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21 January 2016
‘Vets on Call’ Video Series Visits Major US Egg Producer
US - Ensuring the health and welfare of laying hens at Rose Acre Farms — the second largest egg producer in the US — is the subject of a two-part video of the popular “Vets on Call” YouTube series....
18 January 2016
Guidelines to Correct Incubation Programs
GLOBAL - Any incubation program, even when it’s successful, is never final. Sooner or later, it will have to be adapted according to changes resulting from climate, breed, egg quality, technical upgrades of setters and hatchers and numerous other factors....
05 January 2016
Subway Announces Move to Cage-Free Eggs
NORTH AMERICA - Sandwich chain Subway has announced its intention to transition to using only cage-free eggs across the US and Canada by 2025....
22 December 2015
Expert Spotlight on Chinese Layer Industry
CHINA - The 2015 Egg week, conducted by both Big Dutchman and Alltech, was successfully able to bring together layer industry leaders and global professionals from around the world in three designated areas in China....
10 December 2015
Dunkin' Donuts Goes Cage Free
US - Dunkin’ Donuts has announced a commitment to source 100 per cent cage-free eggs for eggs used in its US menu by 2025, working in collaboration with the Humane Society of the United States....
18 November 2015
Grando Castle: The Best Nest Since The Middle Ages
GLOBAL - Vencomatic introduces its new nest system: the Grando Castle. This new nest provides a solid base which is built to last....
17 November 2015
Harrisvaccines' Rapid Response Leads to Avian Influenza Contract
ANALYSIS - Harrisvaccines was recently awarded a US government stockpile contract to produce 48 million doses of avian influenza vaccine, utilising their unique rapid response SirraVax platform technology. ...
16 November 2015
Ovologic - Smart Egg Logistics
GLOBAL - The Vencomatic Group introduces a complete packaging solution for the handling and transportation of eggs: Ovologic....
12 November 2015
Veranda Breeder: Royal Class Breeder Housing
GLOBAL - Vencomatic introduces its renewed group housing system for hatching egg production: the Veranda Breeder. This royal class housing system offers 5 star accommodation for broiler and layer breeders. By combining a high level of automation with...
05 November 2015
Handle with Care: from the Nest to the Setter Door
GLOBAL - The egg provides the food and protection for the chick embryo from the time of lay to the point of hatch. ...
27 October 2015
Chelates Offer Layer Industry Improved Shell Quality, Immune Response
Amid an evolving layer industry, eggshell quality remains a key aspect of successful egg production. Broken and cracked eggs represent a significant loss to the industry and to the individual producer, and these effects become even more significant as...
23 October 2015
Brazil to Encourage Cage-Free Egg Production
BRAZIL - Brazil's Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA) will soon begin working with the poultry industry to encourage cage-free or enriched cage egg production....
13 October 2015
Japan’s Amuse Inc. brings the future into focus with Smart technologies from Pas Reform
JAPAN - Amuse Inc. has commissioned Pas Reform’s SmartPro™ single-stage incubation technologies for its brand new 5mio layer hatchery near Myakazi, on the island of Kyushu, in Japan...
09 October 2015
Happy World Egg Day!
GLOBAL - Today, Friday 9 October, it is World Egg Day! The event is marked by egg organisations with events all over the globe, celebrating this valuable and versatile food....
11 September 2015
McDonald’s to Transition to Cage-Free Eggs
US – McDonald’s has responded to customer concerns over animal welfare with an announcement yesterday that it will transition to only using cage-free eggs in the US and Canada over the next ten years....
13 July 2015
Initial Results of Eggs for Elderly Study Unveiled
UK - The first stage of a three-year programme of research into the potential for improving health in later life by increasing egg intake was presented at the Nutrition Society Summer Meeting, held on 6-9 July 2015....
29 May 2015
Barbados Takes Measures to Protect Egg Supply
BARBADOS - A Barbados poultry organisation has reassured residents that measures are being taken to protect the country from the effects of avian flu, after restrictions placed on imports led to a shortage of eggs late last year....
26 May 2015
International Egg Commission Launches Avian Flu Action Plan
GLOBAL - The International Egg Commission (IEC) is launching its 'Avian Influenza Action Plan', a series of initiatives related to combating avian influenza....
11 May 2015
Eggs in Short Supply in Minneapolis-Saint Paul
US - As the result of recent avian flu outbreaks in layer flocks, eggs are reported to be in temporarily short supply in some of the leading supermarkets in Minnesota's Twin Cities....
24 April 2015
Challenges of Depopulating a Large Egg Flock
US - The Iowa egg company hit by H5N2 highly pathogenic avian influenza has been facing the huge challenges of humanely euthanising of the flock and then safely disposing of the carcasses....
02 April 2015
Farmers Set out the Truth about Egg Farming
US - The National Association of Egg Farmers (NAEF) explains the truth about egg production practices. ...
01 April 2015
Dunkin' Donuts Moves to Cage-Free Eggs
US - Dunkin' Donuts has announced a new commitment to using gestation crate-free pork and cage-free eggs in its foods....
13 February 2015
Equipment Company Rejects Battery Hen Allegations
INDIA – A farm equipment provider has refuted allegations over being issued high court notice regarding plans for an egg battery farm....
28 January 2015
Russia Updates German Poultry Ban
RUSSIA – Russia has blocked imports of live poultry and hatching eggs from specified German districts on avian influenza grounds and reopened trade elsewhere....
22 January 2015
Taking Poultry Production to Another Level
THE NETHERLANDS - Jansen Poultry Equipment supports poultry farmers with the complete design of their house and shares its knowledge about poultry and technology....
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