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11 February 2019
New ECO Unit promises optimal control for the climate in poultry houses
Health, and thus performance of poultry, first and foremost depends on the quality of the air in the poultry house....
01 February 2019
A chick's first 24 hours in the production house
The Aviagen® poster 'The First 24 Hours' offers a useful checklist of things to prepare, consider and monitor when you take delivery of chicks for your production house. ...
07 January 2019
Heat-stress study shows need to increase ventilation with stocking density
As bird density increases, broiler producers need to be “more aggressive” with house ventilation to prevent heat stress in flocks, Brian Fairchild, PhD, professor, and Ming Lin Teo, graduate research assistant, University of Georgia, told Poultry...
10 December 2018
Fire kills over 50,000 chickens at Illinois egg facility
USA, 10 December 2018 - Between 50,000 and 80,000 hens died in a fire at an Illinois egg production facility, a spokesman from the owner of the farm told Newsweek...
20 November 2018
IBV vaccination protects broilers despite ammonia exposure
A recent study corroborates previous findings that broilers properly vaccinated for infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) are protected from IBV challenge despite exposure to moderate levels of ammonia...
16 November 2018
Evaporative media test chamber
Evaporative pads, used on poultry or livestock buildings, require scheduled routine maintenance to remain effective. A recent addition to Hog Slat Inc.’s engineering facility will help provide producers with information focused on increasing the useful...
14 November 2018
Upgrade your farm’s fire safety
Minimise the effects of fire losses in livestock and poultry buildings by following these basic guidelines and implementing a fire plan....
13 November 2018
Underfloor, geo-thermal heating keeps Llyr’s hens happy and laying
WALES, UK, 13 November 2018 - A North Wales hill farmer is keeping his 16,000 hens happy and laying thanks to underfloor heating from ‘green’ energy stored in the earth...
06 November 2018
Planning to hatch chicks this winter? Keep these tips in mind
With the leaves on the ground and the cold weather coming, hatching season is over for most but did you know that you can still hatch chicks going into winter?...
05 November 2018
Air around the egg with X-Treck
Vencomatic Group is considered to be the leader of on-farm hatching in traditional broiler houses. This pioneering work ultimately resulted in the X-Treck system. Victor van Wagenberg has been involved since the beginning as product manager in the development...
29 October 2018
VFD offers improved control of variable speed fans
Most power ventilated livestock facilities rely on some method of control input to reduce the amount of air exhausted during colder weather. The farm operator calculates the number of animals and their weight to determine minimum ventilation rates expressed...
09 October 2018
Good ventilation key to maximum profit, Cobb says
For many poultry growers, optimising profit potential starts with a solid understanding of the principles of ventilation and knowing how to execute them for increased profitability. ...
04 October 2018
Simple guide for measuring V-Belts
Replacing the belts on fans every year is a smart investment to ensure they are delivering their maximum performance. Worn fan belts can cause as much as 20% loss of cfm output....
30 September 2018
What's all that gunk on my cool cell pads?
Allowing mineral deposits and algae to accumulate on evaporative pads will eventually clog the pad openings causing a restriction of the airflow into the building....
22 August 2018
Aviagen Anadolu’s Production Management School highlights importance of ventilation to flock health, welfare and performance
Aviagen® Anadolu held its second Ventilation School, July 4-6, in Ankara, Turkey. Welcoming 11 poultry broiler and breeder farm managers representing 9 customers, the school offered a good balance of classroom theory and on-the-farm training....
27 July 2018
NFU calls agricultural drought summit as heatwave bites
The NFU is seeking urgent action to address the crippling impact of the dry, hot weather on farms across the country...
12 July 2018
Jamesway Incubator Company appoints new president
Jamesway Incubation Company Inc., incubation and hatchery equipment manufacturer, announced yesterday that Denis Kan, CPA, CMA, will assume the role of President replacing former president Christopher Omiecinski....
10 July 2018
Our focus on innovation won’t change
Since early 2018, all five children of Vencomatic founders Cor and Han van de Ven work in the company. And when daughter Lotte will become the new CEO on 1 May 2018, the Vencomatic Group - based in the province of Brabant, but with worldwide operations...
01 June 2018
Sustainability by design: why Sweden has it sussed
Maria Donis is managing director at the Swedish Poultry Meat Association and is also on the board of AVEC. Pia Gustavsson is chief veterinarian and is responsible for running the veterinary programmes. The Poultry Site heard from them about sustainability...
21 May 2018
USPOULTRY: What to expect when you're inspected
TUCKER, Georgia, 21 May 2018 - US Poultry & Egg Association (USPOULTRY) is releasing a video that demonstrates what poultry and egg farms can expect if their farms are inspected by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). To ensure the information...
14 May 2018
CAAP chooses the adaptability of Jamesway machines
Jamesway is pleased to announce a new deal with CAAP in Saudi Arabia for a new hatchery expansion in the Southern Province of King Dam....
01 May 2018
Petersime incubators ‘best fit’ for world class Allora hatchery
On a greenfield site near Warwick in Queensland, Australia, a truly world class hatchery recently opened its doors. Less than a year after the kickoff of the project, Allora hatchery is now all set to deliver the best results yet achieved in the history...
23 February 2018
How Thai poultry business is revamping its image
As consumers shift their focus to health and wellness, the Thai poultry industry has to adopt a new identity synonymous with high quality poultry production by pushing its food safety and animal welfare practices to meet the global standard....
19 December 2017
Researchers Develop Practical Solar Heater for Poultry Houses
US - USPOULTRY and the USPOULTRY Foundation announce the completion of a funded research project at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, N.C., in which researchers developed a practical solar heater for poultry houses....
28 November 2017
Climate Change: Earth-air Heat Exchanger Best to Protect Animals in Livestock Buildings
AUSTRIA - The higher temperatures resulting from climate change will require certain measures to be taken in pig and poultry production....
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