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Poultry Industry News By Category: Drinkers and Water Quality
18 September 2018
Reducing ammonia emissions: UK governments introduces new funding programme
UK - The Catchment Sensitive Farming (CSF) partnership has launched a new £3 million programme to reduce ammonia emissions from agriculture today (18 September, 2018)...
16 August 2018
Putting paper under chick’s drinkers: Is it really helpful?
Placing paper under water lines increases water consumption by baby chicks, but only for the first 3 or 4 hours after house placement, research indicates....
26 April 2018
Nuscience launches next phase of Biotica innovation drive for Canadian market
CALGARY, ALBERTA, Canada - New specialty market approval, scientific forum discussion and broadened adoption are all rapidly taking shape for the Nuscience elite level feed technology platform in Canada, available under the Biotica product brand via strategic...
12 April 2018
Find out how (and why) to improve the gut health of your flock with a free ebook
"Poultry Diseases Influenced by Gastrointestinal Health" by A. Gino Lorenzoni DVM, MSc, PhD is a guide to how and why to improve the gut health of your flock...
09 April 2018
Proper water pressure, volume essential to good flock performance
Raising commercial chickens successfully requires an adequate water supply. This means enough water pressure and volume to meet flock demands....
20 December 2017
Wastewater Treatment Challenges in Poultry, Egg Processing Program Offered at 2018 IPPE
US - Water is a necessary component of producing a safe and wholesome source of protein....
30 October 2017
Illegal Poultry Farm Found to Cause Ammonia Pollution; Govt Orders Shutdown
MALAYSIA - An illegal poultry farm that also makes fertiliser using chicken manure has been found to be the source of ammonia pollution in Sungai Johor that led to the temporary shut down of three water treatment plants since Friday....
04 October 2017
Livestock, Poultry Farmers Can Apply for Grants to Improve Animal Welfare
US - Starting yesterday (3 October), farmers who wish to improve the welfare of their farm animals can apply for a Fund-a-Farmer grant of up to $2,500 from Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT)....
29 September 2017
Tyson Poultry Inc Resolves Federal Concerns About 2014 Incident
US - Tyson Poultry, Inc. has taken full responsibility for a 2014 environmental incident at the company’s Monett, Missouri, facility....
22 September 2017
USPOULTRY Recognises Tyson River Valley Animal Foods, Keystone Foods with Clean Water Awards
US - The US Poultry & Egg Association (USPOULTRY) has awarded the 2017 Clean Water Award to Tyson Foods River Valley Animal Foods in Scranton, Arkansas, and Keystone Foods in Gadsden, Alabama....
18 August 2017
2018 IPPE Registration and Housing Now Open
US - Attendee and exhibitor registration and housing for the 2018 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) are now open....
28 June 2017
AFB Says Farmers Cheering EPA Move to Ditch WOTUS Rule
US - The US Environmental Protection Agency announced that it will propose a rule to repeal a controversial Clean Water Act regulation that gave the government broad jurisdiction over land and water....
04 October 2016
What Is the Ingress Protection Rating?
GLOBAL - The Ingress Protection (IP) rating is used to specify the environmental protection – electrical enclosure – of electrical equipment. ...
22 September 2016
Poultry Industry Basics to Building The Family Business
US - Gene and Phyllis Williams have included poultry farming in building their family’s business for over 40 years. ...
17 May 2016
Georgia Poultry Offers Trouble-Free Poultry Control Pan
GLOBAL - At one time or another, almost every poultry grower has walked into a house and found empty pans caused by a malfunctioning control pan. These unplanned feed outages cause broiler performance to suffer and potential lost revenue at close out,...
24 March 2016
Poultry Keepers in India Reminded to Provide Cool Water in Hot Weather
INDIA - As temperatures reach high levels in India this week, poultry keepers have been reminded to ensure birds have access to a cool drinking water supply to prevent mortality....
15 January 2016
Clean Water for Your Poultry House
Impex Barneveld is a pioneer and specialist in the production of automatic drinking equipment for poultry and other livestock for more than 45 years....
25 March 2015
Cooled Water Keeps Tamil Nadu Poultry Comfortable
TAMIL NADU, INDIA - To keep poultry as cools as possible during the current spell of hot weather, poultry farmers are being urged to supply cooled water to thier birds....
23 March 2015
Water Quality Focus at Midwest Poultry Convention
US - CID Lines was represented at the Midwest Poultry Convention in St. Paul/Minneapolis (Minnesota) by its US importer, BVS....
05 March 2015
Impex Barneveld Presents Its Latest Innovations at VIV Asia
THAILAND - Impex Barneveld BV will present its latest innovations - the I-Flow pressure regulator and the I-Control flush computer - at the forthcoming VIV Asia....
30 October 2014
Necessities for Broiler Performance and Liveability
THE NETHERLANDS - The BroMaxx multi-tier broiler colony system offers a efficient way of growing an uniform and healthy broiler flock with perfect meat quality, says Jansen Poultry Equipment....
03 October 2014
Reducing Biofilms Improves Drinking Water Quality for Poultry
GERMANY - Automatic rinsing in poultry drinking systems improves hygiene and minimises medication residues, says Big Dutchman....
01 October 2014
Are You Within Your Recommended Drinking Guidelines?
UK - Provision of adequate drinker space with easy accessibility for all birds is essential to aid optimum health and growth, according to Aviagen....
30 September 2014
Ginger Extract Improves Chicken's Response to Vaccination
CHINA - A new study reveals that a ginger extract in the drinking water enhanced the response of chickens to oral vaccination against infectious bursal disease....
Innovative Pekino Cup Drinker, Flooring for Duck Production
GERMANY - Big Dutchman has recently included in its product range an innovative cup drinker for Pekin - the Pekino - as well as special plastic flooring for ducks....
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