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22 July 2016
Brazil’s Soy Production Expected to Increase Sharply
BRAZIL - Brazil features over 75 million hectares of underused pasturelands which could be turned into productive cropland, according to Rabobank....
21 July 2016
The Truth About Mycotoxin Binders
GLOBAL - Binding, or adsorbing, specific mycotoxins to limit their negative effects in livestock is a well-established method for mycotoxin deactivation. While a large number of binder products containing clay minerals such as bentonites are commercially...
18 July 2016
Feed Shortages Impact Egg Production in Venezuela
VENEZUELA - The National Association of Egg Producers (Asoprohuevos) has reported that production in the egg sector fell 40 per cent as a result of the difficulties faced by farmers in purchasing feed and medicines for laying hens....
13 July 2016
Poultry Industry Calls for Further Reduction in Corn Ethanol Blending
US - The National Chicken Council (NCC) has called for further reductions in the amounts of corn bioethanol required in transport fuels for next year, due to the effects of these rules on feed prices for chicken producers....
08 July 2016
Housefly Larvae: An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Soy in Animal Feed?
NETHERLANDS - The animal feed industry is looking for alternatives to environmentally harmful ingredients such as soybean meal and fishmeal, and researchers from Wageningen University are looking into the potential of housefly larvae for this purpose....
07 July 2016
Efficient Mineral Supplementation in Laying Hens
GLOBAL - Laying hens face an impressive physiological challenge every day to produce an egg, writes Mieke Zoon....
Water - the Forgotten Nutrient?
GLOBAL - Water is an essential ingredient of life. Due to the fundamental role that water plays in the welfare, health and performance of birds, it is vital to ensure that adequate access to a clean, fresh supply of water is provided....
04 July 2016
Indian Poultry Producers Face Continued Maize Price Difficulties
INDIA - Steady rises in the price of maize (corn) over the last six months, coupled with lower returns from egg sales, are leading poultry producers to ask for more feed to be imported. ...
28 June 2016
EU Compound Feed Production Up in 2015
EU - Compound feed production in the EU-28 in 2015 reached 157.3 million tonnes, which is 0.6 per cent more than in 2014, according to data provided by members of feed producers' organisation FEFAC....
27 June 2016
Brazil's Limited Corn Supply Challenges Poultry, Pork Sectors
BRAZIL - A significantly lower than anticipated supply of corn (maize) continues to drive an increase in Brazil's domestic corn prices in 2016, according to a recent report from the US Department of Agriculture's Foreign Agricultural Service....
15 June 2016
Feed Additives Worth Billions Expected to be Sold in 2016
GLOBAL - The natural and organic trend is sweeping the animal feed additives landscape, with the global market experiencing a gradual shift from use of antibiotics to incorporating feed additives made from natural and organic ingredients, according to...
14 June 2016
CME: More Wheat Could Enter Feed as High Yields Forecast
US - In this Daily Livestock Report, we review two reports from last week: the World Bank (WB) updated economic forecasts (released 7 June) and the USDA’s World Agricultural Outlook Board (WAOB) monthly forecasts for crops and livestock (released June...
Waitrose to Sell Algae-Fed Chicken Containing Healthy Omega 3
UK - Supermarket chain Waitrose has announced that it will soon be selling chicken as a source of Omega 3 fatty acids, using birds produced by Moy Park in Northern Ireland....
13 June 2016
Antoine Le Calvé Joins NOVOGEN as Nutritional Specialist
GLOBAL - NOVOGEN has the pleasure to announce that Mr. Antoine Le Calvé has joined the company as Nutritional Specialist. He will be member of the Technical Team of Novogen and report directly to the General Manager....
Brazilian Maize Price Hinders Poultry, Pig Producers
BRAZIL - Dry weather conditions during key growing stages are feared to have hindered production during Brazil’s second, or safrinha, maize crop, according to reports from AHDB Pork....
09 June 2016
Poultry Expert Guillermo Zavala Discusses the Future of Avian Health
ANALYSIS - Dr Guillermo Zavala, the world-renowned poultry disease expert, gave a presentation during the 4th Merial Global Avian Forum on the current situation with vector vaccines, and also led a workshop on emerging (and re-emerging) poultry diseases....
08 June 2016
Poultry Prices Likely to Rise Following Government Tax Proposal
PAKISTAN - The prices of poultry products are likely to increase after the government, through the budget for 2016-17, proposed enhancing sales tax from 5 to 10 per cent on certain ingredients used for poultry feed....
07 June 2016
Mycotoxicoses in poultry: a manageable problem
GLOBAL - Earlier experiments, conducted for short periods or using single purified compounds, showed that poultry were resistant to DON. ...
06 June 2016
Industry Insights: Increased Production, Improved Animal Welfare Meet Global Needs
ANALYSIS - The growing population, increases in household income and water scarcity are key drivers for the protein industry, and technology that can increase production and improve animal welfare will be important in meeting these challenges, according...
20 May 2016
Poultry Feed Innovation Vital to Reduce Europe’s Reliance on Imported Soy
UK – At the British Pig and Poultry Fair recently, two speakers from trade show partner ABN explained that as retailers focus more and more on responsible and sustainable foods, innovative solutions will be needed in the feed supply chain....
19 May 2016
Feed Industry Lags in Africa
AFRICA - For Africa to reach its full livestock production potential, farmers need access to a continuous supply of good quality and safe feed. Dr Hinner Köster, CEO and shareholder of Kaonne Investments, a private holding company operating through five...
17 May 2016
Georgia Poultry Offers Trouble-Free Poultry Control Pan
GLOBAL - At one time or another, almost every poultry grower has walked into a house and found empty pans caused by a malfunctioning control pan. These unplanned feed outages cause broiler performance to suffer and potential lost revenue at close out,...
Emerging Mycotoxins: Overview and Occurrence
Emerging mycotoxins are a class of compounds that are attracting increasing interest among the scientific community primarily due to their high occurrence in feed and food commodities, sometimes at relatively high concentrations, and potential toxicity...
13 May 2016
Scientists Call for Review of EU Rules Preventing Insect Use in Feed
EU - The EU-funded PROTEINSECT project has recommended a comprehensive review of European legislation to allow for insect larvae to be used as a source of protein in animal feed....
11 May 2016
Poultry Grower Competitive with GrowerSELECT Feeder
US - When Billy Dossett, a poultry producer in Collins Mississippi, USA, decided to replace the 14-year-old feeding system in his broiler houses, he turned to Georgia Poultry to supply the equipment....
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