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19 April 2018
Eat less and better meat and dairy, say campaigners
A powerful alliance of 52 organisations have set out their stall for how to eat meat and dairy more sustainably...
11 April 2018
What’s on the label? Traditionally-harvested vs lab-grown
WASHINGTON – As new, alternative “beef” products make their way onto grocery store shelves, National Farmers Union (NFU) is encouraging federal officials to establish labelling requirements that better inform consumers about the difference between...
10 January 2018
Sigma Organic Feed Div. doubling output of Hi-Pro Non-GMO Organic Soybean Meal
Sigma Organic Feed Div. announces a doubling of its supply of Hi-Pro Non-GMO Organic Soybean Meal to 3,000 MT per month. Proprietary and specific heat and mechanical processing system assures a finished soy protein with high digestibility and a very palatable...
09 December 2015
COOL Retaliation Decision Lends Uncertainty to Markets
US - As expected the WTO sided with Canada and Mexico in their dispute with the US over Country of Origin Labelling (COOL) but the tariff amount awarded was smaller than what these two countries were requesting, write Steve Meyer and Len Steiner....
07 September 2015
National Bans on GM Food, Feed Imports Rejected
EU - The agriculture committee rejected the European Commission's draft law that would give member states the power to restrict or prohibit the use of EU-approved GM food or feed on their territory....
19 August 2015
Soy Feed Production Key Issue in German Talks With South America
GERMANY - Germany's agriculture minister has travelled to South America for talks on enhancing food security, with expansion of non-GM (genetically modified) soy production high on the agenda....
12 August 2015
USPOULTRY Live Webinar to Discuss Avian Flu Prevention, Welfare
US - The US Poultry & Egg Association (USPOULTRY) will be holding a live webinar in September, discussing a variety of poultry farm management issues....
30 July 2015
Consumers Do Not View GMO Labels as Negative 'Warnings'
US - Labelling food containing GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) would not act as 'warning' labels and scare consumers away from purchasing these products, according to a new study from the University of Vermont....
18 May 2015
EU Announces New Scientific Advice Body
EU - The European Commission (EC) has announced that a new scientific advice body will be set up, so that Europe has timely access to high-quality, independent scientific expertise....
27 April 2015
Scottish Farming Union Sees GM Feed Proposals as Unworkable
SCOTLAND, UK - European proposals to re-nationalise policy on the use of animal feed containing GM are unworkable and could throw the Scottish, UK and European livestock sectors into disarray, said the Scottish National Farmers Union (NFU)...
23 April 2015
More Freedom for EU to Decide on Use of GMO's for Food and Feed
EU - The EU Commission has presented the outcome of its review of the decision-making process for the authorisation of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) as food and feed. ...
12 March 2015
Is It Time We Embraced GM Crops?
ANALYSIS - They have been commonplace in the US for years but the adoption of genetically modified (GM) crops has always been a somewhat 'scary' prospect for EU growers, writes Gemma Hyland....
23 February 2015
Polish Farmers March for Land Rights, GM Issues
POLAND - Around 6000 farmers marched in Warsaw recently to protest the Polish government's failure to address their long-standing demands. ...
04 February 2015
Could Genetically Engineered Animals Ease World Hunger?
US - Genetically engineered food animals could provide a sustainable means to feed a fast-growing world population, yet regulatory hurdles keep such animals off the market, according to an award-winning scientist....
08 January 2015
OFC: How Can Agriculture Rise to Challenge of Climate Change?
UK - Lord Krebs has addressed the Oxford Farming Conference (OFC) on the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change. Among the measures deserving serious consideration is GM crops, he said....
12 December 2014
Weisenhof Returns to GMO-free Feed
GERMANY - The largest German poultry producer, Wiesenhof, has announced that it will turn back to using GM-free animal feed because of consumer demand....
07 November 2014
New Verification for Organic Poultry Products
US - Organic meat and poultry producers can now use a streamlined process to get approval for labels verifying that their products do not include genetically engineered (GE) ingredients....
09 October 2014
US Poultry Industry Respond to GM Crops Report
US - The paper outlined major environmental, economic, and food safety benefits which have propelled Genetically Engineered crops to being, “the fastest adopted crop technology in recent history, says the National Chicken Council....
02 October 2014
No Harm in Feeding Livestock GE Feed, Science Review Finds
GLOBAL – It is safe to feed genetically engineered (GE) crops to livestock, according to a research review assessing the performance of over 100 billion animals....
29 September 2014
Long-Term Impacts of Feeding GM Crops to Livestock Evaluated
US - New research represents the longest-term monitoring of the health-impact of GM crops in history as it examines at 29 years of livestock productivity and health data from both before and after the introduction of GM crops into animal feed formulations,...
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