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28 April 2016
Turkish Poultry Producers Held Back by High Feed Costs
TURKEY - Turkey's poultry exports reached over $450 million despite avian influenza outbreaks and turmoil in the region, making it the world's ninth largest poultry producer, according to the latest report from the US Department of Agriculture's Foreign...
27 April 2016
ClearH2O Launches New Gel Vaccine Application Technology
ANALYSIS - With their commitment to continuous GelDrop® technology innovation, ClearH2O’s newest GelDrop Applicator incorporates unique 3-row manifold heads that deliver more GelDrops on day old chicks during hatchery processing, resulting in higher...
18 April 2016
How to Aid Early Development in Poultry
GLOBAL - Much has been written, and is accepted, about the importance of getting the earliest stages of the chick’s life correct in order to maximise the genetic performances available. With continued genetic improvements in broiler growth performance,...
15 April 2016
Brazilian Meat Producers on Alert for Corn Shortage
BRAZIL - The chief executive of the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA), Francisco Turra, has said animal protein producers are concerned about a shortage of corn in Brazil....
14 April 2016
Save Costs with Animal By-Products
ANALYSIS - The use of poultry and fish by-products in feed has the potential to greatly reduce broiler and layer feeding costs. Dr Leon Ekermans, director of animal feeds at Bester Feed and Grain, told Glenneis Kriel more about this....
12 April 2016
Trial Confirms the Need to Analyse In-Feed Enzyme Activity
GLOBAL - A recent study has demonstrated the importance of assessing in-feed enzyme activity, highlighting a variation in performance characteristics of xylanases....
04 April 2016
Feed Mill Seminar Emphasises Importance of Avian Flu Prevention
US - Approximately 200 mill managers and allied suppliers attended USPOULTRY's 2016 Feed Mill Management Seminar in Nashville, Tennessee recently....
17 March 2016
CME: US Poultry Producers Benefited from Feed Prices in Early 2016
US - Livestock and poultry producers have benefited from benign feed ingredient markets so far this year, write Steve Meyer and Len Steiner....
16 March 2016
2015 BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey Out Now
GLOBAL - The BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey constitutes the longest running and most comprehensive survey of its kind, using state-of-the-art analytic tools. More than eight thousand samples taken from 75 countries worldwide in 2015 alone....
Zambian Poultry Margins Affected by High Feed Prices
ZAMBIA - The poultry industry in Zambia has continued to face high feed costs, which are putting margins under pressure in almost all sectors in the industry, but feed producers are now responding....
15 March 2016
World Animal Feed Additives Market "Poised for Significant Growth"
GLOBAL - A new report projects that the world animal feed additives market would reach $27.9 billion by 2021 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.5 per cent from 2015 to 2021....
09 March 2016
Infographic: The Global Mycotoxin Threat 2016
GLOBAL - The prevalence of mycotoxins, toxic fungal metabolites found in almost all types of agricultural feedstuffs and grains, is a major concern with regards to feed contamination and presents a genuine risk to livestock animal production....
04 March 2016
Why Measure Chain Feeder Speed?
GLOBAL - Feed represents the single largest cost of broiler breeder production so it is important that all birds are able to access feed at the same time and without obstruction....
03 March 2016
Georgia Poultry's GrowerSELECT Focuses on Quality, Value
GLOBAL - GrowerSELECT is a private label brand from Hog Slat and Georgia Poultry, initially created to supply repairs for the OEM brands that Hog Slat sells, and from there has been developed into a complete system....
02 March 2016
Global Coalition Set to Transform the Future of Protein Production
GLOBAL - As part of a move to improve the sustainability of protein production, leading international businesses and NGOs have formed The Protein Challenge 2040 - the world’s first collaboration across the protein system that aims to address the question:...
29 February 2016
Hog Slat Feed Bins Are Built Like a Tank
GLOBAL - Feed storage can be costly, so Hog Slat designs its feed bins to offer producers the longest-lasting feed storage product possible....
22 February 2016
Nutriad Concludes 2016 Polish Maize Mycotoxin Survey
POLAND - Poland is one of Europe’s biggest grain producers and the farming sector has changed dramatically since it joined the European Union (EU) more than 10 years ago. ...
New Method to Extract Protein for Animal Feed from Biomass
FINLAND - Different solvents offer an efficient, sustainable and easy method for dissolving proteins from agrobiomass by-products, according to research by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland....
19 February 2016
Delacon Joins New Partnership to Meet Challenges in Animal Nutrition
US - Delacon announces that Land O’Lakes, Inc. animal nutrition businesses, including the new business unit, PMI Nutritional Additives, will be its exclusive partner in the United States for phytogenic feed additives....
16 February 2016
Poultry Production Costs Rise in Brazil
BRAZIL - Pig and broiler production costs have risen sharply at the start of 2016, according to Brazil's Centre of Intelligence for Poultry and Swine (CIAS)....
15 February 2016
Feed Prices Forecast to Stay Low
ANALYSIS - There are no signs of a rise in feed prices on the horizon – at least, not yet - according to the latest forecast presented at the AHDB Outlook Conference in London earlier this week, reports Jackie Linden....
10 February 2016
IPPE: Essential Oils Key to Reducing Antibiotics in Poultry
US - Essential oils in poultry feed can be important to help poultry producers reduce their use of antibiotics, but how do they actually work? ThePoultrySite's Editor Alice Mitchell spoke to Stephanie Ladirat, global technology lead for gut health additives...
08 February 2016
EU Crop Sowing Figures Good News for Animal Producers
EU - New Copa and Cogeca figures show good EU cereals plantings this year due to favourable weather conditions, but grain prices remain low whilst the EU rapeseed harvest is expected to be down, partly as a result of the the neonicotinoid seed treatment...
01 February 2016
African Poultry Wrap: Producers Get Boost as Governments Deal with Imports
GLOBAL - The Tanzanian poultry industry is the latest in Africa to receive a boost from the United States, following a visit to the east African country by the chairman of the United States Grains Council at the end of last year to spearhead the setting...
28 January 2016
What is Phytase Superdosing? AB Vista Explains the Science
GLOBAL - In a recently released technical video, Mike Bedford, Research Director at AB Vista, highlights new research that more precisely identifies how phytases work in the animal. This helps explain where the performance benefits of phytase superdosing...
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