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24 April 2017
Improved Cold Chain Logistics to Safeguard Food Security
CHINA - Efforts have been started to accelerate the development of cold chain logistics, according to a plan issued by the State Council on 21 April....
04 April 2017
Chinese Govt Puts Avian Flu Under Spotlight
CHINA - The central government is urging local authorities to resist any outbreak of H7N9 avian flu by taking more effective measures to prevent the virus from spreading....
20 March 2017
Shanghai Adopts Most Stringest Food Safety Regulations
CHINA - A new food safety regulation, said to be the most stringent ever enacted, will take effect in Shanghai on Monday....
03 March 2017
China Set on Strengthening Food Safety Steps
CHINA - China still faces severe challenges to ensure food safety, despite improvements in recent years, and authorities will maintain a zero-tolerance attitude toward violations of laws, the national food safety watchdog said....
19 November 2015
Glowing Nanotubes Can Show When Meat Has Spoiled
CHINA - Researchers from China have shown it is possible to detect the deterioration of meat by using flurorescent nanotubes....
20 April 2015
China Steps up Monitoring of Farm and Aquatic Products
CHINA - Monitoring of farm and aquaculture products in China by the Ministry of Agriculture for quality and safety has found that the majority are safe and the levels of contamination have remained stable....
24 September 2014
Chinese Firm at Centre of Food Safety Scandal Halts Production
CHINA - More than 300 workers have been laid off at OSI Group's subsidiary, Shanghai Husi Food and production is not expected to resume soon....
03 September 2014
OSI Hires Manager from US for Meat Plant
CHINA - OSI Group LLC has retained a unit of California-based Golden State Foods Corp to manage one of its plants in China as it attempts to recover from a scandal involving sales of expired meat by a facility in Shanghai....
01 September 2014
Six OSI Employees Arrested in China
CHINA - Meat processor OSI Group has confirm that six of its employees in China at the Shanghai Husi processing plant have now been arrested following detention by authorities....
26 August 2014
Arrests Made over Poisonous Chicken Feet in China
CHINA - Chinese police have arrested 38 people on suspicion of making or selling contaminated chicken feet in a crackdown involving one of the country's favorite snacks....
21 August 2014
How Does the Industry Recover from China Meat Scandal?
CHINA - Following the withdrawal of meat products supplied by Shanghai Husi Food Co. from global fast-food chains last month, Whole Hog Editor John Strak predicts how the scandal may affect the markets....
21 July 2014
Meat Safety Concerns Hit Chinese Fast Food Supplier
CHINA - Meat products supplied by Shanghai Husi Food Co. to global fast-food chains in China have been withdrawn from the market following an investigation that revealed the re-labelling of chicken and beef beyond their shelf-life....
30 April 2014
Live Poultry Trade Set to Resume in Shanghai
CHINA - Shanghai will continue pushing sales of poultry that has already been slaughtered, even though a city ban on the live fowl trade ends tomorrow, 1 May, officials said....
Live Poultry Markets to be Closed in South China
CHINA - The two major downtown districts in Guangzhou — Yuexiu and Liwan — and the mega university town in Panyu district have been selected as pilot areas to require that only frozen poultry be sold at local markets and bazaars starting May 5....
25 March 2014
Support to Centralise Chicken Slaughter in Guangdong
CHINA - About 53 per cent of respondents in a recent poll in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, support centralised slaughter of chickens and a ban on the live chicken trade in wet markets, while 31 per cent opposed such a move....
27 February 2014
China to Adopt National Standards for Egg Products
CHINA - The country has passed a national standard of liquid egg and egg powder....
30 January 2014
Poultry Safe from H7N9 if Cooked Properly, Says Official
CHINA - All poultry purchased at established markets and properly cooked is safe to eat during the Spring Festival holiday since the H7N9 bird flu virus has not yet been found in the country's poultry farms, a senior agricultural official said....
29 January 2014
Bird Flu Prompts More Countermeasures
CHINA - More cities announced plans to shut down live poultry markets in the face of rising numbers of people infected with the H7N9 strain of bird flu and fears that the Chinese New Year — a peak time for poultry consumption — may worsen the national...
06 January 2014
Goose Meat Tests Positive for H7N9 in Guangdong
CHINA - Samples of goose meat taken from a Guangzhou market in south China's Guangdong province have tested positive for H7N9 avian influenza. ...
24 December 2013
Final Report on Audits Conducted on Chinese Poultry Slaughter Plants
CHINA - USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has posted to its website its final report of an audit of four poultry slaughter establishments conducted in the People’s Republic of China. ...
19 December 2013
US Inspectors to Help Oversee Drug, Ingredient Producers in China
CHINA - In an effort to eliminate the weak industry oversight, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has decided to add ten new drug inspectors to its office in China....
05 December 2013
Diners Not Convinced by KFC's China Revival Campaign
CHINA - Yum Brands Inc's KFC website in China trumpets the slogan "Trust in every bite". This message is part of the company's new "I Commit" campaign intended to reassure customers in its largest market, who have cut back on visits since Chinese media...
17 September 2013
Opposition Voiced in US to Chicken Processed in China
CHINA - The US Department of Agriculture's recent approval of some plants in China to process poultry meat for the US market is meeting with opposition in the US. ...
23 August 2013
H7N9 Bird Flu Outbreak Came from Ducks
CHINA - The outbreak of H7N9 bird flu in China earlier this year was probably transferred from domestic duck to chickens and then on to humans through the live poultry markets. ...
Authorities Discover Duck, Pork in Mutton
CHINA - The Chinese authorities have discovered two consignments of fake mutton and banned them from Beijing's markets, Beijing Times reported. ...
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