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04 February 2016
New Poultry Research Facilities Get Go-Ahead in Scotland
SCOTLAND, UK - Scotland will receive a new, state-of-the-art poultry research centre to help scientists produce commercially-relevant work for the industry....
Indian Poultry Keepers Warned of Temperature Fluctuations
INDIA - Weather advisers in India have warned of low night temperatures with some fog, whilst day time temperatures are expected to remain high....
29 January 2016
Marks & Spencer, Waitrose Lead in New Farm Animal Welfare Report
GLOBAL - Noble Foods, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and Coop Group (Switzerland) have attained the highest marks in the global Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare report....
15 January 2016
Danger From Rats to Poultry Underestimated, Study Shows
CANADA - Rats can absorb disease agents from their local environment and spread them, according to a new study from the University of British Columbia (UBC)....
06 January 2016
Scientists Identify Bacteria Linked to Lameness in Broilers
US - Researchers at the University of Arkansas have identified a species of bacteria that had never before been associated with lameness in broiler chickens, bringing scientists closer to finding a way to prevent infections....
05 January 2016
Subway Announces Move to Cage-Free Eggs
NORTH AMERICA - Sandwich chain Subway has announced its intention to transition to using only cage-free eggs across the US and Canada by 2025....
21 December 2015
Red Tractor Adds Poultry Meat to Processing Standards
UK - Food quality mark Red Tractor will soon indicate whether chicken is subject to adequate welfare and traceability standards in processing, as well as other meats, following a review of the standards....
16 December 2015
Farmers Urged to Check Poultry in Extreme South Australian Heat
AUSTRALIA - Livestock and poultry owners have been reminded to take special care of their stock over the coming days of extreme heat, as animals suffer from the heat as well....
10 December 2015
Dunkin' Donuts Goes Cage Free
US - Dunkin’ Donuts has announced a commitment to source 100 per cent cage-free eggs for eggs used in its US menu by 2025, working in collaboration with the Humane Society of the United States....
04 December 2015
Concern Over Make-Up of Australian Animal Welfare Committee
AUSTRALIA - Farmers have expressed concern at the recently appointed Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (AWAC)....
01 December 2015
Flock Thinning to Be Banned on RSPCA Assured Farms
UK - From the new year a procedure known as thinning, where a proportion of chickens are removed from a shed for slaughter earlier than the rest, will be banned for animal welfare reasons on farms rearing to RSPCA standards....
25 November 2015
German Study Looks into Feasibility of Dual Purpose Poultry Breeds
GERMANY - A poultry welfare research project has been presented with a funding award by Dr Maria Flachsbarth, Parliamentary State Secretary at the agriculture ministry....
17 November 2015
China to Develop Animal Welfare Standards
CHINA - Chinese veterinarians have started drafting the country's first welfare standard for the farming and slaughter of livestock and poultry, according to the Chinese Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA)....
Harrisvaccines' Rapid Response Leads to Avian Influenza Contract
ANALYSIS - Harrisvaccines was recently awarded a US government stockpile contract to produce 48 million doses of avian influenza vaccine, utilising their unique rapid response SirraVax platform technology. ...
16 November 2015
World Antibiotic Awareness Week Alerts Animal Owners to Risks
GLOBAL - The first World Antibiotic Awareness Week has been launched to raise awareness of best practice for using antibiotics, to reduce the risks of bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics and to prolong their effectiveness....
UK Poultry Companies Targeted by Animal Rights Activists
UK - A leading UK animal rights organisation has targeted a Yorkshire chicken farm with an undercover investigation, as part of a campaign against poultry industry expansion plans....
09 November 2015
Defra Cuts Could Hurt UK's Animal Disease Preparedness
UK - The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is one of four government departments, which has provisionally agreed to cut its spending by an average of 30 per cent over the next four years....
Animal Welfare Research Receives Funding Boost
UK - A network is being set up that will foster collaboration within the UK animal welfare research community, and will receive over £100,000 in funding from BBSRC....
05 November 2015
New UK Poultry Slaughter Rules Pose Animal Welfare Problems
UK - The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has raised an urgent question with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) over new slaughter regulations for England that are due to come into force on Thursday 5 November....
02 November 2015
Could Self-Disseminating Vaccines Cut Animal Disease Spread?
GLOBAL - An expert has identified self-disseminating vaccines as a way to combat animal diseases such as avian influenza, and prevent them spreading to humans. ...
27 October 2015
Recovering From Crisis: Shared Experiences of UK and US Egg Sectors
ANALYSIS - At first sight, the egg industries of the United Kingdom and United States might not have much in common. However, a recent meeting revealed that they have both suffered major crises and are constantly challenged by regulations as well as market...
26 October 2015
Halamid Reaffirms Virucidal Power
GLOBAL - Newcastle disease (ND) is one of the main, global viral diseases affecting the poultry industry. It is a highly contagious disease and present in all kinds of farmed and wild birds. Due to its omnipresence in wild birds, the eradication of the...
22 October 2015
Subway Announces Transition to Zero Antibiotics for All Meats
US - Sandwich chain Subway has become the latest in a string of outlets to announce a transition to serving meat only from animals that have never received antibiotics....
21 October 2015
Gas Killing for Better Poultry Welfare Discussed in Canada
CANADA - A leading poultry welfare expert from the UK's RSPCA charity was invited to address a conference of processors in Canada. about improving poultry welfare at slaughter....
13 October 2015
Comments Sought on Canadian Poultry Handling Code
CANADA - A new Code of Practice has been launched by Canadian poultry organisations, and the draft document is now available for public comment....
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