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18 May 2017
Ruby to Lead Passport Food Safety Solutions' PassTrac Analytics
GLOBAL – Today, Passport® Food Safety Solutions, Inc. announced the addition of a new industry professional to lead PassTrac Analytics....
17 May 2017
Saudi Arabia Bans Chicken Imports from Another Brazilian Company
SAUDI ARABIA - The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) has temporarily banned chicken imports from a Brazilian company over safety concerns. This is the fifth Brazilian enterprise banned in the Kingdom over similar safety concerns....
16 May 2017
BfR Study Analyses Foods for Radioactive Substances
GERMANY - "Even though radiation emitting radioactive elements like uranium are only contained in small quantities in food, their chemical properties and radioactivity could pose a risk if they are ingested over a longer period in higher concentrations,"...
10 May 2017
Latest Research by Novus to be Displayed at Annual Poultry Nutrition Symposium in Spain
SPAIN - Novus International, Inc., as a leader in animal nutrition and health solutions, is proud to support the global poultry industry and share its latest research through a Diamond Sponsorship at the 21st European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition. ...
SA Retailers Choose Local Poultry Over Imports
SOUTH AFRICA - Large food retailers have told Parliament they prefer locally sourced poultry products to imports....
09 May 2017
Research Centre Helps Consumers 'Fight Bac' Through National Campaign
US - Kansas State University research is reaching kitchens and grocery stores across the country, thanks to a national campaign that promotes food safety and safe poultry handling....
08 May 2017
Poultry Feed with Arsenic More Problematic than Assumed?
GLOBAL - Supplements containing arsenic have been banned in the European Union since 1999 and in North America since 2013. In many countries they are still added to poultry feed to prevent parasitic infection and promote weight gain. ...
Survey Reveals 6-12-Month-Old Babies' Iron Requirements
CANADA - A recent national survey revealed 70 per cent of Canadian mothers are unaware that babies six to 12 months need 11 mg of iron per day - that's nearly 40 per cent more than is required of a full-grown man! ...
05 May 2017
Both Organic, Conventional Processing Reduce Campylobacter on Carcasses
US - Both conventional and organic processing methods reduced Campylobacter on broiler carcasses in a recent study by Purdue University....
Edible Insects Could Play Key Role in Cutting Harmful Emissions
UK - Eating insects instead of beef could help tackle climate change by reducing harmful emissions linked to livestock production, research suggests....
04 May 2017
Hens with Benefits
SOUTH AFRICA - When there’s a booming market for poultry products, it makes sense for dairy farms to get in on the action. Chris McCullough reports on one South African milking operation that has found managing a poultry flock on the side comes with...
03 May 2017
Foster Farms Recalls Breaded Chicken Breast Patties
US - Foster Farms is initiating a voluntary Class II recall of select packages of its Frozen Cooked Breaded Chicken Breast Patties with Rib Meat sold at a limited number of Costco club stores....
EU Worries Over Growth Hormones in SA Chickens
EU & SOUTH AFRICA - The European Union (EU) is concerned about South Africa’s ability to deal with exposure to prohibited medicines and growth hormones with regard to its poultry and other commodities....
28 April 2017
Nigerian Customs Destroys Imported Poultry Products
NIGERIA - Over 102,099 cartons of frozen poultry products worth N1.27 billion illegally imported into the country have been destroyed by the Nigerian Customs Service....
27 April 2017
Navis Capital Acquires Majority Stake in Mainland Poultry
NEW ZEALAND - Private equity firm Navis Capital has acquired a majority stake in Mainland Poultry, whose businesses include New Zealand’s biggest egg producer, and is reportedly interested in buying Freshmax, the Australian-registered, NZ-based fruit...
26 April 2017
T&T Lifts Ban on Imports of Corned Beef, Chicken Products
TRINIDAD & TOBAGO - The ban on meat products imported from Brazil has been lifted by the Ministry of Agriculture....
25 April 2017
HK's Fresh Retail Chicken Shops May Make Comeback
HONG KONG - Chicken rules the roost when it comes to Cantonese cuisine, and the fresher the better. But past government efforts to discourage retail sales of live chickens had almost put the once ubiquitous chicken shop on the endangered list....
24 April 2017
Improved Cold Chain Logistics to Safeguard Food Security
CHINA - Efforts have been started to accelerate the development of cold chain logistics, according to a plan issued by the State Council on 21 April....
21 April 2017
Salmonella, Campylobacter Top Food-borne Culprits in 2016
US - In its annual report on foodborne illness surveillance, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Campylobacter and Salmonella caused most foodborne illnesses in the United States in 2016, but new lab tests make it difficult to...
20 April 2017
Study Ranks Production Attributes Most Important to Consumers
US - For many consumers, buying a gallon of milk is much more complex than finding the preferred fat content and expiration date. They want to know how the cows were treated, what they were fed, whether they received growth hormones or antibiotics, whether...
18 April 2017
NCC Commends USDA for Extension of GIPSA Interim Final Rule
US - The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced that it is extending the implementation date 180 days for the Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration’s (GIPSA) interim final rule on competitive injury. The interim final rule...
17 April 2017
Danish Chickens Finally Allowed Outdoors; Easter Eggs Salmonella-free
DENMARK - After five months under quarantine, Danish chickens are finally allowed to get out the doors, reports the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (DVFA)....
05 April 2017
HK Poultry Sellers, Farmers Urge More Vendor Licences to Cut Sale Prices
HONG KONG - Hong Kong poultry sellers and farmers have called for more vendor licences to be released to make prices more competitive after a study released on Monday deemed the idea of building a central slaughterhouse unviable....
Russia Aids FAO Work to AMR with $3.3M
ARMENIA, BELARUS, KAZAKHSTAN, KYRGYZSTAN & TAJIKISTAN - Russia is backing an FAO-led effort to promote food safety and prevent the spread of medicine-resistant "superbugs" in food and on farms in five countries in Central Asia and Eastern Europe with...
04 April 2017
IFA Reports Brazilian Meat Scandal to be Discussed in European Parliament
EU - Following strong lobbying by IFA in Brussels over the last two weeks, IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods said the Chairman of the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee Czeslaw Siekierski tabled an oral question for the plenary agenda...
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