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27 October 2015
McDonald's Canada to Source Chicken Raised Without Antibiotics
CANADA - McDonald's Canada is following the example of the US chain and moving to source only chicken raised without medically-important antibiotics....
12 October 2015
What are the Risks of Using Insects as Food or Feed?
EU - Interest is growing in the potential benefits of using insects in food and animal feed, but what would be the risks from production, processing and consumption of this alternative source of protein?...
07 October 2015
Efficient and Accurate Screening Solutions for Drug Residues for Vaccines Treating Coccidiosis
UK - Coccidiosis is one of the most prevalent ubiquitous diseases worldwide that affects poultry....
EggAnalyzer Upgraded
ISRAEL - EggTester.Com, better known as “ORKA Food Technology”, has upgraded EggAnalyzer....
29 September 2015
Poultry Products Recalled After Ice Machine Malfunction
US - A number of poultry products from US producer Sanderson Farms have been recalled over contamination with metal shavings....
25 September 2015
Chicken Market Growth Threatened by Campylobacter Fears
UK - The UK poultry market continued to expand at an impressive rate in 2014, but this upward trend is being threatened by recent revelations regarding the prevalence of campylobacter in supermarket chicken, according to a new Poultry report from market...
Taiwan Hopes to Improve Safety with Egg Traceability System
TAIWAN - Taiwan's Council of Agriculture has this month implemented a new egg traceability system, which allows consumers to find out more about the farm their eggs came from....
24 September 2015
The Increasing Ineffectiveness of Antibiotics - The Role of Agriculture
GLOBAL - The use of antibiotics in the production of poultry, cattle, and swine has led to significant increases in the population of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which can be transmitted to humans through direct contact with animals and through their...
17 September 2015
US Fast-Food Criticized for High Antibiotics Levels
US - With increasing pressure being placed on the industry to regulate antibiotic use, a report from Friends of the Earth highlights a distinct lack of policy and poor practice within many top American fast food restaurants. ...
16 September 2015
Infographic Sheds Light on What Food We Need
UK - A novel way of displaying food production information is hoped to get consumers thinking more about what they eat....
03 September 2015
Biochip Array Technology to Detect Mycotoxins
GLOBAL - Mycotoxins are found in a wide range of foods and feeds, particularly in areas with climates of high temperature and humidity, writes Julie-Ann Mayne from Randox Food Diagnostics....
27 August 2015
Mexico Inspecting Brazilian Poultry Slaughterhouses
BRAZIL - Health authorities from Mexico are in Brazil to visit slaughterhouses for chickens and turkeys....
26 August 2015
UK Companies Partner Up to Confront Campylobacter
UK - Banham Poultry and Akeso Biomedical have announced a partnership focused on controlling Campylobacter infection of chickens....
24 August 2015
Community Spirit Drives Americans to Support Local Food
US - More Americans than ever before are supporting their local food markets, and it's not just because they believe the food is fresher and tastes better....
Opinions Sought on Redefining Roasting Chickens in US
US - The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is considering redefining what they view as 'roasting chickens', as modern birds have different characteristics to when the classification was originally introduced....
20 August 2015
Policy Should Widen Scope to Fight Food Insecurity, Report Says
EU - Food security policy should be moving towards a much broader landscape, according to a European Commission Joint Research Centre foresight report....
17 August 2015
US Antibiotic Resistance Results Positive for Food Safety
US - The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reported mostly encouraging results for food safety in its recent report on antibiotic resistance, although some areas of concern remain....
29 July 2015
Ecuador Partially Lifts US Poultry Product Avian Flu Ban
ECUADOR - Ecuador's Sanitary Authority (AGROCALIDAD) has lifted restrictions on imports of US processed poultry products from highly pathogenic avian influenza-free states, regions, zones or areas....
24 July 2015
Arkansas Student Develops Salmonella Transmission Study Method
US - A graduate student has developed a method to study the transmission of Salmonella between chickens, by using genetically marked strains of the bacteria, according to reports from the University of Arkansas....
20 July 2015
Blue Light Can Inactivate Foodborne Pathogens
SINGAPORE - A team of scientists from the National University of Singapore (NUS) has found that blue light emitting diodes (LEDs) have a strong antibacterial effect on major foodborne pathogens....
Nigerian Customs Seizes Poultry Products as Anti-Smuggling Mission Gets Under Way
NIGERIA - The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) seized frozen poultry products worth over 12 million Naira (N) during the first week of operation 'Hawk Descend' in the South Western area of the Nigeria-Benin border....
13 July 2015
Could Feeding Livestock Hemp Contaminate Food with Cannabis?
ANALYSIS - European scientists and food safety experts have called for more research and information on the risks to consumers of feeding hemp to livestock and poultry....
10 July 2015
Myanmar Poultry Farmers Hit Out at Smuggled Chinese Chicken
MYANMAR - Chicken farmers in Myanmar are highlighting the dangers of smuggled imports from China, claiming the birds may put peoples’ health at risk....
07 July 2015
Indian Poultry Industry Under Pressure over Drug Residues, Slaughter Conditions
INDIA - Reports of unethical practices and poor food standards in the Indian poultry and meat industries have led the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) to devise new regulations....
01 July 2015
Workplace Safety Administrator to Address US Poultry Conference
US - The 2015 US National Safety Conference for the Poultry Industry will include talks from an occupational health and safety official, helping to improve conditions in poultry workplaces....
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