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29 September 2014
Get Ready for World Egg Day!
GLOBAL - 10 October 2014 is World Egg Day – celebrate eggs and all they are doing to help eliminate hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition. ...
26 September 2014
How to Tell If Your Hen Is Laying Eggs
UK - Mike Colley, FAI Farms' Poultry Manager, explains how to tell if your female chicken is in lay. ...
29 July 2014
Cal-Maine Foods Announces New Joint Venture for Speciality Egg Sales
US - Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. announced on the 25 July, 2014 that the company has entered into a new joint venture for specialty egg sales with Hickman’s Egg Ranch, Inc....
10 June 2014
Outcome Measures Drive Producer Profitability, Sustainable Practices
ANALYSIS - Farmers are seeing the value of switching to outcome measures to increase profitability as part of building on their sustainable farming practices. ...
25 April 2014
Precision Farming for Pig and Poultry Farms
UK - With data set to be one of the most important management tools on farm, the Royal Agricultural Society of England will be advising visitors at the British Pig and Poultry Fair in May on the collection, analysis and effective use of data....
22 April 2014
Novogen Enters Layer Market in North Sumatera
INDONESIA - Novogen has announced that it has now also entered the layer market in North Sumatera through the supply of the first NOVOgen Brown breeding stock. ...
17 April 2014
How Can EU Food be Produced to Higher Welfare Standards?
ANALYSIS - A five-year plan has been launched to encourage the production, sourcing and consumption of food and products from animals to be from higher welfare regimes across Europe....
Taiwanese Students Dress as Hens for Poultry Welfare
TAIWAN - Students at Chung Yuan Christian University have protested in view of the Council of Agriculture by dressing up as chickens and demanding healthier living environments for laying birds. ...
14 April 2014
Balancing Carcass Yield, Quality in Japanese Quail
TURKEY - Carcass quality of Japanese quail declines with age, according to Turkish scientists. ...
13 January 2014
Ingenieria Avícola Shows How to Add Value to Egg Waste at IPPE
SPAIN - Spanish company, Ingeniería Avícola, will introduce a new process developed by its R&D department at IPPE in Atlanta, US in January 2014. ...
08 January 2014
Egg Composition Affected by Hen Strain, Moulting
US - Egg composition and the percentage of yolk, albumen and shell were affected by hen genetics and whether the bird had been moulted, according to new research from North Carolina State University....
04 November 2013
FAI Explores Cage-free Egg Production in Brazil
BRAZIL – Based on the results of the first two flocks, good results can be achieved by laying hens kept in a cage-free house in Brazil, says Murilo Quintiliano, Executive Director of FAI Brazil....
30 October 2013
Indian Poultry Farmers Advised to Prepare for Winter
PUNJAB, INDIA - Temperature management in the poultry house is an important pre-condition for better production and health of the birds, according to a leading academic....
24 September 2013
Egg Bacterial Contamination Affected by Strain, Housing
US - Experiments show that both hen strain and housing system impact the microbial levels on eggs. ...
17 September 2013
Owen Paterson Calls for Evidence on Beak Trimming
UK - Defra Secretary of State Owen Paterson wishes to hear from more poultry farmers after seeing first-hand why beak-trimming takes place....
09 August 2013
No Increase in Egg Production with Extra Choline
CHINA - Although there were some changes in egg quality, researchers found no benefits in terms of egg production of long-term supplementation of a maize-soybean meal diet with the vitamin, choline. ...
24 July 2013
Study Shows Farmer Training Improves Poultry Income
NIGERIA - A new study shows that all training programmes are correlated with the poultry farmer's income in Kogi state, with the effect being significant for extension training and formal education....
15 July 2013
CFIA Suspends Operations at Beking Poultry Farm
CANADA - The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has suspended the registration of Beking Poultry Farm. ...
02 May 2013
Nest Design Affects Hen Behaviour, Mislaid Eggs
SWITZERLAND - Grids outside nest boxes rather than wooden perches seemed to improve nesting behaviour in laying hens, according to new research, and resulted in fewer mislaid eggs....
30 April 2013
Family Farmers Need Congress to Pass 'Egg Bill' to Survive
US - Egg farmers say they need Congress to include the Egg Products Inspection Act ("Egg Bill"), introduced recently in Congress, as part of this year's Farm Bill or many of them may soon be forced out of business....
27 March 2013
2012: Record Year for Land O'Lakes
US - Land O'Lakes has reported strong performance in 2012. Its Crop Inputs, Feed and Layers segments achieved record sales....
22 February 2013
EC Gets Tough over Sow Stalls, Battery Cages
ANALYSIS - The European Commission is starting to get tough with countries that are not complying with the regulations banning battery cages for laying hens and sow stalls, writes Chris Harris....
01 February 2013
Decision Makers Chicken over Egg Debate, Says Organic Body
NEW ZEALAND - "Revised legislation phasing out battery cages over 10 years and introducing colony cages in NZ does little to curb animal welfare issues - we are just putting more birds in bigger cages," says Debbie Swanwick, Spokeperson, Soil & Health,...
15 January 2013
Nest Matting, Litter Impact Layer Plumage Condition
FRANCE - Layer performance was unaffected by the lining material used in nests and the pecking/scratching area or litter provision in furnished cages (colony cages), according to new research at ANSES. However, artificial turf mats in the pecking/scratching...
20 December 2012
Safeway Surpasses Goal in Cage-Free Egg Animal Welfare Effort
US - Safeway Inc. furthered its commitment to animal welfare by becoming the first major grocery retailer in the United States to make a national commitment to Certified Humane® cage-free eggs and by surpassing its sourcing and sales goals for cage-free...
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