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25 March 2015
Antimicrobial Resistance – Who is Responsible?
ANALYSIS - Misuse and overuse of antimicrobials has been linked to the emergence and spread of organisms resistant to them, rendering treatments obsolete and threatening public health....
German Vet Sexes Unhatched Chicken
GERMANY – A German veterinarian will spare male chickens after finding a way to sex chickens while still in the egg....
Cooled Water Keeps Tamil Nadu Poultry Comfortable
TAMIL NADU, INDIA - To keep poultry as cools as possible during the current spell of hot weather, poultry farmers are being urged to supply cooled water to thier birds....
23 March 2015
Top Level Speakers, Key Topics Confirmed for IEC Business Conference
PORTUGAL - The Egg Production session of the IEC Business Conference Lisbon 2015, will focus on influenza....
17 March 2015
Expert Panel Examines Undercover Video from Chicken Processing Facility
US - A recently released video from an animal welfare organisation allegedly shows welfare issues at a broiler processing company. An independent expert panel commenting on the video explained the procedures shown and, while observing that some processes...
16 March 2015
New Poultry Welfare Specialist for Cargill
US - Dr Stephanie Cottee has joined Cargill animal welfare team with global responsibility for poultry....
12 March 2015
Missouri Bird Flu a Major Concern to US Poultry
US - Two new cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus are a cause of "major concern" for the poultry industry, but things aren't critical yet. ...
11 March 2015
Turkey Federation Reassures US on Bird Flu
US - Protective measures are preventing exposure of US poultry flocks to Avian Influenza and safeguarding the food chain, says a producer organisation. ...
09 March 2015
Canadian Poultry Company Fined
CANADA - A poultry company in British Columbia has been fined C$160,000 for offences under the Health of Animals Regulations and the Meat Inspection Regulations....
03 March 2015
IPC Expects Record Attendance at Rome Meeting; Focus to be on Avian Influenza
GLOBAL - Two high-ranking officials with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) and the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) will discuss one of the most active seasons in several years for highly pathogenic avian influenza when the...
02 March 2015
Most Ducks Farmed Without Full Body Access to Water
UK – Farmed ducks are not legally required access to bathing water in the UK, an animal rights group has stressed after a series of consumer polls....
27 February 2015
Moves to Increase Welfare in Non-stun Slaughter
UK - The British government is to look at ways of introducing post-cut stunning in religious slaughter systems....
Warning of Lower Poultry Production Standards Threat in EU-US Trade Talks
EU - British poultry producers must not be left at a competitive disadvantage by lower standard imports....
25 February 2015
Early-bird Deadline Approaches for Welfare Conference Registration
CROATIA - The reduced registration rate for the Humane Slaughter Association (HSA) International Symposium 2015 ends on Friday 27 February. ...
24 February 2015
Lisbon Conference Looking at Male Layers, Beak Trimming
PORTUGAL - 'Continuous Improvement of Animal Care' will be the focus of the Business Analysis session at the International Egg Commission (IEC) Business Conference in April....
23 February 2015
Call to Government to End Non-stun Slaughter on Day of Parliamentary Debate
UK - The British Veterinary Association (BVA), supported by the RSPCA, has called on the British Government to end non-stun slaughter on the day of a Parliamentary debate on an e-petition relating to ending non-stun slaughter to promote animal welfare....
Farmers Warned to Take Special Care of Livestock During Heatwave
AUSTRALIA - Livestock owners are reminded to take special care of their stock over the next few days of high temperatures as animals suffer from the heat as well....
20 February 2015
Crop Seed, Animal Feed Aid for Drought-Hit Cape Verde
CAPE VERDE - The FAO will provide food crop seeds, animal feed and drip irrigation equipment to help thousands of people in Cape Verde whose food security and livelihoods are at risk following a sharp fall in crop production due to drought....
18 February 2015
What Are Your Views on the Critical List of Antibiotics?
ANALYSIS - Agricultural use of antimicrobial medicines produces a source of resistant bacteria that can spread to humans....
Center for Food Integrity CEO to Discuss ‘Big Food’
US - Charlie Arnot, CEO of the Center for Food Integrity, will present, “Size Matters: Why We Love to Hate ‘Big Food.’” The presentation examines the relationship development and pattern of trust that consumers have with food and those who produce...
17 February 2015
Early Registration Deadline Ahead for Animal Welfare Conference
CROATIA - Those interested in attending the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW) International Animal Welfare Science Symposium in Zagreb in July 2015 are reminded that early registration closes on 1 March....
16 February 2015
British Poultry Council Welcomes 13 Harper Scholars
UK - The British Poultry Council (BPC) Scholarships scheme at Harper Adams University has attracted 13 new scholars in 2014-15....
13 February 2015
Equipment Company Rejects Battery Hen Allegations
INDIA – A farm equipment provider has refuted allegations over being issued high court notice regarding plans for an egg battery farm....
11 February 2015
Court Throws Out Bid to Block New Poultry Inspection Rules
US - A bid to block new poultry inspection regulations and practices in the US has been thrown out by a US district court....
06 February 2015
Should CCTV Be Installed in Slaughterhouses?
UK - An all-seeing eye and independent monitoring would ensure the maximum quality of animal welfare conditions in slaughterhouses....
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