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09 October 2017
Innscor to Inject US$8M Towards Chicken Restocking
ZIMBABWE - Innscor Africa Ltd says it is planning to invest in excess of US$8 million for the restocking of its chicken-rearing subsidiary Irvine’s in the aftermath of the recent avian flu outbreak outbreak at the company’s Lanark Farm....
06 October 2017
Ag Cooperative to Launch Broiler Poultry Farm
KAZAKHSTAN - A cooperative of agricultural entrepreneurs will launch a poultry farm in South Kazakhstan, reports the administration of the Tolebi district....
14 September 2017
Chinese Firms Buy Leading UK-based Duck Breeder
CHINA - Two Chinese companies have acquired a leading British poultry firm which supplies the breed of the famed Peking roast ducks....
28 August 2017
Hoa Phat Poultry Co Imports High Quality Chicken Breed
VIET NAM - Hoa Phat Poultry Company Limited has imported the first batch of Hyline Brown chicken breed, the world’s most balanced brown egg layer, from the UK-based Hy-Line International....
08 August 2017
Haredi Rabbis Debate: Is New Chicken Breed Kosher?
ISRAEL - A debate has recently been raging in Israel's haredi, or ultra-Orthodox community. Is a new form of imported chicken kosher?...
20 July 2017
Scientists Hone in on Genetics Behind Chicken Weight Adaptation
GLOBAL - Prized for their plumpness, poultry farmers have made incredible gains through agricultural breeding programmes to maximise chicken size and weight to benefit worldwide consumption, where demand continues to grow the most for any meat....
19 July 2017
Infectious Bronchitis: The ‘Eye of the Storm’ for Chicken Health
GLOBAL - Ask any poultry producer about the most economically important disease in broilers, breeders or layers....
17 July 2017
Nigerian Experts Develop High Egg Output, Disease-resistant Chickens
NIGERIA - A team of experts under the auspices of African Chicken Genetic Gains in Nigeria has announced a breakthrough in poultry production in Nigeria following the development of disease-resistant breed of chicken with higher egg output....
14 July 2017
Getting the hatchery ready for ‘No Antibiotics Ever’ production
Sanitation is the key to success when a hatchery completely removes antibiotics from its process, Josh Mulkey told Poultry Health Today....
22 June 2017
Tyson Foods Rolls Out High-tech Chicken Welfare Programme
US - As part of its focus on sustainable food production, Tyson Foods has launched a broad, new animal well-being initiative that combines the latest technology with high-touch monitoring and training to improve the care of chickens....
20 June 2017
Yala Group Aims to Make Betong Chicken Famous
THAILAND - A business group in Yala’s Betong district plans to make its chicken as famous as Japanese wagyu beef, which would not only help out local farmers hit by low rubber prices, but also boost tourism in Thailand’s southernmost province....
05 June 2017
‘Energetic Participation' at Cobb World Technical School
The two-week event based at the Cobb global headquarters at Siloam Springs, Arkansas, provided the opportunity to learn about the latest developments of chicken breeding from grandparent stock production to processing optimization along with current aspects...
30 May 2017
Focus of 2017 USPOULTRY Hatchery-Breeder Clinic
US - A successful poultry operation depends on many critical factors, one of which is hatchery-breeder management....
03 May 2017
Did Medieval Religious Rules Drive Domestic Chicken Evolution?
UK - Chickens were domesticated from Asian jungle fowl around 6000 years ago. Since domestication they have acquired a number of traits that are valuable to humans, including those concerning appearance, reduced aggression and faster egg-laying, although...
19 April 2017
Pigeon Study Takes on Sexism in Science
US - In experimental research, scientists tend to assume that - unless they are looking specifically at reproduction or sexual behavior - male and female animals are alike, and mostly use males....
20 February 2017
Egg-Free Surrogate Chickens Produced in Bid to Save Rare Poultry Breeds
UK - Hens that do not produce their own chicks have been developed for use as surrogates to lay eggs from rare breeds....
26 December 2016
Poultry Particulars - 8 Amazing Chicken Facts
Chickens may seem like simple birds, but for people who spend time raising them, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Here at The Poultry Site, we’ve compiled a list of what we think are the most interesting facts about the humble chicken. Which...
26 September 2016
Responsible Breeding = Sustainable Production
GLOBAL - Modern broiler breeding contributes in a number of ways to sustainable poultry production....
08 September 2016
NOVOGEN Increases its Breeder Production Targets Based on Excellent Field Results
FRANCE - Based on the actual excellent technical field results achieved by the NOVOgen Brown and White layer breeders around the world, NOVOGEN has decided to update its Production Targets. They are now available online and in print....
26 August 2016
India Adds Cock-Fighting Chicken to Indigenous Breeds List
INDIA - India has added nine new germplasm of farm animals including a poultry variety to its list of indigenous breeds. Newly enlisted live-stocks include one breed of cattle, two breeds each of goat and sheep, three breeds of pig, writes Basudev Mahapatra....
26 July 2016
NOVOGEN Breeds are Selected on their Behaviour
NOVOGEN's breeding programme with collective housing systems allows to take into consideration the birds behaviour. The target is to select calm birds with a good nesting behaviour....
17 June 2016
Aviagen Russian School Focuses on Breeder Management
RUSSIA - Aviagen® LLC recently held its fifth Russian Production Management School near St Petersburg. This school focused on Ross® 308 parent stock (PS) management and is just one of Aviagen’s international Production Management Schools....
10 June 2016
New Hatchery to Boost Poultry Farming in Rwanda
RWANDA - Poultry farmers have welcomed a new hatchery inaugurated in Musanze, saying it will not only bring prices down but also help them have healthy and productive chicks....
19 May 2016
New Animal Breeding Rules Adopted at EU Council
EU - New rules on animal breeding were adopted at the meeting of the EU's agriculture ministers this week in Brussels, aimed at simplifying and harmonising the rules across the EU....
04 May 2016
New More Resilient Birds Almost Within Reach
GLOBAL - Rising concerns over foodborne diseases in combination with current and future restrictions on therapeutic interventions, are causing the poultry industry to look at new ways of reducing disease threats. Dr Christina Swaggerty and Theo Bezuidenhout...
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