the new technology based on the transfer of vibratory information through an aqueous medium, says their product Silica+® is the future of the feed industry....
13 October 2015
USDA's Double Punch: Production Up, Exports Down
ANALYSIS - USDA added to their 2015 chicken production forecast and lowered exports in Friday's World Ag Supply and Demand Estimate (WASDE) report. ...
07 October 2015
combiTERM – The Indirect Air Heater
ITALY - Pericoli, always highly attentive to the consumer needs, offers its "top seller" product for heating, the combiTERM, which has many possible configurations according to specific customer needs....
23 September 2015
More Avian Flu Detected in Nigeria
NIGERIA - A further 18 new outbreaks of Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) have been reported on layer and turkey farms in Nigeria....
22 September 2015
US Bird Flu Measures Labelled “Inhumane”
US – A US government fall-back measure to eradicate bird flu from infected holdings has met strong opposition from animal welfare groups labelling the approach “miserable and protracted”....
21 September 2015
Cherkizovo Group Begins Tambov Turkey Project Construction
RUSSIA - Cherkizovo Group and Grupo Fuertes have launched the first phase of construction of the facilities for the Tambov Turkey project...
15 June 2015
Harrisvaccines Developing Vaccine for Avian Influenza
US - Joel Harris, Director of Sales and Marketing at Harrisvaccines, said Harrisvaccines is in the process of developing a vaccine to help producers battling Avian Influenza....
26 May 2015
Two Further Avian Flu Outbreaks in US
US - There have been two more confirmed outbreaks of H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza in Iowa....
22 May 2015
Ohio Wild Turkey Hunters Catch Thousands
US - Ohio hunters checked 17,638 wild turkeys during the combined 2015 spring wild turkey hunting season and youth wild turkey hunting season, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR)....
18 May 2015
Unapproved Chemical Use Leads to AA Poultry Recall
US - AA Poultry Processing is recalling a large volume of chicken and turkey meat products, after possible contamination with an unapproved subtance was discovered....
15 May 2015
Four New Avian Flu Outbreaks Confirmed in US
US - Following confirmation of a second outbreak of H5N2 highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), the state of Nebraska has declared a State of Emergency. Four new outbreaks - all in turkeys - are included in the latest official nationwide report, bringing...
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