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10 February 2016
IPPE: Essential Oils Key to Reducing Antibiotics in Poultry
US - Essential oils in poultry feed can be important to help poultry producers reduce their use of antibiotics, but how do they actually work? ThePoultrySite's Editor Alice Mitchell spoke to Stephanie Ladirat, global technology lead for gut health additives...
08 February 2016
EU Crop Sowing Figures Good News for Animal Producers
EU - New Copa and Cogeca figures show good EU cereals plantings this year due to favourable weather conditions, but grain prices remain low whilst the EU rapeseed harvest is expected to be down, partly as a result of the the neonicotinoid seed treatment...
01 February 2016
African Poultry Wrap: Producers Get Boost as Governments Deal with Imports
GLOBAL - The Tanzanian poultry industry is the latest in Africa to receive a boost from the United States, following a visit to the east African country by the chairman of the United States Grains Council at the end of last year to spearhead the setting...
28 January 2016
What is Phytase Superdosing? AB Vista Explains the Science
GLOBAL - In a recently released technical video, Mike Bedford, Research Director at AB Vista, highlights new research that more precisely identifies how phytases work in the animal. This helps explain where the performance benefits of phytase superdosing...
26 January 2016
Indian Poultry Sector Seeks FY17 Maize Import Allocation
INDIA - Even though maize prices are expected to remain stable, trade veterans think that the industry has a short window of two months to get import allocations for 2016-17 from the government in order to keep the prices cool during the rest of the year....
25 January 2016
Nutritionist Joins Poultry Team at AB Vista
US - AB Vista would like to announce that Dr Robert Van Wyhe has joined the North American technical team....
21 January 2016
European Feed Industry Sees Poor Outlook for 2016, Despite Strong Poultry Demand
EUROPEAN UNION - Compound feed production in the EU-28 in 2015 grew very slightly by 0.2 per cent compared with 2014, but a downward trend is expected in 2016 in a depressed EU livestock market, according to the European Feed Manufacturers' Federation...
18 January 2016
USDA Reports Added 50 Million Lbs to Chicken Production
ANALYSIS - USDA released four reports on Tuesday with implications for the livestock and grain markets, writes Sarah Mikesell for ThePoultrySite. ...
15 January 2016
Studies Show Broilers Fed Probiotics Maintain Performance on Energy-reduced Diets
GLOBAL - New research from Chr. Hansen confirms that GalliPro® (GalliPro®Max in the US) — a probiotic for poultry containing Bacillus subtilis — allows producers to reduce energy, protein and amino acid content in feed, without reducing the performance...
11 January 2016
Corn Distiller's Oil Finds New Purpose in Poultry Feeds
US - Including corn distiller’s oil in poultry rations helps provide carotenoid pigments to the birds, giving added value, according to a US Grains Council (USGC) research project conducted in conjunction with North Carolina State University....
27 November 2015
Mycotoxin UK & Ireland Wheat Survey 2015
UK - Mycotoxins are highly toxic secondary metabolic products of moulds. Mycotoxin producing moulds damage crops and can cause great economic losses at all levels of food and feed production. Moreover, many of the mycotoxins impair health, cause diseases...
25 November 2015
US Collaborates on Ag Research with Ireland, Northern Ireland
US - The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) said that the partnership with Ireland and Northern Ireland will allow the three countries to maximise investments in research intended to help solve global agriculture-related issues....
12 November 2015
CME: Feed Prices Looking Favourable for Poultry Producers
US - There were no surprises in the USDA's latest World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) for livestock and poultry, write Steve Meyer and Len Steiner, whilst feed grain price forecasts have been lowered....
05 November 2015
Feed Treatment Set to Help Control AI
GLOBAL - Studies underway at Alabama’s Auburn University in the USA look set to provide layer operations with a critical control tool in the battle against Avian Influenza....
30 October 2015
EU Parliament Rejects National Bans on GM Feed
EU - The European Parliament has comprehensively rejected a European Commission plan to allow individual member states to ban genetically modified food or feed on their territories....
26 October 2015
Indian Poultry Farmers Urge Soybean Imports for Cheaper Feed
INDIA - Indian poultry farmers have urged their government to allow them to import soybeans without tax, saying that the important feed ingredient is too expensive....
23 October 2015
European GM Opt-Out Would Put Rural Jobs at Risk
EU - A feed industry assessment has suggested that an "opt-out" proposal, for EU member states to be allowed to prohibit the use of GM feed in their countries, would lead to reduced competitiveness of the livestock and poultry sector....
21 October 2015
Feed Grain Markets Grow in a Shrinking World
ANALYSIS - Stable and, in some cases, even higher stocks and favourable harvests of maize, wheat and other cereals offer livestock producers the prospect of stable feed prices in the coming year, reports Jackie Linden from a recent grain market conference....
20 October 2015
Researchers Optimise Feed Efficiency in Poultry, Pigs
SPAIN - Feeding accounts for around 70 per cent of animal production costs, so European scientists are working on improving Feed Conversion Efficiency (FCE) in broilers and pigs (monogastrics)....
16 October 2015
How do Crude Oil Prices Affect Feed Prices?
GLOBAL - The global animal feed market prices are becoming more and more dependent on the movement of the Brent crude oil market....
Informed Silicon Dioxide as a Natural Feed Supplement to Improve Animal Performance and Farm Environment
CANADA - Ceresco Nutrition, a research company that is behind the new technology based on the transfer of vibratory information through an aqueous medium, says their product Silica+® is the future of the feed industry....
15 October 2015
EU Committee Rejects National Bans on GM Food, Feed
EUROPE - Individual countries within the EU should not be allowed to decide to ban GM food and feed products, Environment Committee MEPs decided this week....
07 October 2015
Price Fluctuations in Broiler Production
INDIA - Broiler farming is like a short term agriculture crop, converting vegetable nutrients into chicken meat....
Aviagen - Nutrition and Feeding
UK - Achieving the correct body composition of broiler breeders in rear and controlling growth in early production is crucial to the performance of the flock....
06 October 2015
World Grain Yield to Fall Short of Last Year’s Record
GLOBAL – Overall grain production for the 2015/16 year will contract one per cent, largely due to lower maize production, predicts the International Grains Council....
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