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05 February 2017
Indonesia: Karya Indah Pertiwi Chooses to Grow with Hubbard
INDONESIA - Karya Indah Pertiwi ("KIP"), one of Indonesia's leading poultry companies based in Tasikmalaya, West Java, are expanding their Grand Parent operation with Hubbard....
03 August 2016
Nutriad Targeting Growth in Indonesia
INDONESIA - Indolivestock, which is one of the largest livestock tradeshows in the region, was held in Jakarta from 27-29 July 2016. For the first time species specific elements were incorporated; Indo Fisheries 2016 and Indo Dairy 2016....
22 March 2016
Backyard Poultry to be Eliminated in Jakarta Amid Bird Flu Concern
INDONESIA - Backyard poultry keeping will be shut down in Indonesia's capital Jakarta by 2017 as part of efforts to prevent avian influenza....
07 January 2016
Training Collaboration Provides Platform for Knowledge Sharing in Indonesia
INDONESIA - As part of its collaboration with FoodTechIndonesia (‘FTI’), the Pas Reform Academy has worked with partners once again to deliver the latest in a series of breeder and hatchery management training programs for poultry industry professionals....
17 September 2015
Nutreco Opens New Indonesian Animal Nutrition Plant
INDONESIA - Nutreco continues its commitment to growth and investment in Asia with the opening of a new animal nutrition plant in East Java, Indonesia and the completion of the upgrade of its animal nutrition plant in Hunan, China. ...
13 July 2015
JAPFA Extends Hatchery Network with Pas Reform’s SmartPro™ in Indonesia
INDONESIA - PT Japfa Comfeed is to further expand its extensive hatchery network in Indonesia with a new facility at Kronjo, Tangerang in West Java....
07 May 2015
Training Initiative Delivers for Indonesian Poultry Professionals
INDONESIA - In collaboration with FoodTechIndonesia (FTI), Pas Reform Academy recently hosted the first in a series of breeder and hatchery management training initiatives for Indonesian poultry professionals....
27 April 2015
Hy-Line International Celebrates 15 Years with C.V. Missouri
INDONESIA - Hy-Line International recognised its 15-year partnership with C.V. Missouri of Indonesia while at the VIV Asia trade show in Bangkok, Thailand....
29 September 2014
Future-focused AS Putra Expands Hatchery Operations on Java
INDONESIA - Java’s AS Putra is to add broiler breeding and hatchery operations to its established poultry business on West Java, with a significant investment in SmartPro™ modular single stage hatchery technologies from Pas Reform....
25 August 2014
Indonesia in Talks to Resume Poultry Shipments to Japan
INDONESIA - Indonesian trade officials are currently in talks with their Japanese counterparts over the possibility of resuming poultry exports to the East Asian country, which were halted in early 2004 following the avian flu outbreak that affected many...
24 July 2014
Indonesia Plays Important Role in Tanzania Agriculture
INDONESIA - Minister for Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperatives Mr Christopher Chiza in Inauguration of Big Result Now of the Vision 25 which held in Morogoro, Saturday 12 July said Indonesia plays an important role in Tanzanian agriculture....
21 July 2014
New Big Dutchman Premises Open in Indonesia
INDONESIA - Due to the growth over recent years and in order to keep up with the rise in business activities this development has brought about, Big Dutchman PT BD Agriculture Indonesia has opened its new business premises in Surabaya....
18 July 2014
Expired Chickens Confiscated in Bogor
INDONESIA - The Bogor administration confiscated 20 kilograms of expired chickens that were on sale at the Ramayana supermarket in Bogor on Thursday (17 July) afternoon....
18 June 2014
Malindo Plans to Increase Feed Output by 50 Per Cent
INDONESIA - Poultry feed company Malindo Feedmill is to strengthen its production basis by 50 per cent from its current 900,000 tons per year output. ...
17 June 2014
Aviagen Geneticist Discussed Poultry Genetics Innovations
INDONESIA - Dr Eduardo Souza, Program Geneticist for Aviagen, recently travelled to Bali to address attendees of the CEVA Hatchery Innovation Summit Asia....
03 June 2014
Indonesians Working to Prevent Avian Influenza
INDONESIA - Government efforts are being made to fight the avian influenza virus in Indonesia after the severe hammering the poultry sector took in 2003....
22 April 2014
Novogen Enters Layer Market in North Sumatera
INDONESIA - Novogen has announced that it has now also entered the layer market in North Sumatera through the supply of the first NOVOgen Brown breeding stock. ...
16 January 2014
Study Looks at Improving Bird Flu Vaccination in Indonesia
INDONESIA - Improving vaccination to eradicate highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5N1 in Indonesia is the focus of a new PhD thesis at Wageningen University in the Netherlands....
19 November 2013
Indonesia Reports Bird Flu Death
INDONESIA - A 31-year Indonesian woman has died from avian influenza in outskirts of Jakarta, the health ministry said Monday (18 November)....
20 September 2013
New Regulations on Meat Imports in Indonesia
INDONESIA - Indonesia’s ministries of agriculture and trade released new regulations on the import of meat and meat products in late August/early September, 2013. ...
08 August 2013
Bird Flu Vaccine Failures in Indonesia Investigated
INDONESIA - Delegates at the 150th annual meeting of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) recently heard about the emergence of a strain of the high pathogenic avian influenza A(H5N1) virus in Indonesia that are resistant to vaccines....
19 July 2013
Indonesia Poultry Firm Seeks to Grow in Sulawesi
INDONESIA - Animal feed and chicken breeder Sierad Produce plans to expand into Indonesia’s eastern region by building a poultry feed factory on Sulawesi in 2014, an executive at the company said....
30 May 2013
Cargill Launches Poultry Farming Mentorship Programme
INDONESIA - Cargill Indonesia has announced a poultry farming mentorship program that provides hands-on training to high school students. ...
18 January 2013
QL Opts for Chick Quality and Incubation Efficiency
INDONESIA - The Indonesian company PT QL Trimitra was formed in 2010 and now operates two breeder farms and a hatchery. The company was created by people with some 20 years of experience in poultry production and hatcheries who came to Indonesia from...
28 December 2012
Indonesia Puts a Stop on Australian Poultry
INDONESIA - The government has decided to stop the import of poultry from Australia following notification from the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) about infectious diseases affecting poultry in the country. The death has been announced recently...
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