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14 August 2018
New research highlights the benefits of early photo stimulation on productivity
A new report has been published in Poultry Science which investigates the effects of dietary protein level and age at photo stimulation on the reproduction traits of broiler breeders and progeny performance...
27 July 2018
Let there be light: early exposure to UV aids broiler behavior, performance
Adding windows to poultry houses is an inexpensive way to improve the environment for broilers and possibly improve productivity, according to Rachel Lynn Dennis, PhD, assistant professor at the University of Maryland...
17 October 2017
Nestlé USA Commended on Commitment to Improve Broiler Chicken Welfare
US - World Animal Protection welcomes the commitment made by Nestlé USA to improve the welfare of the chickens farmed for meat in its US food supply chain. ...
12 September 2017
Hydration Supplementation Can Help Boost Chick Health
ANALYSIS - Once hatched, Mother Nature has supplied chicks with a two- to three-day yolk sac supply of hydration and nutrition while chicks learn what to eat and drink. ...
08 August 2017
Hydration Supplementation Is Standard Practice for Shipping Chicks at Hubbard Breeders
ANALYSIS - Dehydration is an ongoing challenge for hatcheries that are shipping day-old chicks. ...
07 June 2017
Govt Asked to Exempt Poultry Sector from Power Outage
PAKISTAN - The Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) on Monday urged the Ministry of Water and Power to exempt poultry sector from load shedding....
07 February 2017
Pen Vise Is Perfect Tool for Cleaning Brooder Orifices
Having the right tool makes any maintenance chore easier, and Hog Slat’s Pen Vise is the perfect tool for cleaning clogged brooder and heater orifices....
19 July 2016
More Light at Night Reduces Daytime Heat Stress in Broilers
GLOBAL - Extended lighting periods help boost welfare and production of big broilers during high seasonal temperatures, a University of Georgia study showed....
28 June 2016
Improved Natural Light for Perdue Chickens in Major Push for Better Welfare
US - One of the US' biggest poultry producers, Perdue, has unveiled a new strategy for improved animal welfare, aiming to build 'trusted brands that meet evolving consumer expectations'....
08 June 2015
No Detrimental Effect of LEDs on Broiler Performance
SCOTLAND, UK - A study from Scotland's Rural College (SRUC) into the effects of LED lighting on broiler chickens has found that there were no detrimental effects in comparison to more traditional tungsten lighting....
13 January 2014
DOL 16: New Member of the Dol-Sensors Family
DENMARK - The new DOL 16 from dol-sensors® is designed to measure light intensity in livestock houses....
30 December 2013
Incubation Light Reduces Broiler Stress Susceptibility
US - A new study indicates that stress susceptibility after hatching can be reduced by providing 12 hours of light daily during incubation. ...
30 October 2013
Indian Poultry Farmers Advised to Prepare for Winter
PUNJAB, INDIA - Temperature management in the poultry house is an important pre-condition for better production and health of the birds, according to a leading academic....
18 September 2013
Lightbulb Moment for Chicken Coop Students
US - A small light emitting diode placed in a chicken coop could be the answer to extending winter production time and increasing production. ...
15 May 2013
Photoperiod, Light Intensity Do Not Stress Broilers
US - Plasma corticosterone - an indicator of stress - was not affected by photoperiod, light intensity or their interaction in recent research by USDA Agricultural Research Service. Bodyweight was reduced in broilers experiencing an 16-hour dark period...
26 April 2013
Unilight: Affordable, High-performance LED Lights
UK - Energy conservation and environment policies are dramatically changing the lighting world. LED is the only and final solution - the least energy of all lights and no mercury....
25 April 2013
Termotecnica Pericoli Expands Asia-Pacific Presence
ASIA - Although Termotecnica Pericoli has been active in the Asian markets since 1992 the company first established a personal presence in the region with the establishment of a Regional Office in Malaysia in May of 2010. ...
20 February 2013
Jamaica Broilers to Install Solar PV Systems
JAMAICA - While the Jamaican government’s efforts to increase renewable energy production have yet to produce significant results, some private enterprises are forging ahead on their own. Due to the prohibitively high cost of purchasing electricity...
15 February 2013
Arkansas Poultry Producers May Apply for Energy Audit Grants
US - Producers in the nation’s No. 2 broiler state could potentially save thousands of dollars each year on the energy needed to heat, light and run small motors in their poultry houses....
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