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23 December 2011
Agricultural Incomes - Not as Bright as They First Appear
ANALYSIS - The figures released by Eurostat this week on farm workers incomes and farm production in the EU on the surface appear to make happy reading, writes ThePoultrySite Editor in Chief, Chris Harris ...
02 December 2011
Govt Plans to Tackle Battery Hen Egg Imports
WALES, UK - The Farmers' Union of Wales (FUW) has welcomed the announcement by the Welsh Government that it will take steps to protect the Welsh egg industry from illegally produced imports. ...
28 November 2011
Germany Raises Concerns over Antibiotic Use
GERMANY - The German Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV) has launched a package of measures to gain better control of the use of antibiotics in animal husbandry. ...
2015 Call for EU Action on Antimicrobial Use
EU - The European Commission has launched an action plan to fight against misuse of antibiotics detailing 12 concrete actions to be implemented in close cooperation with the Member States. ...
FDA Unmoved by Antibiotic Ban Pleas, Evidence
US - The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has denied a pair of long-pending petitions from consumer and other groups to limit the use of several antibiotics in farm animals, saying a voluntary approach the agency proposed last year will lead to more...
Influence of Nest-floor Slope on Choice of Layers
SWITZERLAND - Group nests in alternative housing systems for laying hens primarily fulfil the hen's needs for seclusion and protection according to a research report from the Swiss Federal Veterinary Office. ...
22 November 2011
Imports Of Eggs From The EU
WALES, UK - On 1 January 2012, the EU Directive 1999/74 will introduce a ban on the use of conventional cages (battery) for laying hens across the EU, commented Alun Davies, Welsh Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Food, Fisheries and European Programmes....
14 November 2011
FDA Denies Pleas to Ban Antibiotic Use
US - The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has denied a pair of long-pending petitions from consumer and other groups to limit the use of several antibiotics in farm animals, saying a voluntary approach the agency proposed last year will lead to more...
27 October 2011
Institute Introduces New Egg-Laying Bird
NIGERIA - The Zaria-based National Animal Production Research Institute (NAPRI) has introduced a new egg line, Shika Brown, which that can lay eggs continuously for two years....
19 October 2011
LED Light Said to Raise Production and Cut Costs
US - A poultry light has been developed to increase layer and breeder production and decrease energy costs, according to inventors, Once Innovations....
05 October 2011
Videos Show Free-Range Hen Behaviour
AUSTRALIA - The Australian Egg Corporation Ltd (AECL) is offering links to video footage on YouTube of two different free-range outdoor stocking densities: one bird per square metre and two birds per square metre....
12 September 2011
Vencomatic Technical Meeting in Brazil
BRAZIL - In order to support their customers to get the most optimum results in their hatching egg production, Vencomatic do Brazil organised a technical meeting in August....
15 July 2011
Infra-Red Beak-Trimming Permitted Until 2021
NETHERLANDS - The farm minister has announced an end to beak-trimming in 2021 and the compulsory use of infra-red methods. ...
04 April 2011
Egg Production on Two Levels with Modern Systems
GERMANY - The company Loher Landei GmbH, which is managed by Alfons Diekmann from Damme in Lower Saxony, Northern Germany, and his sons Thorsten and Arndt, recently inaugurated a new site for barn egg production in aviary systems: where there used to...
22 March 2011
New Product and Technical Manager for Novogen
ASIA - Novogen has appointed Noppadon Sukontarattanasook as Product & Technical Manager as from 1 March 2011....
16 March 2011
Andhra Pradesh Retains Top Spot in Egg Production
ANDHRA PRADESH, INDIA - The state continues to occupy first rank in egg production and broiler production in the country with an annual production of 1,940 crore eggs and 18 crore broilers....
23 December 2010
French Study Looks at Listeria Prevalence on Farms
FRANCE - According to research at Anses, the presence of pets and rodents, general biosecurity measures, litter storage, manure handling, feed form and drinker system appeared to impact the prevalence of Listeria monocytogenes on egg and broiler farms,...
06 December 2010
Labour Shortage Makes India Look to Automation
INDIA - Automation of the poultry sector is the answer to the labour shortage. ...
09 November 2010
Minister Announces Two Welfare Regulations
UK - Agriculture Minister Jim Paice yesterday made it clear that British consumers deserve to see only eggs from hens kept in better welfare cages on supermarket shelves once the EU-wide 2012 'battery' cage ban comes in. Broiler stocking density and beak-trimming...
08 November 2010
Ducks Lay Fewer Eggs in Rainy Season
MALAYSIA - Heavy rains and poor fed quality during the curent wet season are combining to cut duck egg production to little more than half the usual laying rate. ...
25 August 2010
Wesjohann Group Companies Come Together
CAIRO, EGYPT - Four companies from the Wesjohann Group, including Aviagen and Lohmann Tierzucht, recently organised a training event in Cairo, Egypt, which attracted over 40 delegates. Ross customers from Ethiopia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and...
28 July 2010
First Novogen Breeding Stock Arrives in Japan
JAPAN - The first NOVOGEN breeding stock has arrived in Japan, “the land of the rising sun”. Japan is a very important market for layer breeders with around 1.3 million parents being placed and interesting in so far as the market requirement is split...
23 July 2010
Quality Farm-Fresh Eggs in Demand
FIJI - Ram Sami and Sons Fiji Limited, which specialises in production, distribution and marketing of quality farm-fresh eggs, is thinking of expanding their business....
19 March 2010
LEI Publishes Report on Poultry Welfare in Argentina
ARGENTINA - The Agricultural Economics Research Institute (LEI) of the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands has published a report on the management and welfare of pigs and poultry in Argentina....
15 September 2009
Labor to Vote Down Cage Eggs Bill
AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY, AUSTRALIA - The ACT government has signalled that it will block a Greens bill banning cage egg production when the Legislative Assembly sits this week....
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