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29 January 2015
Bilgili Receives 2015 Charles Beard Research Excellence
US - IPPE: Dr Sarge Bilgili has been awarded the 2015 Charles Beard Research Excellence at the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) 2015. ...
28 January 2015
New Chairman at Poultry and Egg Association
US – The world’s largest poultry industry organisation has confirmed new personnel to drive the industry in 2015....
22 January 2015
Tougher US Poultry Meat Measures Could Spare 50,000 Illnesses
US – Tighter standards on poultry products will prevent 50,000 illnesses each year, predicts the US Department of Agriculture’s food inspection body....
02 January 2015
New Members Appointed to US Poultry Inspection Committee
US - Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has announced the appointment of members to the National Advisory Committee on Meat and Poultry Inspection (NACMPI) for the 2014-2016 term....
02 December 2014
Bird Welfare, Public Health Link Cannot Be Ignored
UK - Responding to last week's results on Campylobacter from The Food Standards Agency (FSA), Compassion in World Farming has said the link between bird welfare and public health cannot be ignored....
01 December 2014
Consumer Advice Following Campylobacter Results
UK - Following last week's research results, The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has issued advice to consumers to minimise the risk of food poisoning. ...
18 November 2014
Quick Guide to Bird Flu
UK - With the new outbreaks of avian influenza around the UK and Europe, here is quick question and answers guide to bird flu. ...
14 November 2014
Importance of Thorough Cleaning of Food Preparation Surfaces
UK - A study from the Institute of Food Research has shown that Campylobacter’s persistence in food processing sites and the kitchen is boosted by 'chicken juice'....
07 November 2014
New Verification for Organic Poultry Products
US - Organic meat and poultry producers can now use a streamlined process to get approval for labels verifying that their products do not include genetically engineered (GE) ingredients....
29 October 2014
New Chair of Joint Working Group to Focus on Campylobacter
UK - Richard Macdonald CBE has been named as the new Chair of the joint industry and government body focused on the reduction of campylobacter in chicken....
03 October 2014
Meadow Fed Geese Bring Nutritional and Environment Benefits
AUSTRIA – Geese feeding on meadows yield a lean, tasty meat, maintain landscapes and have a high welfare life, results of a ten year grazing project show....
02 October 2014
No Harm in Feeding Livestock GE Feed, Science Review Finds
GLOBAL – It is safe to feed genetically engineered (GE) crops to livestock, according to a research review assessing the performance of over 100 billion animals....
17 September 2014
N14m Frozen Poultry Products Seized and Destroyed in Nigeria
NIGERIA - The onslaught against smugglers by the Nigeria Customs Service continued last week when the special anti-smuggling task force of the Comptroller General, Abdullahi Dikko Inde, intercepted two vans loaded with 2,000 cartons of frozen poultry...
New FSIS Salmonella Performance Standards
US - A top official with USDA’s Food Safety and inspection Service (FSIS) told a meat industry conference that ended Sunday in Charleston, SC, to expect new performance standards for Salmonella....
16 September 2014
Chicken Producers Hit Back at Article on Use of Antibiotics in Chicken Feed
US - US chicken producers have hit back at criticism levelled at it in an article from the newsagency Reuters, claiming that antibiotics used in human medicine are frequently used as growth promoters in feed for chickens....
15 September 2014
Foster Farms Invests $75 Million in Salmonella Programme
US – US integrated poultry processor, Fosters Farms, at the centre of a major Salmonella outbreak this year, has invested $75 million to develop a programme to reduce Salmonella at each stage of the production process....
USDA Faces Lawsuit to Stop New Poultry Inspection System
US - US action group Food and Water Watch has filed a suit in the federal court to stop the implementation of the New Poultry Inspection System (NPIS) rules....
10 September 2014
How Can Companies Improve Animal Welfare?
ANALYSIS - Major meat and food processing companies around the world are starting to take a lead in animal welfare issues....
05 September 2014
Poultry Industry Firmly Responds to Newspaper Article
UK - The British Poultry Council has issued a firm response to the Guardian following an article by John Allan and Stephanie Lavua published on 16 August....
02 September 2014
ATRP Projects Address Critical Issues Facing Poultry Production
US - The Agricultural Technology Research Programme (ATRP) has launched its FY 2015 research programme with 14 projects underway. ...
28 August 2014
Foster Farms Demonstrates How to Combat Salmonella
US - Foster Farms, California's biggest chicken producer, has been accused of poisoning people with salmonella bacteria. After an outbreak last autumn, the US Department of Agriculture threatened to shut down three of the company's plants....
Chicken Consumption Increasing in India
INDIA - India is now one of the fastest growing markets for chicken in the world. The appetite for chicken there is growing at around 12 per cent a year, according to India's National Sample Survey Office, which is faster than any other type of meat....
27 August 2014
Protein Sources Improved Starter Feed Formulation for Broiler Chickens
US - As the production cycle of broilers has been reduced to such an extent that the starter phase represents more than a quarter of the cycle, poor feeding at this time can have a significant negative impact on the final weight of birds....
Chicken Breast Texture Research
GLOBAL - In recent times, white striping and hard or “woody” texture has been observed in some chicken breast muscles. Indeed, at the recent 14th European Poultry Conference in Norway, a session dedicated to meat quality discussed these issues....
Further Nutrition Research Needed for Sustainability
US - Over five decades, the poultry industry has developed from a backyard operation to the world’s largest animal protein supplier for human consumption. ...
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