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Poultry Industry News By Category: Biodigestion and Biofuels
09 November 2017
Cautious Optimism for Next Three Years in Grains, Ethanol Market
US - Rising incomes worldwide will underpin global demand and create opportunities for US exports in grains, oilseeds and ethanol, according to a new report from CoBank's Knowledge Exchange Division. ...
01 September 2017
China Targets Farm Waste as 'Clean' Power Source
CHINA - China will pay farmers to turn animal waste into fertiliser and power, the Ministry of Agriculture said on Wednesday, as Beijing cracks down on agricultural pollution that has for years leaked into rivers and lakes, angering Chinese residents....
NCC Urges EPA to Reduce Total Renewable Fuel Mandate in Final Rule
US - In comments submitted yesterday, the National Chicken Council (NCC) urged US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Secretary Scott Pruitt to use the agency’s statutory general waiver authority to further reduce the total renewable fuel volume for...
13 July 2017
Energy Technology Company to Significantly Impact Poultry Industry
US - Global Re-Fuel is an energy technology company that is poised to make a significant impact on poultry farming. Its PLF-500 biomass furnace offers a pioneering farm technology that addresses financial, health and environmental issues facing the agriculture...
07 July 2017
EPA Sets '18 Ethanol Volumes at Statutory Maximum
US - The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Wednesday (5 June) proposed once again to keep the mandated volume for conventional ethanol use for 2018 at the statutory maximum of 15 billion gallons....
04 May 2017
Turning Chicken Waste, Weeds into Biofuel
US - Chicken is a favorite, inexpensive meat across the globe. But the bird's popularity results in a lot of waste that can pollute soil and water....
04 March 2016
Increased Biofuel Production Could Lead to Global Food Deficit, Study Shows
US - As strategies for energy security, investment opportunities and energy policies prompt ever-growing production and consumption of biofuels like bioethanol and biodiesel, land and water that could otherwise be used for food production increasingly...
04 May 2015
Wheat DDGS Offers Potential for Future of Poultry Feeding
Distillers dried grains with solubles made from wheat (wDDGS) offer potential to reduce reliance on imported feed ingredients without compromising the performance or health of UK pigs and poultry, according to the results of a four-year project which...
16 February 2015
Iranian Institute Develops New Poultry Vaccine
IRAN - A new quadrivalent poultry vaccine has been designed at the Razi Institute for Serum and Vaccine....
02 February 2015
China Reports Two New Avian Flu Outbreaks
CHINA - Two new outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza have been reported, both on farms in Jiangsu province in the east of the country. The H5N6 strain was detected in one outbreak (involving geese) and H5N2 in the other. ...
12 January 2015
Head of Anaerobic Digestion Association Hits Back at Criticisms
UK - Last week at the Oxford Farming Conference in the UK, environmental campaigner and author, George Monbiot, launched an attack on several farming practices....
11 December 2014
Details Emerge of Canada's Latest Avian Flu Outbreaks
CANADA - Details have emerged of the three most recent confirmed outbreaks of H5N2 highly pathogenic avian influenza in British Columbia. The five outbreaks have affected 112,800 birds, mainly broiler breeders and meat turkeys....
04 December 2014
Weekly Overview: Poultry Sector Faces up to Tough Challenges
GLOBAL - In the UK, recent results from a survey of Campylobacter prevalence in chickens for sale has caused a leading poultry company to take action. The global animal health agency has called for better surveillance for disease as avian flu hits poultry...
02 December 2014
Avian Influenza: Prevention Pays with Virocid
BELGIUM - Bird flu in poultry can be prevented Virocid at 0.25 per cent, says CID Lines....
24 November 2014
Moy Park Grower Invests in Biosecure Viewing Gallery
NORTHERN IRELAND, UK - In a first for the Northern Ireland poultry industry, Moy Park grower, Graham McIlroy, has invested in a viewing gallery that will enhance biosecurity at his poultry farm in Aghadowey....
US Chicken Body Reacts to Missed Deadline on Renewable Fuels
US - The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced it will not issue a final 2014 Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) until next year, missing its deadline by more than a year, much to the disappointment of the National Chicken Council. ...
20 November 2014
Halamid Comes to West African Poultry Markets
FRANCE - The Halamid® brand of poultry disinfectant has been successfully launched this year in Senegal and Nigeria, says Axcentive....
17 November 2014
Moy Park Invests in Biomass Technology
UK - Poultry meat and food processor, Moy Park, has got financial backing for new biomass technology and long term biomass fuel supply to improve sustainable fuel efficiency....
30 October 2014
Miscanthus as Biomass Boosts Broiler Margins
UK - Renewable energy will 'put back poultry margins where they should be' according to one broiler farmer in Herefordshire....
09 July 2014
Market Needed to Give Poultry Farmers Edge over Middle Men
NIGERIA – Nigerian poultry keepers are calling on the government to allocate market space to farmers to sell produce directly and avoid market ‘exploitation’....
23 June 2014
Poultry Specialist Wins Top Honour at UK Green Awards
UK - Leading poultry specialist, Rural Energy, has won a top honour at the renewable energy industry’s major awards....
30 May 2014
Field Trials Show Practical, Economic Benefits of E. coli Vaccine in Broilers
US - Recent studies on two continents have demonstrated that a modified-live vaccine reduced losses from Escherichia coli in broilers, even when the disease challenge was strong, according to Zoetis in 'Poultry Health Today' recently....
06 May 2014
Concern over Damage by Renewable Fuels to US Chicken Production
US – A leading poultry sector spokesperson has warned of the dangers of using grain for fuel in a testimony before the House Subcommittee....
04 April 2014
Sustainability Honour for Cargill's Chicken
US - McDonald's has honoured Cargill with seven 'Best of Sustainable Supply' awards, recognising the company's projects to help reduce environmental impacts, improve sustainability and enable farmers and rural communities to prosper. ...
20 March 2014
Grow Your Business at 2014 British Pig & Poultry Fair
UK - The 2014 British Pig & Poultry Fair will offer free technical forums, delivering a wealth of advice to help pig and poultry farmers grow their business....
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