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20 September 2017
USPOULTRY Accepting Broiler, Turkey Research Pre-Proposals
US - The USPOULTRY Board Research Initiative is requesting pre-proposals in four areas: Clostridium enteritis in broilers, reovirus vaccines for turkeys, intestinal protozoa of turkeys and the euthanasia of large birds. The deadline for pre-proposal submission...
13 September 2017
IPPE Insight: Addressing Pain Points of Industry Trends
ANALYSIS - Food safety, antibiotic-free and sustainable practices are just a few of the global trends that are currently shaping the industry, according to Ed Galo, managing director for Novus International in North America....
08 September 2017
America’s Largest Chicken Association Rolls Out Industry-Wide Standards for Broiler Chicken Welfare
US - The National Chicken Council (NCC), the United States' oldest and largest national association representing the US broiler chicken industry (chickens raised for meat), this week rolled out a set of industry-wide standards for broiler chicken welfare...
06 September 2017
Tyson Prompted to Expand Production Due to Strong Chicken Demand
US - In response to strong consumer demand for chicken, Tyson Foods, Inc. yesterday announced plans to build a $320 million poultry complex in eastern Kansas....
04 September 2017
Study: Antibiotic Misuse in Poultry Farms Leads to Multi-drug Resistant Bacteria
INDIA - Misuse of antibiotics in poultry farms is leading to a proliferation of multi-drug resistant bacteria....
25 August 2017
China Not on First List of McDonald's Antibiotics Cut
CHINA - Chinese diners may have to wait until 2027 to enjoy nuggets free of a certain antibiotics at McDonald's as the country is not among the markets where the chemical will be banned before that....
24 August 2017
McDonalds to Globally Reduce Use of Antibiotics in Chickens
GLOBAL - McDonalds says it will start globally rolling back use of antibiotics in its chicken products from 2018 as part of efforts to curb microbial resistance to drugs and the rise of superbugs....
23 August 2017
Cargill in Collaboration to Promote Scientific Use of Antibiotics in China’s Broiler Industry
CHINA - Cargill’s Animal Protein business is working closely with the China Institute of Veterinary Drugs Control (IVDC) and China Agriculture Press on a Veterinary Drugs Guide Book intended to reduce the use of antibiotics in China’s broiler industry....
18 August 2017
01 August 2017
Chicken Firm Slashes Antibiotic Use Through Holistic Remedies
UK - Experts in poultry health have helped one of the UK’s largest food businesses to slash its antibiotic usage in the past two years, by adopting an holistic approach to animal well-being....
28 July 2017
EU Report Shows More Evidence on Link Between Antibiotic Use, Antibiotic Resistance
EU - The European Food Safety Authority, the European Medicines Agency and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control are concerned about the impact of use of antibiotics on the increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria. ...
24 July 2017
Poultry Veterinarians Need to be the 'Voice of the Birds'
US - Veterinarians need to be more proactive and be the “voice of the birds” on issues related to health and well-being, according to Nancy Reimers, DVM, a poultry veterinarian in California and chair of the Animal Welfare Committee, American Association...
21 July 2017
High Levels of Antibiotic-resistance in Indian Poultry Farming Raises Concerns
INDIA - A new study from India raises questions about the dangers to human health of farming chicken with growth-promoting antibiotics - including some of the same drugs used in raising millions of chickens in the United States and worldwide....
20 July 2017
Canadian Chicken Industry Further Reducing Antimicrobial Use
CANADA - Following the successful elimination of Category I antibiotics for disease prevention in Canadian chicken production, Chicken Farmers of Canada has established timelines to further its strategy to eliminate the preventive use of antimicrobials...
14 July 2017
Getting the hatchery ready for ‘No Antibiotics Ever’ production
Sanitation is the key to success when a hatchery completely removes antibiotics from its process, Josh Mulkey told Poultry Health Today....
12 July 2017
HK Launches Action Plan to Regulate Use of Antibiotics on Poultry
HONG KONG - The government has launched a five-year action plan to stop farm owners from abusing antibiotics on animals in order to contain the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in the city....
05 July 2017
Indonesian Researcher Invents Poultry Antibody
INDONESIA - Researchers from the Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Gadjah Mada University (UGM) Yogyakarta invent an original probiotic of Indonesias organic chicken that one of its functions as antibodies to poultry in the country....
26 June 2017
Use of Antibiotics in Poultry, Livestock to be Reduced
CHINA - Irregularities in the use of antibiotics in poultry and livestock in China will be strictly monitored to reduce drug resistance, according to a national plan released by the Ministry of Agriculture on Friday....
20 June 2017
Yala Group Aims to Make Betong Chicken Famous
THAILAND - A business group in Yala’s Betong district plans to make its chicken as famous as Japanese wagyu beef, which would not only help out local farmers hit by low rubber prices, but also boost tourism in Thailand’s southernmost province....
07 June 2017
Maple Leaf Determined to Become Most Sustainable Protein Company on Earth
CANADA - Maple Leaf Foods has announced its ambition to be the most sustainable protein company on earth, based on a sweeping set of principles and an expansive sustainability agenda that has yielded substantial advancements in nutrition and environmental...
02 June 2017
ABF: ‘It’s not for everybody’
In a recent article in Poultry Health Today magazine, Miller Poultry’s live-production manager, Stephen Shepard, oozes enthusiasm for antibiotic-free (ABF) production.And who can blame him?...
30 May 2017
Focus of 2017 USPOULTRY Hatchery-Breeder Clinic
US - A successful poultry operation depends on many critical factors, one of which is hatchery-breeder management....
25 May 2017
Environmental Goals on Tyson and World Resources Institute Agenda
US - As part of its deeper commitment to sustainable food production, Tyson Foods, Inc. has announced a collaboration with the World Resources Institute (WRI) to develop industry leading, science-based greenhouse gas (GHG) and outcome-based water conservation...
23 May 2017
Team Finds New Antibiotic Resistance Gene in Salmonella from Broiler Chickens
CANADA - A team of investigators from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Guelph, Ontario, has discovered a gene that confers resistance to the important broad-spectrum antibiotic, fosfomycin. ...
05 May 2017
Hatchery Expert Offers Tips for Fighting Bacteria, Improving Biosecurity
US - With more US poultry companies reducing or eliminating antibiotic use in the hatchery, poultry companies need to make an even greater effort to guard against costly bacterial infections....
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