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20 September 2016
Brazilian Production Costs for Broilers Fell in August
BRAZIL - Production costs for pigs and broilers fell for the second month in a row in August, according to Brazil's agricultural research institute Embrapa....
15 September 2016
Research Focuses on Nutritional Strategies to Reduce Woody Breast
GLOBAL - The role of nutrition is now a focus in the search for tools and strategies to counter the impact of woody breast, a condition found primarily in fast growing, heavy broilers....
09 September 2016
Solving Protein Shortages in Russia
RUSSIA - The inhabitants of the cold Magadan region face a lack of fresh, affordable poultry meat. The erection of the Dukchinskaya poultry farm in this far-away corner in Russia offers a far better, healthier and less expensive solution than the attempts...
31 August 2016
Lower Corn, Soybean Prices Reduce Brazilian Broiler Production Costs
BRAZIL - Broiler and pig production cost indices have fallen in Brazil, after three consecutive months of increases, and record scores in June....
ADM Debuts Customisable Feed Solutions Platform at 2016 Farm Progress Show
US - ADM Animal Nutrition™, a division of Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM), has launched a new customisable feed solutions platform for livestock producers that helps animals adapt to nutritional stresses, enhances animal well-being and productivity...
26 August 2016
Science to Play Key Role in Response to New Challenges in Mineral Nutrition
EU - The industry must adopt a science-based approach to re-evaluating nutrition strategies, particularly in light of proposed European Union limits on Zinc and Copper in animal feed, according to animal nutrition technology company, AB Vista....
22 August 2016
Rabobank: Poultry Leads US to Largest Increase in Meat Consumption Since '70s
ANALYSIS - The US had a momentous year for animal protein in 2015 with the largest increase in US meat consumption since the food scares of the 1970s, according to a new report from Rabobank. ...
15 August 2016
Record US Crop Production Forecast Good News for Feed Prices
US - The US Department of Agriculture's August Crop Production report, which provides the first official government estimates of the corn and soybean harvests, suggested record yields are on their way for these important feed ingredients....
10 August 2016
Corn Quality Variation Demonstrates Benefits of NIR Analysis
GLOBAL - International data shows that variation in corn quality could be adding significant costs to the feed industry, particularly for poultry and swine producers....
09 August 2016
Leading Mycotoxin Experts Map the Current, Future Scientific Landscape
GLOBAL - While several highly publicized incidents related to mycotoxins in food and feed have attracted worldwide media attention in recent years, including the 2013 aflatoxin contamination in Europe, new findings suggest that mycotoxins have a significant...
04 August 2016
Brazil Authorises US Maize Imports to Relieve Price Pressure
BRAZIL - The Brazilian government has said it will allow import of 1 million tons of corn (maize) from the US to increase tight supplies in the country....
03 August 2016
Project Horizon Helps Producers Transition to Antibiotic Free Production
ANALYSIS - Novus International launches Project Horizon, a commitment to helping producers navigate through the transition to antibiotic-free production. ...
01 August 2016
Canada Invests in Anti-Microbial Feed Additives for Food Safety
CANADA - Canada's government is providing an investment of $3.4 million to help a company called AbCelex Technologies develop a new line of anti-microbial feed additives to help control disease outbreaks in poultry flocks....
25 July 2016
Insect Feed for Broilers Approved in Canada
CANADA - A feed company has received regulatory approval for use of its Whole Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae as a feed ingredient for poultry broilers....
22 July 2016
Brazil’s Soy Production Expected to Increase Sharply
BRAZIL - Brazil features over 75 million hectares of underused pasturelands which could be turned into productive cropland, according to Rabobank....
21 July 2016
The Truth About Mycotoxin Binders
GLOBAL - Binding, or adsorbing, specific mycotoxins to limit their negative effects in livestock is a well-established method for mycotoxin deactivation. While a large number of binder products containing clay minerals such as bentonites are commercially...
18 July 2016
Feed Shortages Impact Egg Production in Venezuela
VENEZUELA - The National Association of Egg Producers (Asoprohuevos) has reported that production in the egg sector fell 40 per cent as a result of the difficulties faced by farmers in purchasing feed and medicines for laying hens....
13 July 2016
Poultry Industry Calls for Further Reduction in Corn Ethanol Blending
US - The National Chicken Council (NCC) has called for further reductions in the amounts of corn bioethanol required in transport fuels for next year, due to the effects of these rules on feed prices for chicken producers....
08 July 2016
Housefly Larvae: An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Soy in Animal Feed?
NETHERLANDS - The animal feed industry is looking for alternatives to environmentally harmful ingredients such as soybean meal and fishmeal, and researchers from Wageningen University are looking into the potential of housefly larvae for this purpose....
07 July 2016
Water - the Forgotten Nutrient?
GLOBAL - Water is an essential ingredient of life. Due to the fundamental role that water plays in the welfare, health and performance of birds, it is vital to ensure that adequate access to a clean, fresh supply of water is provided....
Efficient Mineral Supplementation in Laying Hens
GLOBAL - Laying hens face an impressive physiological challenge every day to produce an egg, writes Mieke Zoon....
04 July 2016
Indian Poultry Producers Face Continued Maize Price Difficulties
INDIA - Steady rises in the price of maize (corn) over the last six months, coupled with lower returns from egg sales, are leading poultry producers to ask for more feed to be imported. ...
28 June 2016
EU Compound Feed Production Up in 2015
EU - Compound feed production in the EU-28 in 2015 reached 157.3 million tonnes, which is 0.6 per cent more than in 2014, according to data provided by members of feed producers' organisation FEFAC....
27 June 2016
Brazil's Limited Corn Supply Challenges Poultry, Pork Sectors
BRAZIL - A significantly lower than anticipated supply of corn (maize) continues to drive an increase in Brazil's domestic corn prices in 2016, according to a recent report from the US Department of Agriculture's Foreign Agricultural Service....
15 June 2016
Feed Additives Worth Billions Expected to be Sold in 2016
GLOBAL - The natural and organic trend is sweeping the animal feed additives landscape, with the global market experiencing a gradual shift from use of antibiotics to incorporating feed additives made from natural and organic ingredients, according to...
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