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31 March 2015
NOAH Calls for Evidence-based Decisions on Future Legislation
UK - The UK industry body for veterinary medicines, the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) has called for backing for the EU regulations and changes that will increase availability of medicines for animal health and welfare....
27 March 2015
Confusion Increasing over Animal Medicines in Livestock
UK - The majority of shoppers in the UK believe growth hormones are used by farmers to make animals for food grow faster and that antibiotics used in livestock make them less effective for people....
Agricultural Innovations Developed by New Funding
UK - £16 million is being invested in 25 projects aimed at developing innovative business ideas to support UK agriculture....
26 March 2015
Poultry Scrutinises Politicians Ahead of Election
UK - Stakeholders in the poultry sector met to hear politicians unveil their plans for key food sector issues earlier this month. ...
25 March 2015
Locally Grown Lupin Could Replace Imported Soya in Animal Feeds
WALES, UK - Scientists at Aberystwyth University have shown that home-grown lupins provide as good a source of protein as imported soya for animal and fish feeds in the UK....
Agriculture Industries Call for Future Growth, Sustainability
UK - The Agriculture Industries Confederation (AIC) is urging the next Government to pursue growth and sustainability....
24 March 2015
Poultry Company Director Disqualified for Failing to Pay Taxes
UK - A poultry company director has been disqualified for seven years for failing to pay VAT to HMRC and non-compliance with the Liquidator to account for or deliver up the company’s assets of the company. ...
20 March 2015
Chancellor's Final Budget Brings Good News for Farmers
UK - Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, has announced that farmers will be able to spread their incomes over five years, helping them to manage market volatility, as part of the 2015 final budget....
18 March 2015
Political Parties Commit Support to UK Poultry Sector
UK - Ahead of the general election in May, political parties have committed government support to the poultry industry....
13 March 2015
Export Uncertainty Hits Poultry Industry Confidence
UK - The confidence of the UK poultry industry has been knocked by a decline in exports, according to a new survey from the British Poultry Council....
12 March 2015
Is It Time We Embraced GM Crops?
ANALYSIS - They have been commonplace in the US for years but the adoption of genetically modified (GM) crops has always been a somewhat 'scary' prospect for EU growers, writes Gemma Hyland....
Nutrient Intake Not Feed Intake Matters for Breeders
UK - To manage a breeder flock successfully the birds must receive the correct nutrient intake to meet the bird’s requirements for growth, maintenance and egg production, says Aviagen. ...
11 March 2015
Avian Reovirus Found in First Wild Bird
UK – Detailed post mortems have confirmed avian reovirus (ARV) has killed its first wild bird in southern England....
10 March 2015
Poultry Litter Drying Grant Announced Up to £1 Million
UK – A grant can be applied for to pay for a poultry litter drying system through a national scheme worth up to 40 per cent of total costs....
09 March 2015
Is Your Farm Safe Enough?
UK - To support vets and farmers to achieve better safety when working together on farms the British Veterinary Association (BVA) has produced a package of guidance to help all parties understand their share of legal responsibility....
02 March 2015
Bird Flu Restrictions Lifted from UK Poultry Farm
UK - Restrictions have been lifted following the February 2015 case of avian flu on a poultry farm in southern England....
27 February 2015
Moves to Increase Welfare in Non-stun Slaughter
UK - The British government is to look at ways of introducing post-cut stunning in religious slaughter systems....
26 February 2015
NFU: 'Ensure Farming Can Thrive'
UK - The NFU has set out what it wants from the next elected Government, as five of the main political parties get set to take part in day two of the annual NFU Conference....
European Commissioner Promises to Simplify CAP
UK - The Common Agricultural Policy provides the agricultural sector a massive boost to economic growth and jobs in rural areas all the way up and down the food supply chain....
25 February 2015
Strategy Laid out to Make British Farming More Competitive
UK - A four-point strategy has been laid out by the British government to make British farming more competitive, more productive and more resilient. Chris Harris reports from the NFU conference....
Politicians Need to Ensure Food Chain Works
UK - At the NFU conference, the organisation's President called for politicians to ensure that the food chain works and the farming sector is given unhindered access to futures markets, reports Chris Harris from Birmingham....
24 February 2015
New Report Reveals Alarming UK Self-Sufficiency Figures
UK - A new report published by the National Farmers Union (NFU) has revealed disturbing new figures relating to the UK’s self-sufficiency in food. It states that at current rates, just 53 per cent of the nation’s food needs will be produced from home...
23 February 2015
Registration Open for UK Branch Meeting of WPSA
UK - Registration is open for the annual meeting of the UK branch on the World's Poultry Science Association (WPSA). This year's meeting will be held in Chester on 14 and 15 April. ...
20 February 2015
UK, US Collaborate on Animal Disease Prevention Research
UK - BBSRC and the US Department of Agriculture's (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) will both donate £2.3 million/$2.3 million for the US-UK Collaborative Animal Health and Disease and Veterinary Immune Reagents programme....
19 February 2015
Importance of Farming Highlighted Ahead of General Election
UK - The National Farmers Union (NFU) will launch a national campaign next week to highlight the importance of food and farming ahead of the general election....
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