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10 July 2018
Clear Labs unveils NGS-based platform for routine pathogen testing
USA - Clear Labs launches NGS-based food safety platform for high-volume routine pathogen testing...
03 July 2018
Megafarms are “the way that we’re going to feed the country”, reports The Bureau of Investigative Journalism
Growing consumer demand for chicken meat could lead to an increase in the number of industrial-scale poultry farms being built across the UK, the head of Britain’s influential poultry lobby has warned...
RSPCA praises Nestlé as food business commits to improving chicken welfare
UK - The RSPCA is celebrating news that international food business Nestlé is the latest company to commit to a significant improvement in meat chicken welfare....
02 July 2018
IPPE Insights: Novus Int. offers gut health solutions that impact performance
Gut health continues to be a hot topic in the global poultry industry. ...
15 June 2018
Could your backyard flock make you sick?
USA - The CDC has been looking into recent outbreaks of Salmonella linked to poultry found in backyard flocks and offers some advice on staying safe...
07 June 2018
It’s all a matter of taste
Aviagen investigates the science of chicken flavour with Scotland’s Rural College....
01 June 2018
Sustainability by design: why Sweden has it sussed
Maria Donis is managing director at the Swedish Poultry Meat Association and is also on the board of AVEC. Pia Gustavsson is chief veterinarian and is responsible for running the veterinary programmes. The Poultry Site heard from them about sustainability...
19 May 2018
Global turkey meat market: Key findings and insights
Global turkey meat market accelerated slightly...
17 May 2018
BRF disputes European Commission's export ban
BRAZIL - BRF strongly disagrees with the European Commission's decision announced 14 May which formalises the prior de-listing of the company's exports to Europe from 12 plants located in Brazil...
10 May 2018
Aurora Alimentos slows operations due to falling demand for Brazilian poultry
Aurora Alimentos has put 1,283 workers on paid leave for 30 days due to falling demand for Brazilian poultry meat...
04 May 2018
Alabama equipment company supports poultry research at Auburn
A $500,000 gift to Auburn University’s College of Agriculture from Crossville, Alabama–based D&F Equipment Sales Inc. and its founding Fortenberry family will support ongoing development of the Charles C. Miller Jr. Poultry Research and Education...
30 April 2018
CQ Foods introduces new device for detection of 'woody breast'
DALLAS, Texas – CQ Foods, Inc. announces non-invasive, handheld device, the Certified Quality Reader (CQR), to instantaneously detect and measure woody breast in chicken breast broiler fillets...
26 April 2018
CPF announces global policy on animal welfare
Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL (CPF) announced a global policy on animal welfare in line with international animal health principles to ensure of the welfare of its farm animals’. The policy will be implemented by all of its business worldwide to fulfil...
25 April 2018
BRF CEO resigns amidst EU ban on imports
BRAZIL - 25 April 2018 - Just days after an EU ban on imports of chicken meat from Brazil, the CEO of BRF, José Aurélio Drummond Jr, has resigned, said the company in a securities filing...
23 April 2018
Brazil responds after EU ban on poultry imports
After suspending 20 processing plants in Brazil from exporting meat to the EU, the Associação Brasileira de Proteína appeals to the World Trade Organisation (WTO)...
21 April 2018
CPF’s cooked duck products eye growth in New Zealand market
Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL (CPF) eyes growth in New Zealand as the premium cooked duck product is gaining popularity among NZ consumers...
20 April 2018
More animal-friendly trapping method for Rondeel's chickens
Chickens no longer need to be picked up by their legs and put upside down in crates when they go to the slaughterhouse. Eyes on Animals introduces the Dutch poultry industry to the 'Swedish trapping method' for chickens. Poultry farm Rondeel is the first...
19 April 2018
Eat less and better meat and dairy, say campaigners
A powerful alliance of 52 organisations have set out their stall for how to eat meat and dairy more sustainably...
18 April 2018
Clostridium perfringens on broiler meat can survive processing, potentially sicken consumers
Most broiler producers know the economic impact of necrotic enteritis caused by Clostridium perfringens, particularly in birds raised without antibiotics....
17 April 2018
Taking steps for business-wide welfare and sustainability
Charoen Pokphand Foods PLC commits to sustainability and welfare improvement targets in 2017 sustainability report...
11 April 2018
Dry grape extracts to optimise vitamin E in animal nutrition
The vitamin E market is going through a very serious context of stretched supply, possible shortage and price issues. ...
05 April 2018
Sainsbury's backtracks on chicken welfare
Compassion in World Farming is extremely disappointed to announce that almost eight years after awarding Sainsbury’s with their Good Chicken Award, the retailer has failed to achieve its higher welfare commitments and has formally withdrawn from the...
30 March 2018
Red Tractor Assurance to launch TV advertising campaign
Red Tractor Assurance will have its own national television advertising campaign later this year for the first time in its history...
Nutrition innovation to help poultry producers meet antibiotic reduction goals
BANKGOK, THAILAND—As global health authorities and policymakers confront the escalating threat of antimicrobial resistance, innovations in sustainable poultry nutrition offer producers tools to improve bird performance and productivity without antibiotics...
20 March 2018
Layer-hen stocking density affects Salmonella shedding
Lower stocking density for laying hens was associated with less faecal shedding of Salmonella Heidelberg in a USDA study....
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