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Poultry Industry News By Category: Welfare- leg/foot problems
19 April 2018
Eat less and better meat and dairy, say campaigners
A powerful alliance of 52 organisations have set out their stall for how to eat meat and dairy more sustainably...
17 October 2017
Nestlé USA Commended on Commitment to Improve Broiler Chicken Welfare
US - World Animal Protection welcomes the commitment made by Nestlé USA to improve the welfare of the chickens farmed for meat in its US food supply chain. ...
11 July 2016
Using Nature as a Reference to Optimise Welfare and Performance
GLOBAL - At Petersime, we believe we should use nature as a reference to build incubators and develop technology. ...
17 February 2016
Welfare Research Can Influence Change, Lead to On-farm Solutions
ANALYSIS - Collaborating with industry partners, FAI Farms develops research programs that influence welfare and sustainability change in the livestock industry. ...
06 May 2015
Factors Behind Broiler Back Disease Discovered
US - Infection pathways of a back disease affecting broilers have been discovered in a recently completed USPOULTRY research project, and could lead to preventative health treatments....
08 April 2015
Broilers Show Less Tendon Swelling in Reovirus Vaccine Study
US - A recent study showed that broiler chicks receiving higher reovirus antibody levels from conventionally vaccinated hens had a lower incidence of tendon swelling and were protected from weight suppression caused by Variant Group-1 (VG-1), reports...
04 September 2014
Management Tools to Reduce Footpad Dermatitis in Broilers
GLOBAL - Footpad dermatitis is receiving increasing attention in the broiler industry. According to Aviagen, footpad dermatitis affects animal welfare and farmer income, and in the future is likely to have increasing importance in terms of legislation....
27 August 2014
Stricter Rules for German Chicken Producers Could Affect Competiveness
GERMANY - The German Federal State of Lower Saxony has introduced stricter rules for broiler production. ...
29 July 2014
Study Looks at Broiler Activity and Leg Health
MEXICO - Encouraging broilers to be more active did not reduce growth but had little beneficial effect on their leg health in two experiments, Mexican researchers report, although it did affect the birds' behaviour....
06 January 2012
Probiotic May Reduce Lameness in Broilers
US - The latest research findings from the University of Arkansas revealed that the prophylactic feeding of a probiotic to broilers reduced significantly the incidence of lameness, according to Michaela Mohnl, product manager for probiotics at Biomin...
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