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16 January 2018
British supermarket chickens show record levels of antibiotic-resistant superbugs
Food Standards Agency reports ‘significant increase’ of harmful pathogen campylobacter in British-farmed chickens....
11 January 2018
Antibiotic Reduction - EW Nutrition launches new website
EW Nutrition invites visitors to visit their website and explore the topic of antibiotic reduction in the context of animal welfare and performance. Briefly presented facts, editorial content and feed solutions will inform you about this important field....
AAAP endorses AVMA’s definition of antimicrobial stewardship
The American Association of Avian Pathologists (AAAP) has endorsed the American Veterinary Medical Association’s (AVMA) Definition of Antimicrobial Stewardship and accompanying policy document, Core Principles of Antimicrobial Stewardship in Veterinary...
09 January 2018
02 January 2018
Nutriad hosts seminars on AGP alternatives in Malaysia
Multinational feed additives producer NUTRIAD, together with its’ local distribution partner Pahang Pharmacy, hosted a series of technical seminars on Antibiotic Growth Promoter Alternatives and Mycotoxin Risk Management for producers across Malaysia....
Antibiotic Use in Poultry Feed to be Phased Out from 2018
SRI LANKA - Sri Lanka will, this year, look to further regulate and phase out antibiotic growth promoters used in poultry feed in an effort to combat antimicrobial resistance in the country....
27 December 2017
Giant Japanese Producer Aims to sell 4B Eggs a Year in India
JAPAN - Japan's largest egg producer, Ise Foods, is teaming up with Suzuki Motor in a joint venture to launch major egg production operations in the enormous Indian market, aiming to selling 4 billion eggs annually, about 5 per cent of India's current...
08 December 2017
IFA Looks for Changes to EU Veterinary Medicinal Proposals
IRELAND - In meetings this week with Irish MEPs, IFA Animal Health Chairman Bert Stewart again outlined the concerns farmers have with EU proposals for the regulation of veterinary medicinal products....
06 December 2017
Copa and Cogeca: EU Farmers, Cooperatives Making Huge Efforts to Tackle AMR
EU - Copa and Cogeca highlighted yesterday the progress farmers and their cooperatives have made in tackling antimicrobial resistance, with EU reports showing a 13 per cent decline in antimicrobial use in livestock production....
30 November 2017
Antibiotic Resistance: An Unexpected Chronology
UK - Researchers from the Institut Pasteur have shed light on the rise of ampicillin resistance back in the 60s. ...
29 November 2017
Expert: Misuse of Antibiotics in Livestock, Poultry Also Causes Resistance in Humans
NIGERIA - Solomon Chollom, a medical laboratory scientist with the National Veterinary Research Institute, says the misuse of antibiotics in livestock and poultry can also make humans resistant to the drug....
21 November 2017
Govt Sets Permissible Limits for Antibiotic Use in Chickens
INDIA - The Indian government is trying to make sure that the chicken on citizens' plates is free of excessive antibiotics and veterinary drugs that may be harmful for human consumption....
17 November 2017
Fears Over Chicken, Beef Being Sold in Some Eateries
KENYA - Lunchtime and early evening see fast food outlets in the city bustling with people, with chips and fried chicken among the most popular meals ordered. ...
14 November 2017
USDA, industry groups take issue with WHO’s latest statement on poultry, livestock antibiotics
The USDA’s chief scientist and several scientific and industry organizations took issue with the World Health Organization’s recent news release recommending that poultry and livestock producers “stop using antibiotics routinely to promote growth...
13 November 2017
Urgent Need to Curb Overuse of Antibiotics in Animals
CHINA - On 7 November, the World Health Organization issued formal guidelines for the animal industries, which calls for food-animal producers to refrain from using antibiotics in healthy animals, so as to curb the rampancy of drug-resistant bacteria....
New 'Sugar-glass' Film Uses Viruses to Kill Harmful Bacteria in Food
CANADA - With antibiotic resistance on the rise, bacterial contamination of food is becoming more problematic. ...
07 November 2017
Unity for More Food Safety in Europe and Neighboring Countries
GLOBAL - "To protect consumers, the responsible public institutions have to be networked together all over the world," says Professor Dr Andreas Hensel, President of the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) and German representative of the...
06 November 2017
PRI Director Says No Hormones Used in Poultry Feed
PAKISTAN - Rawalpindi Poultry Research Institute (PRI) Director Dr Abdul Rehman and Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) Chairman Dr Muhammad Aslam have said that no hormones are used in the country's poultry feed....
03 November 2017
Shakeup in Thai Poultry Industry as Human Health Fears Grow
THAILAND - The fresh meat counter at a supermarket in Ari, a wealthy Bangkok neighborhood, has a new crop of signs to reassure customers eyeing trays laden with pink chicken parts....
02 November 2017
Collateral Effects of Antibiotics Under Investigation
US - Antibiotics can influence the swimming and swarming ability of multidrug-resistant bacteria, according to an open-access journal of the American Society for Microbiology....
27 October 2017
Brand Leads Way in Food Transparency; First-ever Traceable Turkeys This Thanksgiving
US - For the first time beginning this Thanksgiving, consumers will be able to trace Honeysuckle White® brand turkeys from a family farm to their table. ...
26 October 2017
Multi-faceted Fact-based Approach Needed to Address AMR, Says IFA
IRELAND - Commenting at the launch of Ireland’s National Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance yesterday, IFA Animal Health Chairman Bert Stewart said antimicrobial resistance will only be addressed though a fact-based multi-faceted approach to antibiotic...
06 October 2017
Report Highlights State, Local Initiatives to Reduce Antibiotics in Agriculture
US - The Consumer Federation of America (CFA) has released a new report examining the ways that consumer and public health advocates are working to reduce the amount of antibiotics given to farm animals, a key contributor to antibiotic resistance. ...
Antimicrobial Use in Danish Animals Continues Downward Trend
DENMARK - The total antimicrobial consumption in Danish animals has continued to decrease for the third consecutive year....
02 October 2017
Massive Projected Increase in Use of Antimicrobials in Animals by 2030
GLOBAL - The amount of antimicrobials given to animals destined for human consumption is expected to rise by a staggering 52 per cent and reach 200,000 tonnes by 2030 unless policies are implemented to limit their use, according to new research....
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