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22 June 2017
New Sensors Could Enable More Affordable Detection of Pollution, Diseases
US - When it comes to testing for cancer, environmental pollution and food contaminants, traditional sensors can help. The challenges are that they often are bulky, expensive, non-intuitive and complicated....
Iran Allows Conditional Use of Chicken Paste; Egg Exports Slowly Resume
IRAN - The green light for the use of chicken paste in sausages and other meat products has been given after long disputes between Iranian health officials....
Imported Chicken with Unrecognised 'Halal' Logos May Have Been Smuggled into Malaysia
MALAYSIA - The authorities have not ruled out the possibility that imported chicken bearing unrecognised ‘halal’ logos may have been smuggled into the country....
21 June 2017
Chicken Slaughterhouse Using Fake Halal Logo Raided
MALAYSIA - A raid was conducted on a poultry slaughterhouse at an oil palm plantation in Batu 11, Segari here, after receiving information and complaints from the public about the dirty condition and foul stench emanating from the premises....
20 June 2017
Yala Group Aims to Make Betong Chicken Famous
THAILAND - A business group in Yala’s Betong district plans to make its chicken as famous as Japanese wagyu beef, which would not only help out local farmers hit by low rubber prices, but also boost tourism in Thailand’s southernmost province....
02 June 2017
Mercosur Negotiations Can't Continue in Light of Brazilian Meat Scandal, Says IFA
EU - IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods said has said that, based on the most recent revelations regarding political and administrative corruption at the highest levels in the Brazilian meat industry and Government, it is not credible for the...
20 April 2017
Study Ranks Production Attributes Most Important to Consumers
US - For many consumers, buying a gallon of milk is much more complex than finding the preferred fat content and expiration date. They want to know how the cows were treated, what they were fed, whether they received growth hormones or antibiotics, whether...
28 March 2017
NCC, Turkey Federation Advocate for Withdrawal of GIPSA Rules
US - The National Turkey Federation (NTF) has called on USDA to withdraw rules and proposals that would upend the contract relationships among growers and processors throughout the poultry business....
22 March 2017
IFA Urges EU Commissioner to Immediately Ban Brazilian Meat
EU - IFA President Joe Healy has called for an immediate ban on Brazilian meat imports into the EU. He said the latest shocking revelations on the failure of Brazil to meet EU standards and controls in the meat sector raises very serious concerns around...
NFUS Urges Shoppers to Buy Scottish Amid ‘Rotten’ Brazilian Meat Claims
SCOTLAND, UK - Following the news that Brazilian meat processors are selling ‘rotten’ meat, NFU Scotland believes that the integrity of meat being sold in the European and UK market must be protected. ...
HCM City Poultry Meat, Eggs to Carry Details of Origin
VIET NAM - The HCM City People’s Committee has approved a programme to label poultry meat and eggs with details of product origin to protect consumers, according to Nguyễn Ngọc Hòa, deputy director of the local Department of Industry and Trade....
16 March 2017
Addressing Likely Economic Damage as Result of Changing US Trade Policies
CANADA - A Canadian based International Trade Consultant says there are options available in the event the United States implements trade policies that cause economic harm to Canada, reports Bruce Cochrane....
Quality of China's Agricultural Products to Improve
CHINA - The Ministry of Agriculture has published a five-year plan to improve the quality of agricultural products, including measures to ensure that products such as apples, tea and pork can be traced back to their producers....
13 March 2017
Retailers Warned Against Cutting Prices for 'Free Range' Products
IRELAND - Farmers have called on the retail sector to support the free range sector as the Department of Agriculture confirmed it is to extend its mandatory housing notice for poultry until 30 April....
10 March 2017
IFA: Stakeholders Urged to Support Free Range Producers
IRELAND - Following the announcement by the Department of Agriculture that the housing notice on poultry is to be extended until 30 April, IFA Poultry Chairman Nigel Renaghan has called on all stakeholders in the poultry sector to work together to protect...
03 March 2017
British Egg Industry Council Concerned to Protect Hens
UK - The British Egg Industry Council (BEIC), which represents more than 95 per cent of UK free range egg production, has advised that although some free range hens will be allowed back outside this week, some free range farmers will choose to temporarily...
21 September 2016
Will New Food Labelling Regulations Build Trust and Confidence?
ANALYSIS - The UK’s vote to leave the European Union could allow some flexibility in the way that new European food labelling regulations are implemented....
28 July 2016
Clear Labelling Needed to Avoid Consumer Confusion in Cage-Free Move
UK - Clear product labelling will be crucial as more retailers announce that they will stop selling eggs from enriched colony cage systems, the British Free Range Egg Producers Association (BFREPA) has said....
15 July 2016
GMO Labelling Bill Passed in US
US - New legislation designed to offer consumers more information about genetically engineered ingredients in their food passed in the US House of Representatives yesterday on a vote of 306-117....
26 May 2016
Calls for Labelling for Raw Poultry Products that Look Cooked
US - In an effort to ensure safe eating experiences and address potential consumer confusion, the National Chicken Council (NCC) has petitioned the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) for mandatory labelling of raw,...
18 May 2016
'Free Range' Egg Producer Misled Australian Consumers
AUSTRALIA - The Australian Federal Court has found that egg company Snowdale Holdings gave a misleading impression that its eggs were 'free range' in contravention of the Australian Consumer Law, in proceedings brought by the Australian Competition and...
13 May 2016
EU Politicians Vote to Support Origin Labels on Meat, Dairy
EU - Country of origin labelling should be made mandatory for meat and milk, MEPs reiterated once again in a non-binding resolution voted on Thursday....
05 April 2016
Label Understanding Affects Perception of Poultry Meat Quality
US – A doctoral student and her professor at the University of Arkansas have found consumer’s knowledge of food labels affects the consumer’s perception of product quality....
23 March 2016
EU Politicians Call Again for Country of Origin Labels for Meat, Milk
EU - Food safety MEPs reiterated their support for introducing mandatory country of origin labelling of meat and milk, in a non-binding resolution voted on Tuesday. ...
16 March 2016
Over 60 Per Cent of Consumers Find Chicken Labels Confusing
US - As part of a continued effort to provide consumers with the facts on chicken, the US National Chicken Council (NCC) has set up a new glossary of chicken labels....
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