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04 October 2016
What Is the Ingress Protection Rating?
GLOBAL - The Ingress Protection (IP) rating is used to specify the environmental protection – electrical enclosure – of electrical equipment. ...
22 September 2016
Poultry Industry Basics to Building The Family Business
US - Gene and Phyllis Williams have included poultry farming in building their family’s business for over 40 years. ...
17 May 2016
Georgia Poultry Offers Trouble-Free Poultry Control Pan
GLOBAL - At one time or another, almost every poultry grower has walked into a house and found empty pans caused by a malfunctioning control pan. These unplanned feed outages cause broiler performance to suffer and potential lost revenue at close out,...
24 March 2016
Poultry Keepers in India Reminded to Provide Cool Water in Hot Weather
INDIA - As temperatures reach high levels in India this week, poultry keepers have been reminded to ensure birds have access to a cool drinking water supply to prevent mortality....
15 January 2016
Clean Water for Your Poultry House
Impex Barneveld is a pioneer and specialist in the production of automatic drinking equipment for poultry and other livestock for more than 45 years....
25 March 2015
Cooled Water Keeps Tamil Nadu Poultry Comfortable
TAMIL NADU, INDIA - To keep poultry as cools as possible during the current spell of hot weather, poultry farmers are being urged to supply cooled water to thier birds....
23 March 2015
Water Quality Focus at Midwest Poultry Convention
US - CID Lines was represented at the Midwest Poultry Convention in St. Paul/Minneapolis (Minnesota) by its US importer, BVS....
05 March 2015
Impex Barneveld Presents Its Latest Innovations at VIV Asia
THAILAND - Impex Barneveld BV will present its latest innovations - the I-Flow pressure regulator and the I-Control flush computer - at the forthcoming VIV Asia....
22 January 2015
New Research to be Presented by AB Vista in Sydney
AUSTRALIA - Two new sets of research data are to be presented by Dr Mike Bedford, AB Vista’s Research Director, during the 26th Australian Poultry Science Symposium (APSS) at the University of Sydney on 8 to 11 February....
30 October 2014
Necessities for Broiler Performance and Liveability
THE NETHERLANDS - The BroMaxx multi-tier broiler colony system offers a efficient way of growing an uniform and healthy broiler flock with perfect meat quality, says Jansen Poultry Equipment....
03 October 2014
Reducing Biofilms Improves Drinking Water Quality for Poultry
GERMANY - Automatic rinsing in poultry drinking systems improves hygiene and minimises medication residues, says Big Dutchman....
01 October 2014
Are You Within Your Recommended Drinking Guidelines?
UK - Provision of adequate drinker space with easy accessibility for all birds is essential to aid optimum health and growth, according to Aviagen....
30 September 2014
Ginger Extract Improves Chicken's Response to Vaccination
CHINA - A new study reveals that a ginger extract in the drinking water enhanced the response of chickens to oral vaccination against infectious bursal disease....
Innovative Pekino Cup Drinker, Flooring for Duck Production
GERMANY - Big Dutchman has recently included in its product range an innovative cup drinker for Pekin - the Pekino - as well as special plastic flooring for ducks....
10 September 2014
Mapping Tool for 'Waters of the US' Released
US - Last week, the National Pork Producers Council, along with other agricultural groups, unveiled an interactive website that shows land likely to be regulated by the federal Clean Water Act (CWA) under a proposed rule from the US Environmental Protection...
18 July 2014
Farmers Union Seeks Clarity on Key Points Under US Water Rule
US - In a letter sent on Thursday (17 July) to US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy, National Farmers Union (NFU) President Roger Johnson asked for more information about which bodies of water would be deemed jurisdictional...
16 May 2014
Impex Presents its Innovations at VIV Europe
NETHERLANDS - Impex Barneveld BV is a pioneer and has specialised in drinking equipment for poultry, pigs and livestock for more than 50 years....
02 May 2014
Pollution Exacerbates Antibiotic Resistance in Chickens
US - Antibiotic resistance was significantly higher in bacteria obtained from chickens exposed to high levels of lead than controls that received clean water....
01 May 2014
Magnation’s Mortality-Reducing and Scale-Decreasing Water Systems
US - Magnation Water Technologies, a leading water technologies innovator, is now showcasing new products at significantly lower price points that continue to advance poultry health and reduce disease, while also promoting less scale in pipes with chemical-...
26 March 2014
Farmers Union Pleased with Proposed Clean Water Act Rule
US - The US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) has proposed a rule regarding provisions of the Clean Water Act....
21 February 2014
Organic Acid Product Reduces Broiler Weight Loss During Feed Withdrawal
GLOBAL - This is the first report that demonstrate that this organic acid product increased water consumption and reduced bodyweight loss between feed withdrawal and shackling of broilers, which are associated with improved meat quality attributes, according...
03 January 2014
Modern Broilers Drink More Water
US - Increases in feed and water consumption do not seem be the only reason for the higher bodyweight gains of today's broilers than those 10 or 20 years ago, according to a new study....
28 October 2013
House Passage of Water Resources Act Please Farm Bureau
US - The Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA) of 2013 was passed by the United States House of Representatives last week....
25 October 2013
Poultry Grower Prevails Against Environmental Agency
US - Poultry and livestock farmers declared victory on Wednesday (23 October) when a federal court ruled in favor of West Virginia poultry farmer Lois Alt in a lawsuit she brought against the Environmental Protection Agency. ...
23 October 2013
Complete Drinking Water Treatment for Better Performance
BELGIUM - Acidifying the drinking water can help to improve the quality of the “forgotten nutrient”, according to CID Lines....
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