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22 March 2017
NFUS Urges Shoppers to Buy Scottish Amid ‘Rotten’ Brazilian Meat Claims
SCOTLAND, UK - Following the news that Brazilian meat processors are selling ‘rotten’ meat, NFU Scotland believes that the integrity of meat being sold in the European and UK market must be protected. ...
09 March 2017
NFU Says Collaboration Pivotal to Successful Food Supply Chain Post-Brexit
UK - NFU Deputy President Minette Batters told an audience of policymakers within the UK food supply chain that the integrity of British produce must be the focus pre and post-Brexit....
07 March 2017
Supporting Future Leaders of the Poultry Industry
UK - Five young poultry farmers from across the country have secured places on a prestigious training scheme run by a major retailer....
06 March 2017
Poultry Farm Sets Up Lasers to Guard its Organic Hens from Bird Flu
An organic egg farm in England has set up a novel method of protecting its hens from bird flu allowing them to stay outdoors. Chris McCullough investigates. ...
03 March 2017
Union Stresses on Vitality of Farming as Employer to Influential Commons Committee
UK - NFU Scotland has highlighted the importance of Scottish agriculture as an employer to an influential committee in Westminster yesterday (Wednesday, 1 March)....
02 March 2017
NFU Response to Farm Business Income Figures
UK - The latest Farm Business Income figures suggest that farmers are still feeling the impact of an unpredictable and volatile market place, the NFU said....
Eggs Help Out Livestock Farmers in Fight Against Bluetongue
UK - A protein found in egg, could be used to help control the spread of the devastating livestock disease bluetongue (BT), say scientists from The Pirbright Institute....
27 February 2017
Shoppers Show Double Standards on Chicken Welfare
UK - New research, published by RSPCA Assured yesterday, reveals shoppers prefer different welfare standards for chickens that lay eggs and chickens farmed for their meat....
UK 'Postcode Lottery' of Bird Flu Rules Confirmed
UK - The Government Chief Vet has confirmed new measures to protect against avian flu that take a more targeted approach to controlling the disease....
22 February 2017
UK Organic Market Now Worth Over £2 Billion
UK - The Soil Association's 2017 Organic Market Report reveals the UK organic market is now in its fifth year of strong growth and worth £2.09 billion....
21 February 2017
Farming Offers Huge Return on Investment, Report Reveals
UK - A new report from Development Economics says that for every £1 invested in farm support, farming delivers £7.40 back to the economy, according to the National Farmers Union (NFU)....
20 February 2017
Egg-Free Surrogate Chickens Produced in Bid to Save Rare Poultry Breeds
UK - Hens that do not produce their own chicks have been developed for use as surrogates to lay eggs from rare breeds....
Hundreds of Day-Old Chicks Abandoned in UK Field
UK - The animal welfare charity RSPCA has launched an investigation after officers were called to a sea of day-old chicks abandoned in a field in Cambridgeshire....
16 February 2017
Food Companies 'Unfocused' on Farm Animal Welfare
UK - By failing to fully understand and embrace the principles of farm animal welfare, big supermarket chains could be causing environmental damage and imperilling the long-term viability of their businesses, according to the University of Huddersfield's...
15 February 2017
Free Range Producers Decry 'Postcode Lottery' in Bird Flu Rules
UK - The British Free Range Egg Producers Association is calling for Defra to allow all free range hens in England to be allowed outside at the end of February before producers go out of business....
13 February 2017
View from the Countryside - Farmers Showing Stoicism Amid Bird Flu Restriction Challenges
UK - The view of avian influenza from the countryside is one of stoic acceptance, writes Richard Gard, as farmers try their best to improve biosecurity and prevent the spread of disease....
Control Zones Formed Around Suffolk Farm Following Bird Flu Investigation
UK - The UK’s Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer has announced an initial 10km Temporary Control Zone around a poultry premises near Redgrave, in the district of mid-Suffolk, following investigation into a suspected case of avian influenza where laboratory...
10 February 2017
Concerns Remain Over New Bird Flu Rules for Free Range Producers
UK - Farming organisations have reacted with relief to the new rules proposed by the government to deal with bird flu, which should preserve free range status for many egg producers around the country....
09 February 2017
Free Range Status to be Preserved in Most Parts of England as Biosecurity Gets More Specific
UK - The government has set out initial plans to update temporary measures in place to reduce the risk of avian flu in England, after the current Prevention Zone expires on 28 February 2017....
08 February 2017
Retailers Asked to Continue Supporting Free Range Poultry Producers
UK - British retailers have been asked to continue supporting poultry farmers – whose birds have been housed to protect them from bird flu - as the EU 12 week derogation protecting their free-range status nears its end....
01 February 2017
Politicians Urged to Save Free Range Status as Bird Flu Housing Orders Continue
UK - The UK Farming Union Presidents will hold urgent discussions with MEPs and EU decision-makers, urging them to extend the 12-week free-range status of poultry impacted by the compulsory housing order to prevent bird flu that is in place until 28 February....
31 January 2017
Tenth Year of Growth for UK Egg Sales
UK - Retail egg sales grew by almost 5 per cent in 2016, equating to more than 250 million extra eggs, according to latest data issued by British Lion eggs. ...
Further Bird Flu Found in Lancashire
UK - H5N8 avian influenza has been found at another site in Lancashire. ...
30 January 2017
More Pheasants Killed by Avian Flu in Lancashire
UK - The UK’s Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer has confirmed a second case of H5N8 avian flu at a premises in Wyre, Lancashire....
27 January 2017
Debate Reveals Opportunities to Improve Farm Animal Welfare After Brexit
UK - A commons debate about farm animal welfare post-Brexit saw the Government confirm leaving the EU offers an opportunity to improve welfare standards in areas such as slaughter, farm support systems and labelling, according to the RSPCA....
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