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06 November 2015
Poultry Sold as Veal: Report Reveals Dishonest Meat Labelling
EU - Croquettes containing half the quantity of meat declared on the label, sulphites used to make minced beef look fresher and chicken sold as veal in kebabs are but a few of the deceptive practices unveiled in a new report....
03 November 2015
Polish Meat Processor Eyes German Expansion
POLAND - Polish meat processor ZM Henryk Kania is aiming to significantly raise its output and revenues this year, with plans to reach annual sales of about PLN 1bn, writes Jaroslaw Adamowski....
02 November 2015
Study Finds Human DNA in Hot Dogs
US - A new study has found the presence of human DNA and other meats not mentioned on the label in some US pork, chicken, turkey, beef and vegetarian hot dogs and sausages. ...
26 October 2015
WHO Finds Link Between Processed Meat and Cancer
GLOBAL - A new study from the World Health Organization (WHO) has found links between eating processed meats and cancer. ...
08 October 2015
Research Boost for Broiler Transportation to Slaughter
DENMARK - Scientists and private enterprises in Denmark have joined forces to improve the transportation of broilers to the slaughterhouse....
07 October 2015
EggAnalyzer Upgraded
ISRAEL - EggTester.Com, better known as “ORKA Food Technology”, has upgraded EggAnalyzer....
05 October 2015
South Africa Sets Poultry Meat Brine Injection Rules
SOUTH AFRICA - South Africa's government has published amended rules on sales of poultry meat....
25 September 2015
MSD Animal Health Highlights New Advances at 3rd Asian High Quality Poultry Congress
MALAYSIA - Recently, MSD Animal Health held its 3rd Asian High Quality Poultry Congress in Melaka, Malaysia, bringing together a wide range of experts to discuss the latest advances in poultry production, with a focus on hatchery management, climate control,...
21 September 2015
Cargill to Address Campylobacter with Steam and Ultrasound
UK - Cargill has announced it will introduce an innovative technology, SonoSteam, at its Hereford primary chicken processing plant in the UK, as part of its farm-to-fork action plan to tackle Campylobacter....
02 September 2015
Meat Protein Can Help Protect Heart Health, Study Shows
UK - Eating foods rich in amino acids could be as good for your heart as stopping smoking or getting more exercise, according to new research from the University of East Anglia (UEA)....
12 August 2015
US University Switches to Antibiotic-Free Chicken Sourcing
US - The University of Massachusetts Amherst Dining Services is pledging to serve 100 per cent, no-antibiotic-ever chicken in all of its retail and residential operations....
29 July 2015
Ecuador Partially Lifts US Poultry Product Avian Flu Ban
ECUADOR - Ecuador's Sanitary Authority (AGROCALIDAD) has lifted restrictions on imports of US processed poultry products from highly pathogenic avian influenza-free states, regions, zones or areas....
28 July 2015
Disease-Causing Klebsiella Bacteria Found in Poultry, Pork Meat
US - Chicken, turkey and pork sold in retailers harbours disease-causing bacteria known as Klebsiella pneumoniae, according to a new study from the George Washington University's Milken Institute School of Public Health. ...
13 July 2015
Initial Results of Eggs for Elderly Study Unveiled
UK - The first stage of a three-year programme of research into the potential for improving health in later life by increasing egg intake was presented at the Nutrition Society Summer Meeting, held on 6-9 July 2015....
05 June 2015
Call for Global Agreement on EU Meat Inspection Rules
UK - A call has been made to the European Commission to take a lead on achieving a general global agreement for the acceptance of the European-wide visual meat inspection....
Survey Shows Millenials' Concern Over Chicken Sourcing
US - Parents of the 'Millenial' generation are much more concerned over whether their poultry purchases have been responsibly reared than previous generations, according to a survey conducted by MetrixLab on behalf of Foster Farms....
18 May 2015
Unapproved Chemical Use Leads to AA Poultry Recall
US - AA Poultry Processing is recalling a large volume of chicken and turkey meat products, after possible contamination with an unapproved subtance was discovered....
15 May 2015
Some US Foodborne Disease Infections Down in 2014
US - Rates of infection of common Salmonella and E. coli types decreased during 2014, according to data from the US public health organisation Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)....
01 May 2015
Still Time to Register for Poultry Meat, Egg Quality Conference
FRANCE - Registration for the conference 'Egg Meat 2015' has been extended until 10 May 2015. The conference will look at the quality of eggs and poultry meat and will be held in Nantes from 10 to 13 May....
28 April 2015
Australians Shocked at Poultry Ban by PNG
PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Papua New Guinea (PNG) has shocked Australia by banning all raw poultry imports from the country on health risk grounds....
Cherkizovo Poultry Sales Rise
RUSSIA - Russian integrated meat and finished feed producer, Cherkizovo Group has seen meat and poultry sales rise in teh first quarter of teh year while pork sales have fallen....
23 April 2015
Australian Officials Rally to Reverse Poultry Ban by PNG
AUSTRALIA – Australian farm ministers are in talks with Papua New Guinea (PNG) to lift a recently imposed ban on uncooked poultry products from Australia....
01 April 2015
Deboning, Meat Yield Poster Now Available
UK - Aviagen Turkeys has produced a new poster 'Deboning and Yield Measurement'....
31 March 2015
Moy Park Invests in Poultry Development House
NORTHERN IRELAND - Poultry processor Moy Park has invested in a state-of-the-art poultry development house which brings together best farming practices, leading technology and science....
11 March 2015
Consumers Seek Nutrition Benefits of Meat Products, New Research Shows
US - Americans value the nutrition and balance that meat and poultry products deliver in the diet according to the new research recently released by the North American Meat Institute (NAMI) and Food Marketing Institute (FMI). ...
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