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01 September 2017
China Targets Farm Waste as 'Clean' Power Source
CHINA - China will pay farmers to turn animal waste into fertiliser and power, the Ministry of Agriculture said on Wednesday, as Beijing cracks down on agricultural pollution that has for years leaked into rivers and lakes, angering Chinese residents....
31 August 2017
Product to Keep Pig, Poultry Farms Fly-free Developed
PHILIPPINES - With the mounting complaints of flies and bad odour from poultry farms, a Davao-basaed inventor came up with a product that neutralises odour and drives away house flies and crawling insects from poultry, piggery farms, markets, pet and...
21 August 2017
Egg Inspections Complete, But Safety Concerns Remain
SOUTH KOREA - Consumer concerns about eggs contaminated with insecticides persisted Friday, as the government announced the results of its inspections on all large-scale egg farms....
07 February 2017
Pen Vise Is Perfect Tool for Cleaning Brooder Orifices
Having the right tool makes any maintenance chore easier, and Hog Slat’s Pen Vise is the perfect tool for cleaning clogged brooder and heater orifices....
15 November 2016
Dedicated Feed Line Boosts Flock Performance
Several years ago we came up with the idea of installing a dedicated feed line in the brood area to add extra feeder space and reduce hand filling, explained Georgia producer, Jacob Williams....
01 November 2016
WeatherFlow – Wind Meter for Your Smartphone
The old saying, “You can’t improve what you can’t measure” applies to measuring wind speed in a hog or poultry house. Gauging wind speed of tunnel ventilation or velocity out of an inlet without an anemometer (wind meter) is like trying to regulate...
25 October 2016
3-D Printer Shapes Poultry, Livestock Equipment
One of the newest tools utilized by the Georgia Poultry/Hog Slat engineering group is a 3-D printer.  About the size of a small refrigerator, the 3-D printer generates plastic prototype parts from computer generated 3-D models....
18 October 2016
GrowerSELECT Reduces Margin Stacking
Margin stacking is a term that may or may not be familiar to you. It refers to the cost or profit margin that each member of the supply chain contributes to bring a product to the end user. Every manufacturer, distributor and dealer adds their own margin...
22 September 2016
Poultry Industry Basics to Building The Family Business
US - Gene and Phyllis Williams have included poultry farming in building their family’s business for over 40 years. ...
24 September 2015
Residents Protest Against Poultry Unit in India
INDIA - Residents of Gyanba Golden Glades of Narayanpur staged a protest accusing the Hubballi-Dharwad Urban Development Authority (HDUDA) officials of altering the City Development Plan (CDP) to set up a poultry unit in the area....
22 September 2015
Jansen Poultry Equipment Winner of the Poultry System Branch
THE NETHERLANDS - Jansen Poultry Equipment is nominated as winner of the poultry system branch by The National Business Success Award. ...
31 December 2014
Reduce Odour from Manure with Free Online Tool
US - The new tool from Iowa State University evaluates options to reduce odours from livestock operations....
19 June 2014
Fly, Odour Issues Lead to Notice to Harayana Poultry Farms
INDIA - Humane Society International-India (HIS-India) has welcomed Haryana Pollution Control Board’s notice to 10 poultry egg farms and stop operations to 11 others in Panchkula, Haryana, writes Jagdish Kumar....
08 April 2014
New Treatment Cuts the Smell out of Waste, Rendered Chicken
US & CHINA - Scientists have identified a bacteriophage treatment that can cut the activity of hydrogen sulphide-producing bacteria, creating a number of advantages in the chicken meat processing and rendering sectors....
09 July 2013
Pig, Poultry Raisers Urged to Invest in Waste Management Facilities
PHILIPPINES - The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has called on poultry and hog raisers to invest in facilities and technology aimed at mitigating the negative effects of commercial livestock production to the environment and public...
10 July 2012
Protesters Cause Death of 700,000 Birds
INDIA - 700,000 birds died when a mob cut off the power supply to a poultry farm in Vizianagaram district, which cut the air conditioning and caused asphyxiation. ...
09 July 2012
Broilers Farms for 600,000 Chickens Planned
AUSTRALIA - Two broiler farms large enough to grow up to a combined 600,000 chickens have been marked down for land north-west of Geelong....
04 November 2011
Get the Dirt on Dust and Odour Emissions
AUSTRALIA - The final reports from the most comprehensive Australian study of Dust and Odour Emissions from Poultry Sheds are now available. ...
07 September 2011
Refining Odour Assessment
AUSTRALIA - With the support of the Poultry CRC, University of New South Wales student, Hung Lee, is investigating the fate of volatile organo-sulphur compounds in odour assessment....
25 May 2011
Online Air Quality Tool Can Help Lower Emissions
US - Livestock producers now have access to a new tool that can help them lower air emissions and increase their air emissions knowledge. ...
06 May 2011
Professor Suggests How to Cut Ammonia Emissions
DENMARK - Technological solutions that can reduce agriculture's contribution to air pollution are already available, according to the University of Aarhus....
25 March 2011
Poultry Smells Ended in Court
UK - Smells from a poultry unit in Sibsey, Boston affected neighbours for several months when the company failed to comply with its permit condition or follow guidance, a court heard this week....
02 November 2010
New Biofilter Reduces Odour and Saves Money
US - Anyone who lives in or around farm country has at one time or another wrinkled their nose and said "What's that smell?" Too often, it's the odor coming from a nearby livestock building. At best, these odours can strain the relationship between a...
05 August 2010
Easier IPPC Application for Broiler Farms Extended
UK - The deadline for the streamlined application process for IPPC broiler units has now been extended by the Environment Agency (from August 2010) until April 2011. ...
03 August 2010
UNSW Organises an Odour Workshop
AUSTRALIA - An intensive odour workshop at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in August aims to provide practical hands-on training for sampling, storing and analysing odours and odorants. ...
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