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19 March 2018
Welfare concerns over new footage from UK poultry farm
Footage has emerged which claims to show the horrific conditions endured by 500,000 chickens that lay eggs for the UK’s largest egg producer and supermarkets...
14 March 2018
Canadian government working with poultry industry to reduce Salmonella risk
The Government of Canada is working with the poultry industry to reduce the risk of Salmonella illness from frozen raw breaded chicken products...
08 March 2018
Improving egg production profits with pullet weight management
Pullet body weight strongly influences sexual maturity and overall reproductive performance of the adult layer. Proper gut health management is key to achieving ideal body weight and ensuring optimal performance and profitability....
05 March 2018
What happens during egg transfer?
Egg transfer from setters to hatchers is an important step in the hatching process. However, during the process, there are numerous risks that threaten to cause reductions in hatchability, such as mortality and malpositions....
23 February 2018
McDonald’s beats KFC, Burger King, Subway and Starbucks on animal welfare
The leading global measure of how companies perform on farm animal welfare has revealed that McDonald’s has outperformed its global rivals....
21 February 2018
The Lakes Free Range Egg Company wins gold at the International Green Awards
The awards are part of an international campaign to find the greenest companies, councils and communities. The Lakes won the UK Green Apple Award last year, after competing against 500 other nominations for the Environmental Best Practice Award. They...
15 February 2018
Webinar: Jamesway Incubator Company offering webinar series on embryo diagnosis
Jamesway Incubator Company is very pleased to be offering a series of webinars which tap into the vast knowledge of our hatchery professionals...
01 February 2018
Hockerwood Eggs expects to increase egg production by 10 eggs per bird
LONDON, 29 January 2018 - Hockerwood Eggs in Nottinghamshire is the first free-range egg producer in the world to install Vencomatic’s latest state-of-the art Veranda Gallery Aviary System....
30 January 2018
Joint venture between Innovatec Hatchery Automation and Agri Advanced Technologies
Innovatec Hatchery Automation, located in The Netherlands, and Agri Advanced Technologies (AAT), a subsidiary of the EW GROUP, have agreed a long-term cooperation as independent companies....
Australian broiler farm sold to egg producer
Poultry farm conversion from meat to eggs a saviour...
19 January 2018
O&T Farms announces organic feed ingredient
O&T’s organic linPRO® provides the natural way to enrich eggs or chicken with Omega-3s...
17 January 2018
Lawsuit filed against Walmart for claiming "cage-free" eggs
A lawsuit has been filed in the US against Walmart and Cal-Maine Foods which claims they lied to customers about access to outdoors for laying hens, reports the Modern Farmer....
08 January 2018
Olympic Gymnast Champions #EggsMyWay Campaign
UK - Reigning Olympic champion gymnast Max Whitlock is spearheading a crack team of high-profile ambassadors, in a £1m plus recipe marketing campaign with the theme #EggsMyWay to promote the culinary and health benefits of eggs in 2018....
02 January 2018
Antibiotic Use in Poultry Feed to be Phased Out from 2018
SRI LANKA - Sri Lanka will, this year, look to further regulate and phase out antibiotic growth promoters used in poultry feed in an effort to combat antimicrobial resistance in the country....
Taiwan's Second Largest Egg Supplier Under Scrutiny
TAIWAN - On 28 December, officers from Taoyuan District Prosecutors' Office and the Ministry of Justice's Investigation Bureau inspected CJ-Taian Co., Taiwan's second-largest egg supplying company, and seized 24,178 kg of liquid egg products after it...
27 December 2017
Giant Japanese Producer Aims to sell 4B Eggs a Year in India
JAPAN - Japan's largest egg producer, Ise Foods, is teaming up with Suzuki Motor in a joint venture to launch major egg production operations in the enormous Indian market, aiming to selling 4 billion eggs annually, about 5 per cent of India's current...
22 December 2017
WA Govt Threatens to Pull Out of Review of Chicken Welfare Standards
AUSTRALIA - The Western Australian Government has threatened to pull out of a national process to write new legal standards on chicken welfare....
21 December 2017
Study Shows Whole Eggs Better for Muscle Buildup, Repair Rather Than Egg Whites
US - A study carried out by the University of Illinois (UI) has revealed that post-workout muscle-building response for people eating whole eggs is 40 per cent greater than for those who consume an equivalent amount of protein just from egg whites....
20 December 2017
Poultry Gets Hormone Taint; Organic Way Needs Official Stamp
INDIA - Organic chicken and mutton have become the new buzzwords after scientists have found growth-promoting hormones and antibiotics being used at regular caged poultry farms....
14 December 2017
Dutch Food Safety Board Being Sued for Egg Scandal Negligence
NETHERLANDS - Dutch farming organisation LTO is taking the food safety board NVWA to court, claiming it was negligent in the way it handled the contaminated egg scandal earlier this year....
13 December 2017
Salmonella Cases no Longer Falling in EU
EU - The declining trend of salmonellosis cases in the European Union (EU) has levelled off according to the annual report on zoonotic diseases published yesterday....
08 December 2017
Studies: Eating Eggs When Breastfeeding May Help Protect Babies
UK - Two recent studies suggest that mothers who eat eggs when breastfeeding may help protect their babies against future egg allergy....
07 December 2017
SA Bird Flu Affects Mozambique's Egg Supply
MOZAMBIQUE - The southern parts of Mozambique will experience a shortage of eggs during the festive season as a result of the bird flu epidemic in South Africa, the government said earlier this week. ...
06 December 2017
Copa and Cogeca: EU Farmers, Cooperatives Making Huge Efforts to Tackle AMR
EU - Copa and Cogeca highlighted yesterday the progress farmers and their cooperatives have made in tackling antimicrobial resistance, with EU reports showing a 13 per cent decline in antimicrobial use in livestock production....
01 December 2017
British Lion Recommends Eggs as Excellent Hangover this Holiday Season
UK - With the party season upon us, eggs are a go-to with a secret ingredient to help get over the morning after a big night out....
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