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04 April 2017
IFA Reports Brazilian Meat Scandal to be Discussed in European Parliament
EU - Following strong lobbying by IFA in Brussels over the last two weeks, IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods said the Chairman of the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee Czeslaw Siekierski tabled an oral question for the plenary agenda...
28 March 2017
IFA Urges Strong Response from EU on Brazilian Meat
EU - IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods has met with Irish MEPs, senior officials in the EU Commission in DG Sante, DG Agriculture, Commissioner Hogan’s cabinet and COPA, to reiterate the IFA call for a ban on Brazilian meat imports....
23 March 2017
IFA: Call for Ban on Brazilian Meat; Commission Response Inadequate
EU - IFA President Joe Healy has reiterated his call for a full ban on Brazilian meat imports into the EU, including poultry, saying the move by the EU Commission to halt only those companies implicated in the investigation is not enough....
22 March 2017
IFA Urges EU Commissioner to Immediately Ban Brazilian Meat
EU - IFA President Joe Healy has called for an immediate ban on Brazilian meat imports into the EU. He said the latest shocking revelations on the failure of Brazil to meet EU standards and controls in the meat sector raises very serious concerns around...
01 March 2017
Closest Possible Trading Relationship with UK, Strong CAP Key Brexit Issues
EU - Reacting to a report by the Oireachtas Committee on Agriculture on the impact of Brexit on farming, IFA President Joe Healy said the two key issues for the agriculture sector are the closest possible trading relationship between the UK and EU, and...
24 February 2017
EU Agri-food Exports Reach Record High in 2016
EU - Agri-food exports from the European Union reached record high in 2016, according to annual 2016 figures....
09 November 2016
Russian Poultry Producer Cherkizovo to Export to EU
RUSSIA - Russian meat processor Cherkizovo Group has been given permission to export poultry products to the EU from its Vasilyevskaya poultry production facility....
07 November 2016
Pressure on Spain, Italy to Reduce Growing Animal Antibiotic Use
EU - Antibiotic consumption in livestock production is increasing drastically in Italy and Spain....
10 June 2016
Parliament Calls for EU Action to Help Farmers Fight Unfair Trading Practices
EU - MEPs urge the EU Commission to put forward proposals against unfair trading practices in the food supply chain, so as to ensure fair earnings for farmers and a wide choice for consumers, in a resolution voted on Tuesday 7 June....
31 May 2016
Did the EU Miss an Opportunity for Red Mite Control in Poultry?
EU - The EU made and implemented the decision to remove the use of the battery cage system for keeping layers of table eggs, for the purpose of poultry wellbeing, write A Pavlicevic and I Pavlovic....
23 May 2016
EU Agri-Food Exports Up in March
EU - EU agri-food exports to third countries in March 2016 were worth €11.3 billion, about €1 billion higher than in February 2016, according to the latest monthly report on agri-food trade....
13 May 2016
Scientists Call for Review of EU Rules Preventing Insect Use in Feed
EU - The EU-funded PROTEINSECT project has recommended a comprehensive review of European legislation to allow for insect larvae to be used as a source of protein in animal feed....
EU Politicians Vote to Support Origin Labels on Meat, Dairy
EU - Country of origin labelling should be made mandatory for meat and milk, MEPs reiterated once again in a non-binding resolution voted on Thursday....
27 April 2016
Cost-Effectiveness of EU Animal Disease Programmes Unclear
EU - EU animal disease programmes do a good job of containing disease, but it is hard to tell whether they are cost-effective, concludes a new report from the European Court of Auditors....
04 April 2016
New EU Animal Health Law to Improve Ag Competitiveness
EU - The EU has adopted a new Animal Health Law, which Health and Food Safety Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis said was another weapon in the fight against animal diseases and antimicrobial resistance....
23 March 2016
EU Politicians Call Again for Country of Origin Labels for Meat, Milk
EU - Food safety MEPs reiterated their support for introducing mandatory country of origin labelling of meat and milk, in a non-binding resolution voted on Tuesday. ...
17 March 2016
Affordable Feed Prices Boosted EU Poultry Growth Through 2015
EU - Continued affordable feed prices in 2015, thanks to another good crop harvest worldwide, paved the way to a further EU production growth in poultry meat, according to the latest EU Short Term Outlook report....
29 February 2016
Farmers Need Contingency Plan for Brexit
UK - A contingency plan for agriculture should the UK vote to leave the European Union on June 23 is absolutely essential according to the Farmers’ Union of Wales....
24 February 2016
New EU Animal Health Laws Aim to Halt Disease Spread
EU - Measures to prevent and halt outbreaks of animal diseases such as avian flu or African swine fever, informally agreed by MEPs and the Council in June 2015, were backed by the EU Parliament's Agriculture Committee on Tuesday. ...
02 February 2016
European Commission Makes Farm Incomes Priority
ANALYSIS - Farmers’ incomes are to be given top priority this year by the European Commission as it seeks to ensure “a fair return for producers for their products”....
20 January 2016
More Simplifying Measures for EU Farm Payments
EU - A new suite of measures to simplify the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) were welcomed this week by farming organisation Copa-Cogeca....
14 January 2016
EU Commits Millions to Combat Animal Diseases in 2016
EU - The EU has committed close to €161 million to support eradication, control and surveillance programmes that aim to eliminate animal diseases and zoonoses as well as further strengthen the protection of human and animal health....
07 January 2016
Most Europeans Think CAP is Important
EUROPEAN UNION - Over 80 per cent of survey respondents consider the role of the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) "very or fairly important" for stimulating jobs and growth and for supporting the role of the farmer in the food chain, according to...
04 January 2016
Fight Against Food Fraud Strengthened by New Research
EU - Impressive progress has been made in better understanding food fraud and developing online tools that will help the food sector tackle this threat....
07 December 2015
EU Agri-Food Exports at Record Level
EU - After a slow-down in August, the value of EU agri-food exports has resumed the positive trend (+13 per cent), as monthly exports in September exceeded imports by €2 billion. ...
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