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11 August 2014
How Much Chicken Do We Eat in the UK?
UK - One of the most common questions the British Poultry Council gets asked is how much chicken the UK eats....
04 August 2014
China to Export 450,000 Tonnes of Chicken
CHINA - China's chicken exports are expected to rise to 450,000 tonnes this year, according to the China Animal Agriculture Association on Sunday....
01 August 2014
Extending Storage Time of Eggs Increases Salmonella Risk
EU - Extending the storage time of eggs at home or at retail would increase Salmonella food poisoning risks, says EFSA’s latest scientific opinion on public health risks from eggs....
Human Salmonella Reduced by Almost One-Half
EU - Salmonella is a bacterium causing salmonellosis in humans. Salmonella was until 2005 the most common food-borne disease in the European Union (EU) with almost 200,000 reported human cases that year. It is estimated that the overall economic burden...
28 July 2014
Concern Continues over Potential Residues in Imported Foods
ANALYSIS - Concern is mounting over the threat of veterinary medicine residues in food products imported into the UK, writes Chris Harris....
Irish Poultry Hygiene Controls Strongly Criticised by EU
IRELAND - An audit by EU veterinary inspectors has strongly criticise food safety in small plants monitored by local authorities...
10 July 2014
Salmonella-contaminated Poultry Sent to Military Bases
US – Shipments of salmonella infected chicken may have been received by military bases and commissaries in five states, say federal agriculture officials....
01 July 2014
Valencia Develops Novel Device to Assess Chicken Meat Quality
SPAIN - Researchers from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) have developed a novel device that allows the assessment of chicken meat quality based on analysis of its electrical properties....
16 June 2014
Nigeria Destroys Illegally Smuggled Poultry Goods
NIGERIA - A large shipment of illegally smuggled poultry meat worth almost US$30,000 has been destroyed by the customs service....
13 June 2014
Union Tries to Stop Industry Takeover of Poultry Meat Inspection
US - The union of poultry meat inspectors is asking law-makers to support an amendment preventing the industry from taking over poultry inspections....
10 June 2014
Outcome Measures Drive Producer Profitability, Sustainable Practices
ANALYSIS - Farmers are seeing the value of switching to outcome measures to increase profitability as part of building on their sustainable farming practices. ...
04 June 2014
Organic Chickens Should Forage in the Woods
DENMARK - Organic chickens should forage in the woods, should increase their intake of plants and insects from attractive outdoor areas and should be revitalised with new breeds that exhibit a more natural foraging behaviour. ...
13 May 2014
Brazil Looking to Send More Chicken to South Korea
BRAZIL – Brazil has embarked on a marketing drive to get more poultry produce onto the South Korean market after the avian influenza outbreak....
01 May 2014
Turkey Muscle Growth: Ohio State Scientist Recognised for Discoveries
US - Ohio State University’s Sandra Velleman helps turkeys and the industry around them get stronger....
25 April 2014
Precision Farming for Pig and Poultry Farms
UK - With data set to be one of the most important management tools on farm, the Royal Agricultural Society of England will be advising visitors at the British Pig and Poultry Fair in May on the collection, analysis and effective use of data....
16 April 2014
Sugar-Vinegar Mix Improves Chicken Meat Quality
SOUTH KOREA - A commercial marinade seasoning and a natural blend of cultured sugar and vinegar on reduced Campylobacter and Salmonella counts and improved the texture of chicken breasts in a recently published study....
14 April 2014
Balancing Carcass Yield, Quality in Japanese Quail
TURKEY - Carcass quality of Japanese quail declines with age, according to Turkish scientists. ...
11 April 2014
Cause of Black Abdomen in Chinese Broilers Identified
CHINA - The accumulation of a natural pigment has been identified as the cause of 'black abdomen' in a breed of Chinese chickens....
08 April 2014
New Treatment Cuts the Smell out of Waste, Rendered Chicken
US & CHINA - Scientists have identified a bacteriophage treatment that can cut the activity of hydrogen sulphide-producing bacteria, creating a number of advantages in the chicken meat processing and rendering sectors....
07 April 2014
Soy Sauce Marination Makes Chicken Tender
SOUTH KOREA - Soy sauce marination improved the tenderness of tumbled chicken breast, according to new research....
01 April 2014
New Plans for European Organic Farming
EU - Maintaining consumer confidence, maintaining producer confidence and making it easier for farmers to switch to organics are the main objectives of a new EU Regulation on organic production and the labelling of organic products....
Dutch Food Safety Board Urges Tighter Food Safety Standards
NETHERLANDS - A call has been sent out to the Dutch government to get binding agreements with the Dutch meat processing sector to improve food safety standards....
27 March 2014
Could Horse Meat Scandal Happen Again?
ANALYSIS - The horse meat scandal or another illegal adulteration of food products could easily occur again....
25 March 2014
Support to Centralise Chicken Slaughter in Guangdong
CHINA - About 53 per cent of respondents in a recent poll in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, support centralised slaughter of chickens and a ban on the live chicken trade in wet markets, while 31 per cent opposed such a move....
24 March 2014
How Will Changes in EU Meat Inspection Work?
ANALYSIS - Changes to the European poultry meat inspection system are expected to come into force later this year, writes Chris Harris....
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