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17 May 2017
New Report Highlights Eggs as 'Nature's Multivitamin'
UK - A new research review has concluded that the humble egg’s unique combination of high quality protein and essential vitamins and minerals means it should be termed ‘Nature’s multivitamin’. ...
09 May 2017
Easter Egg Sales Outstrip Chocolate Eggs
UK - More than twice as many real eggs than chocolate eggs were eaten over the Easter weekend, according to data estimates released by the British Egg Industry Council....
04 May 2017
Hens with Benefits
SOUTH AFRICA - When there’s a booming market for poultry products, it makes sense for dairy farms to get in on the action. Chris McCullough reports on one South African milking operation that has found managing a poultry flock on the side comes with...
27 April 2017
Navis Capital Acquires Majority Stake in Mainland Poultry
NEW ZEALAND - Private equity firm Navis Capital has acquired a majority stake in Mainland Poultry, whose businesses include New Zealand’s biggest egg producer, and is reportedly interested in buying Freshmax, the Australian-registered, NZ-based fruit...
Over 42,000 Egg-laying Chickens to be Culled Over Dioxin Scare
TAIWAN - Over 42,000 egg-laying hens at Hung Chang farm in Changhua County, central Taiwan, will be culled Friday after recent tests confirmed that the farm has been supplying eggs containing excessive levels of dioxin residues, according to the county's...
26 April 2017
IEC Young Egg Leaders Meet with OIE
FRANCE - The latest intake of IEC Young Egg Leaders met with Director General Dr Monique Eliot and other senior officials at the Paris Headquarters of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), along with Julian Madeley Director General of the IEC...
25 April 2017
Ovostar Pleased with Overall Performance During Q1 of 2017
UKRAINE - Ovostar Union N.V., one of the leading producers of eggs and egg products in Ukraine has announced its operating results for the first quarter ended 31 March 2017....
21 April 2017
Dioxins Found in Egg from Changhua
TAIWAN - The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Friday ordered eggs from three farms in Changhua County's Fangyuan Township to be pulled from store shelves as a precautionary measure after an excessive level of dioxins, a group of toxic chemicals,...
11 April 2017
Free Range Hens Back Outside for Easter
UK - The British Egg Industry Council (BEIC), which represents more than 95 per cent of UK free range egg production, has welcomed Defra’s announcement that the risk of avian influenza has reduced sufficiently for all free range hens in England to be...
04 April 2017
British Lion Eggs Launches New Recipes App
UK - British Lion eggs has launched a new version of its popular Egg Recipes app, giving egg enthusiasts fingertip access to hundreds of shareable recipes and videos, as well as a built in egg-timer to ensure the perfect boiled or poached egg every time....
29 March 2017
Poultry Farmers Decry Egg Glut in Plateau
NIGERIA - Poultry farmers in Plateau on Monday decried the increasing rate of egg glut in the state....
24 March 2017
British Lion Eggs Launches Lecture Plan
UK - British Lion eggs, in association with Westminster Kingsway College, has created and launched a lecture plan to help catering students learn everything they need to know about sourcing, cooking and serving eggs and egg products....
22 March 2017
Mandatory Animal Care Programme Passes Third-Party Audit with Flying Colours
CANADA - Chicken Farmers of Canada’s (CFC) strong commitment to animal care has been confirmed with the completion of an inaugural comprehensive third-party audit. NSF International’s report concluded that “The national Animal Care Programme has...
21 March 2017
Australian Egg Consumption Cracks Christmas Record
AUSTRALIA - The latest data indicates Australians purchased a record number of eggs from supermarkets in December 2016, 7.9 per cent higher than December 2015....
20 March 2017
Uni Student Creates Cost-effective Egg Incubator
UGANDA - A second year student of Bachelors of Vocational Studies in Agriculture with Education (BVS Agric/Ed) at Kyambogo University has created a cost-effective electric egg incubator from two large basins, a piece of blanket, a small dish, a small...
15 March 2017
MP Urges Commerce Commission to Look Into Egg Labelling
NEW ZEALAND - Green Party MP Mojo Mathers has written to the Commerce Commission asking it to inquire into the alleged mislabelling of eggs laid in cages as “free-range”, the Green Party said today....
10 March 2017
IFA: Stakeholders Urged to Support Free Range Producers
IRELAND - Following the announcement by the Department of Agriculture that the housing notice on poultry is to be extended until 30 April, IFA Poultry Chairman Nigel Renaghan has called on all stakeholders in the poultry sector to work together to protect...
16 November 2016
McDonald's South Africa to Source Cage-Free Eggs
SOUTH AFRICA - McDonald’s South Africa has announced plans to switch to 100 per cent cage-free eggs in its supply chain by 2025, similar to announcements by companies in the US, UK and Latin America....
18 October 2016
GrowerSELECT Reduces Margin Stacking
Margin stacking is a term that may or may not be familiar to you. It refers to the cost or profit margin that each member of the supply chain contributes to bring a product to the end user. Every manufacturer, distributor and dealer adds their own margin...
14 October 2016
Happy World Egg Day!
GLOBAL - Today is World Egg Day, and this year the event is celebrating its 21st birthday....
10 October 2016
UK Shoppers Willing to Pay More for Free Range Eggs
UK - As British Egg Week 2016 gets underway, a OnePoll survey has shown that 78 per cent of UK shoppers who buy free range eggs are happy to pay a premium for them....
28 July 2016
Clear Labelling Needed to Avoid Consumer Confusion in Cage-Free Move
UK - Clear product labelling will be crucial as more retailers announce that they will stop selling eggs from enriched colony cage systems, the British Free Range Egg Producers Association (BFREPA) has said....
27 July 2016
Egg Producers Need Clarity on Cage-Free Transition
UK - Retailers who have said they will stop selling eggs from hens kept in enriched cage systems by 2025 must give their egg suppliers more clarity on timelines and what will replace the current production system, the National Farmers Union (NFU) has...
26 July 2016
Sodexo Cage-Free Decision Affects Quarter of a Billion Eggs Per Year
GLOBAL - Food service company Sodexo has announced that it will source only cage-free eggs for its global liquid and shell egg supply chain by 2025....
13 July 2016
Tesco Eggs Going Cage-Free by 2025
UK - Supermarket chain Tesco has said it will stop sourcing any eggs from caged hens within ten years....
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