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02 April 2015
New Role for India's Project Directorate on Poultry
INDIA - The Project Directorate on Poultry has now been given a higher mandate to take up research in all the field of poultry production, reports Dr T. Kotaiah of Indbro Research and Breeding Farms. ...
12 February 2015
Actual Nutrient Requirements of Poultry
INDIA - Dr T. Kotaiah of Indbro Poultry explains how poultry feeds are changing. ...
14 January 2015
Positive Outlook for Indian Poultry Sector in 2015
INDIA - 2014 ended with Poultry India showing overwhelming participation by the world’s leading companies and with a record number of visitors, according to Dr T. Kotaiah of Indbro Research & Breeding Farms Pvt. Ltd. ...
24 December 2014
UK Chicken Breed Debuts at Kisan 2014
INDIA - A chicken breed from the UK - Brahma-Cockerel was displayed at the annual Kisan 2014 (farmers) event in Pune from 10 to 14 December 2014....
01 October 2014
Indian Poultry Industry on a Growth Path
INDIA - The outlook for the growth of the Indian broiler and egg sectors should be good for at least another year, writes Dr Kotaiah of Indbro Research and Breeding Farms Private Limited....
04 September 2014
Qualitative Changes in Indian Chicken Production
INDIA - The Indian broiler industry is growing at 12 to 15 per cent annually, according to Dr Kotaiah of Indbro, and the growth of the industry is healthy in more than one way....
15 May 2014
Aviagen India Achieves Compartmentalisation Status
INDIA - The achievement of compartmentalisation is an important process and recognition by a third party, in this case the Central Indian Government and State Government of Tamil Nadu, for the bird health, welfare and the biosecurity standards that are...
03 April 2014
Rainbow Rooster Birds in South India
INDIA - Rainbow Rooster, a dual-purpose, multi-coloured, low-input bird from Indbro Research & Breeding Farms is gaining popularity in southern states of India....
06 March 2014
New Production Systems Boost Poultry Production in India
INDIA - Government of India working with the state governments is encouraging many small families to start poultry farming to enhance the eggs and chicken production, according to Indbro....
02 January 2014
Odisha's Poultry Plan Targets Backyard Flocks
ODISHA, INDIA - The Ministry of Agriculture has asked the State Government to prepare an action plan on poultry sector, focusing on improving the output from smaller backyard flocks....
08 November 2013
Indian Broilers and Aviagen India Form New Partnership
INDIA - Indian Broilers, a central business in the IB Group of companies has announced that it will source breeding stock from Aviagen® India as it continues to grow and plans further expansion in the domestic poultry industry....
01 November 2013
Sturdy Brown Layers from Indbro for Rural Egg Production
INDIA - Pure-line breeding company, Indbro Research & Breeding Farms Pvt. Ltd, has come up with a sturdy brown layer capable of producing 300 eggs under rural production conditions with low-quality inputs. ...
26 July 2013
India's Poultry Market is Booming
INDIA - In a review of the country's poultry industry, Dr T. Kotaiah writes that, between 2003 and 2012, the human population of India has gone up from 1.06 to 1.2 billion and is growing. ...
25 June 2013
Hy-Line Established for Future in Indian Market
INDIA - In a strong commitment to ensure long-term success in the world’s third largest egg market, Hy-Line International is investing in a wholly-owned subsidiary, Hy-Line Layers Pvt. Ltd., to serve the Indian market....
30 October 2012
OMMAT’s Dr Galal Visits Poultry Facilities in India
INDIA - As part of the on-going commitment and technical service to customers, Aviagen responded to a request from OMMAT’S production director, Dr Galal Mohamedain, in Sudan to arrange a visit to India....
02 July 2012
Breeding Adaptability as a Genetic Trait
INDIA - The poultry breeding in India is successful. The advantages are being able to adapt to the climate fluctuations, accepting average feed and bouncing back into production after problems of a lower quality feed, high temperatures and disease challenges...
20 March 2012
Karnal Poultry Farms Adding to City's Economy
HARYANA, INDIA - Kadaknath, Aseel and Brahma that may sound like names of Indian gods are Indian poultry breeds being reared by Karnal villagers without any investment. On the other hand, a rough estimate shows that this backyard poultry farm generates...
02 March 2012
Indbro Research & Breeding Farms Conducts Broiler Trials
INDIA - According to a report by Dr T. Kotaiah from Indbro Research and Breeding Farms, when the ranking of two genetic groups change under different environments, it is called Genotype Environment interaction. ...
06 February 2012
Indbro Traces Development of Indian Broiler Industry
INDIA - There was almost no broiler industry in the country before 1970; Indbro offers an overview of its rapid development over the last four decades....
06 January 2012
Low-Input Birds Meet Needs of Developing Countries
INDIA - Indbro Research & Breeding Farms has developed a broiler line that thrives under local conditions and contributes to feeding the growing human population....
05 January 2012
MP’s Kadaknath Introduced in City Poultry Farm
CHANDIGARH, INDIA - A rare poultry bird, indigenous to Madhya Pradesh, has been recently introduced in the Central Poultry Development Organisation (northern region), Chandigarh. ...
31 October 2011
Indbro Develops Lines for Low-Input Poultry Systems
INDIA - The Government of India is encouraging the private sector to undertake pure line breeding work within the country, with the aims to reduce dependency on imports and the health risks associated with importation, as well as to develop the technological...
14 April 2010
Transgenic Chicken for Therapeutic Use Developed
NEW DELHI, INDIA - The Project Directorate on Poultry (PDP), Hyderabad, under the Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR), has developed transgenic chicken for therapeutic purposes by transferring a gene from a different species into chicken....
01 December 2009
Skylark Opts for Hubbard F15 Grandparent Stock
INDIA - Hubbard is very pleased to announce that Skylark Hatcheries has decided to move to Grand Parent stock level by the beginning of 2010. ...
18 June 2009
Concern over Declining Livestock Breeds
INDIA - Almost all the country's indigenous poultry breeds are under threat, according to a recent survey on biodiversity....
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