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23 September 2014
Monitoring Corn and Soybean Consumption
US - The corn and soybean markets appear to be expecting the USDA’s already very large US production forecasts to be increased in the October 10 Crop Production report, reports Darrel Good....
16 September 2014
Chicken Producers Hit Back at Article on Use of Antibiotics in Chicken Feed
US - US chicken producers have hit back at criticism levelled at it in an article from the newsagency Reuters, claiming that antibiotics used in human medicine are frequently used as growth promoters in feed for chickens....
15 September 2014
CME: Does Cheap Feed Make Cheaper Meat?
US - Even as grain supplies in the US, and globally for that matter, are expected to increase significantly in the next 12 months, the amount of meat protein available to consumers will still be lower than what it was two years ago, write Steve Meyer...
12 September 2014
CME: 74 Per Cent of US Corn Crop Rated Good/Excellent Condition
US - seventy four per cent of the US corn crop was rated in good/excellent condition, unchanged from the previous week and 20 points better than year ago and the five year average for this week, write Steve Meyer and Len Steiner. ...
02 September 2014
Biomin Sponsors Mycotoxin Event at Poultry Science Association
US - Mycotoxin occurrence data reveal that the majority of feed ingredients are tainted with various mycotoxins and very frequently even a combination of different toxins can be found in the feed, according to Biomin....
01 September 2014
Register for AFIA Course on Feed Manufacturing
US - Registration is now open for 'AFIA-500: Fundamentals of Feed Manufacturing'. The distance education programme is sponsored by the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) and Kansas State University, and is ideal for individuals at all levels interested...
26 August 2014
Looking for Corn Consumption Response
US - In the newsletter of 11 August, the prospects for corn consumption to respond to lower prices during the 2014-15 marketing year and the potential for a subsequent price recovery were discussed, writes Darrel Good. ...
12 August 2014
Corn Consumption Forecast
US - With expectations of a record large US corn crop in 2014, market attention will soon shift to prospects for corn consumption. The market will follow a number of indicators of potential use as well as the revealed pace of consumption in the ethanol,...
US Feed Body Submits Comments on Sustainability Guidelines
US - The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) has recently submitted comments to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations on the Livestock Environmental Assessment Performance (LEAP) draft guidelines regarding the animal feed supply...
08 August 2014
Record Sales for Land O'Lakes
US - Animal feed, crop, egg and dairy company, Land O’Lakes, Inc., has posted record second-quarter (Q2) and first half-year sales and earnings....
30 July 2014
Novus International Launches Web Site for Customers in China
US - Novus International officially launched a new version of its global website tailored to the needs of the China market....
21 July 2014
Feed Enzyme Makes Sorghum an Attractive Alternative Ingredient
US - Supplementing feed for pigs and poultry with protease enzymes helps break down complex protein structures in sorghum, making it a more viable feed component for these species, according to Novus....
18 July 2014
Poultry Nutrition Research Award Goes to Joseph Moritz
US - The American Feed Industry Association in partnership with the Poultry Science Association (PSA) has recognised Joseph Moritz, PhD, a faculty member at West Virginia University's Department of Animal and Nutritional Science, for his contributions...
Novus Scientists Share Findings at 2014 PSA Annual Meeting
US - The wealth of scientific information that is shared during the 2014 Poultry Science Association (PSA) Annual Meeting makes it a valuable industry event, reports Novus. ...
17 July 2014
Why Are Chicken Prices in the US Really Breaking Records?
ANALYSIS - US consumers are facing record chicken prices. While a recent report suggested this was due to poor fertility in one company's male broiler line, that seems to be an over-simplification, writes Jackie Linden. The root of the situation goes...
15 July 2014
Nutritional Appointment to Cobb World Technical Support Team
US - Vitor Hugo Brandalize has been appointed as nutritional specialist in the Cobb World Technical Support team....
14 July 2014
US Corn Prices Drop - Will Corn Creep Back into Feed Rations?
ANALYSIS - Matt Roberts, agricultural economist at The Ohio State University, said corn prices could drop another 40 cents to 50 cents going into the fall and with lower grain prices, he questions when livestock producers will start adding corn back into...
11 July 2014
Novus Scientists Preparing to Present Groundbreaking Research at PSA 2014
US - Novus scientists are preparing presentations and posters for the 103rd Poultry Science Association (PSA) conference in Corpus Christi, Texas....
10 July 2014
Poultry Science Meeting to Explore Feeding the World in 2050
US - Danisco Animal Nutrition and partners will discuss the poultry industry’s role in feeding the world by 2050 at the 2014 Poultry Science Association (PSA) Annual Meeting from 14 to 17 July 2014....
03 July 2014
Turkey Growth after Cocci Vaccination: Get Back on Track Without Medicated Feed
US - Poultry producers use live coccidial vaccines, thereby reducing the need for in-feed anti-coccidials. However, live vaccination often causes an early reduction in growth, an effect not observed with medicated feed. This transient reduction is most...
02 July 2014
How Do Antibiotics Promote Growth in Poultry?
US - Two respected poultry veterinarians share their insights into the mode of action of antibiotics in the feed in 'Poultry Health Today' from Zoetis....
Novus 2014 Food Drive Offers Local Children Freedom from Summer Hunger
US - Novus International has last week honoured the generosity of itsr employees by matching donations to the St. Louis Area Foodbank. The company’s matching funds bring the 2014 Food and Funds Drive total to $15,000....
25 June 2014
Top South Korean Food Maker Goes after Bigger US Share
US - A new lysine production facility in Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA has been launched by CJ Cheiljedang Corp., South Korea's top food maker, as it seeks a bigger portion of the global biomarket. ...
24 June 2014
Mintrex Celebrates 10 Years in Global Trace Minerals Market
US - Novus International is proud to observe the 10th year of its highly-effective chelated trace mineral product, MINTREX®....
19 June 2014
Feed Enzymes Essential in Sustainability Development
US - Dr Nasser Odetallah, Global Product Champion Fermentation Products for Novus International, Inc., presented at the 11th Annual BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology last month. ...
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