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10 January 2017
Celebrities and Pop-Up Restaurant to Promote Eggs in 2017
UK - A trio of top celebrities are spearheading a £1m recipe egg marketing campaign for 2017 promoting the culinary and health benefits of eggs....
13 October 2016
Egg Pictures Popular on Social Media
UK - Research findings from British Lion eggs have shown that sharing pictures of egg dishes on social media is very popular....
08 September 2016
Poultry Performs on Practicality but Falls on Flavour, Consumers Say
UK - The image of red meat has been undergoing a major positive change with consumers seeing it more and more as 'full of flavour', easy to cook and suitable for any day of the week, according to a survey from the Agricultural and Horticultural Development...
18 July 2016
Formal Complaints Over 'Fake' Supermarket Farm Branding
UK - The National Farmers Union (NFU) has written to formally complain to National Trading Standards Institute over the use of ‘fake’ farm branding by retailers on some food products....
13 July 2016
Tesco Eggs Going Cage-Free by 2025
UK - Supermarket chain Tesco has said it will stop sourcing any eggs from caged hens within ten years....
28 June 2016
Tesco Aims for Less Waste with New Chicken Breast Packaging
UK - Supermarket chain Tesco is introducing new packaging for its two portion chicken fillets this week, aiming to allow consumers to eat one and save one for later in a bid to reduce food waste....
14 June 2016
Waitrose to Sell Algae-Fed Chicken Containing Healthy Omega 3
UK - Supermarket chain Waitrose has announced that it will soon be selling chicken as a source of Omega 3 fatty acids, using birds produced by Moy Park in Northern Ireland....
01 June 2016
Stars of Free Range Eggs Sought for UK Awards
UK - The British Free Range Egg Producers Association (BFREPA) is calling for nominations for the 2016 Free Range Egg Awards....
11 May 2016
Opportunities for Poultry Meat Consumption Growth Highlighted at Pig & Poultry Fair
UK – A speaker at the British Pig & Poultry Fair on Tuesday emphasised that poultry meat can help meet consumers’ desires for a healthy, convenient diet, offering optimistic long-term prospects for an industry seeing retail price deflation....
06 May 2016
Egg Consumption Continues to Climb
UK - New research has revealed that retail egg sales have continued to show significant growth in the first quarter of 2016, following several years of positive growth....
05 November 2015
UK Egg Sales Continue to Climb
UK - Egg sales have accelerated significantly in 2015, building on several years of growth, according to new data from the British egg industry and Kantar Worldpanel....
25 September 2015
Bloggers on Board for British Egg Week
UK - British Lion eggs is challenging a group of top bloggers to celebrate British Egg Week (5-11 October) by creating a classic egg recipe with a twist....
02 September 2015
Eggs Popular in School Lunch Boxes, Survey Shows
UK - Over four in ten parents say they include eggs in their children's lunch boxes, according to a survey conducted by British Lion Eggs....
13 July 2015
Initial Results of Eggs for Elderly Study Unveiled
UK - The first stage of a three-year programme of research into the potential for improving health in later life by increasing egg intake was presented at the Nutrition Society Summer Meeting, held on 6-9 July 2015....
02 July 2015
Getting the Measure of Biosecurity
UK - How often do you measure and evaluate your biosecurity procedures? the Aviagen Global Technical Transfer Team asks....
22 June 2015
Survey Shows Growing Number Back British Farming
UK - The public’s positive view of farmers has grown for a fourth year running. A new survey from OnePoll shows that 68 per cent of people in England and Wales share a favourable or very favourable view of UK farmers – up from 60 per cent in 2012....
06 May 2015
Eggs Beat Expensive Protein Powder
UK - Some British nutritionists have advised that eating specialist protein powders is not necessary to gain the perfect body, as 'natural' foods like eggs can provide the same benefits for less cash....
20 April 2015
New Replacement for 'Freedom Food' Label
UK - The new RSPCA Assured label will replace 'Freedom Food' from next month, giving members greater value, according to the Society....
07 April 2015
UK's First Roast-in-the-Bag Chicken Ready to Launch
UK - Moy Park has developed the first roast-in-the-bag chicken product to use cutting edge thermoformed packaging technology; the state-of-the-art packaging is a printed, sealed pack that can go straight into the oven....
30 March 2015
More Eggs Eaten by Diet-conscious Britons
UK – Egg consumption is growing in the UK with the popularity of eggs for dieters as a major reason, according to British Lion Eggs....
27 March 2015
Confusion Increasing over Animal Medicines in Livestock
UK - The majority of shoppers in the UK believe growth hormones are used by farmers to make animals for food grow faster and that antibiotics used in livestock make them less effective for people....
26 March 2015
Poultry Scrutinises Politicians Ahead of Election
UK - Stakeholders in the poultry sector met to hear politicians unveil their plans for key food sector issues earlier this month. ...
20 March 2015
New Breed Aims to Meet Market for Small Christmas Turkeys
UK - A new breed developed to help producers meet the growing demand for smaller Christmas turkeys is being introduced this season by FarmGate Hatcheries....
17 March 2015
Eggs Could Benefit from New Meal, "Brinner"
UK – A trend to eat breakfast at dinner is allowing more time to enjoy morning food and eggs....
20 February 2015
Eggs Show Greatest Fall in Retail Share
UK – Government figures going back to 1990 show egg producers have seen the biggest fall in the proportion of retail value going to them compared to three other commodities. ...
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