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20 November 2017
SK to Disinfect All Poultry Farms, Vehicles Following Bird Flu Outbreak
SOUTH KOREA - South Korea will disinfect all poultry farms and vehicles across the country following its first avian influenza outbreak this winter, the government said Monday....
12 September 2017
Hydration Supplementation Can Help Boost Chick Health
ANALYSIS - Once hatched, Mother Nature has supplied chicks with a two- to three-day yolk sac supply of hydration and nutrition while chicks learn what to eat and drink. ...
28 March 2017
Public Interest Grows in Issues Related to Livestock Transportation
CANADA - The General Manager of the National Farm Animal Care Council says the general public is becoming more aware of and interested in issues related to the transport of livestock, Bruce Cochrane writes....
03 October 2016
Reducing Transport Costs With Petersime's Egg Pallets
GLOBAL - The Petersime egg transport system with pallets is a more economic and user friendly solution to transfer eggs from breeder farm to the hatchery and back....
30 September 2016
Economic Contribution of Export Trade of US Grain
US - Exports of grain and grain products generated $74.7 billion in annual economic output and added $82 billion in value to the United States’ economy in 2014, according to an Informa Economics IEG study commissioned by the US Grains Council. ...
27 April 2016
ClearH2O Launches New Gel Vaccine Application Technology
ANALYSIS - With their commitment to continuous GelDrop® technology innovation, ClearH2O’s newest GelDrop Applicator incorporates unique 3-row manifold heads that deliver more GelDrops on day old chicks during hatchery processing, resulting in higher...
16 November 2015
Ovologic - Smart Egg Logistics
GLOBAL - The Vencomatic Group introduces a complete packaging solution for the handling and transportation of eggs: Ovologic....
08 October 2015
Research Boost for Broiler Transportation to Slaughter
DENMARK - Scientists and private enterprises in Denmark have joined forces to improve the transportation of broilers to the slaughterhouse....
21 August 2015
UAVs Are Not Just for Crop Farmers
US - Brett Haas, co-owner of Crop Copter, said while they started their unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) company with crop farmers in mind, they see a lot of interest and application for livestock farmers. ...
17 August 2015
Agritechnica Is Coming to Germany in November 2015
GERMANY - Agritechnica 2015, which takes place from 10 to 14 November, is fast-approaching. Taking place in Hanover, Germany, this year’s show is aptly titled: ‘People, Technology, Innovation – the Future of Agricultural Technology.’...
28 May 2015
Canada Supports Safe Transportation of Livestock and Poultry
CANADA - Canada has given a grant of $183,929 to the Canadian Animal Health Coalition (CAHC), to help ensure that livestock and poultry are transported in a safe and humane manner by certified transporters....
08 April 2015
European Commission Makes Progress on Poultry Welfare During Transport
EU - The Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) at the European Commission has hosted the second meeting of European experts working on the production of a network document to improve the welfare of poultry during transport....
30 March 2015
Comprehensive Plant Management Poultry Course in May
US – The provision of safe, affordable and sustainable products is the aim of a poultry plant manager course this May....
25 March 2015
Poultry Proposal Tantamount to Economy Shrinking
SOUTH AFRICA – A request to get US poultry into South Africa is practically asking the government to shrink its economy, says an industry leader....
13 March 2015
Export Uncertainty Hits Poultry Industry Confidence
UK - The confidence of the UK poultry industry has been knocked by a decline in exports, according to a new survey from the British Poultry Council....
09 March 2015
Truckers’ Strike Hits Brazilian Meat Trade
BRAZIL - A strike by truck drivers that started in February has hit meat production and trade across Brazil according to the government market analysts Cepa....
27 January 2015
Port Standstill Spells Trouble for US Farm Prices
US – Union tensions have halted meat exports from west coast seaports because of a struggle over worker contracts, with major implications for beef, chicken and pork trade....
19 December 2014
Netherlands, Germany, Denmark Want to Push EU Further on Animal Welfare
EU - Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands have issued a joint declaration on animal welfare, calling on the European Union to improve further animal welfare for those species where there are already regulations and to extend it to include others....
15 December 2014
Arrests in Nigeria for Importing Frozen Poultry
NIGERIA - Two people have been arrested in Nigeria for the importation of a large quantities of frozen poultry....
05 November 2014
Veit Eases Poultry Weighing Management
CZECH REPUBLIC - Let your day-old chicks travel by first class for economy price by VEIT vehicles with EcoTransport technology, says Veit. ...
13 August 2014
Moy Park Set to Deliver Increased Chick Sales
UK - Northern Ireland based food company, Moy Park, has invested in a new, state of the art chick delivery lorry that will help the company increase sales to almost 5 million parent stock breeders this year....
31 July 2014
Proposed Sanitary Transportation Rule Places Undue Burden, Says AFIA
US - The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) has submitted comments to the US Food and Drug Administration on the proposed Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food rule. The proposed rule is one of many pieces of the Food Safety Modernisation...
New Livestock Land Transport Laws Enforced from 1 August
AUSTRALIA - The six month grace period for new livestock transport requirements introduced in January expires this Friday....
11 June 2014
One-Year Exemption from Break Provision for Poultry Drivers
US - The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has granted a limited exemption from the break provision contained in the its regulations for poultry and livestock vehicle drivers....
30 May 2014
US Poultry Bodies Criticise New Rule on Transport Logging
US - Poultry organisations have responded to a new proposed rule mandating the use of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). ...
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