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Poultry Industry News By Category: Feed and Nutrition
14 August 2017
2017 Poultry Protein & Fat Seminar Moving to Kansas City; Industry Tours Offered
US - Protein conversion is an aspect of production that is not often discussed, but plays an important role in converting processing remnants into safe, high quality feed ingredients for a variety of industries....
09 August 2017
CME: New 'Crop' Report to be First to Incorporate Extensive Survey For Farmers
US - Participants in the livestock sectors will be paying attention to this Thursday’s "Crop Production" report from USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), reports Steiner Consulting Group, DLR Division, Inc....
07 August 2017
Cargill Enters into Animal Feed Business Agreement with Virginia-based Company
US - Cargill has reached an agreement to acquire the animal feed business of Richmond, Virginia-based Southern States Cooperative, Inc., a move that will help the company better serve its customers in the eastern United States. The transaction is expected...
24 July 2017
USPOULTRY Financial Management Seminar Looks Beyond Spreadsheets
US - USPOULTRY’s 2017 Financial Management Seminar brought together more than 160 accounting professionals for three days of professional development, education, brainstorming and networking. Attendees learned about a variety of topics including hedging...
13 July 2017
Novus to reveal new research findings in gut health, Woody Breast at Poultry Science Association Meeting
US - Novus International, Inc. plans to reveal new trial findings and other avenues of research through oral and poster presentations at the 2017 Poultry Science Association annual meeting July 17-20 in Orlando, Florida, USA....
12 July 2017
IPPE Chosen for 2018 US Department of Commerce’s International Buyer Programme
US - The International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) has been selected to participate in the 2018 US Department of Commerce’s International Buyer Program, and the Expo has participated in the International Buyer Programme since 2007....
07 July 2017
EPA Sets '18 Ethanol Volumes at Statutory Maximum
US - The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Wednesday (5 June) proposed once again to keep the mandated volume for conventional ethanol use for 2018 at the statutory maximum of 15 billion gallons....
22 June 2017
New Sensors Could Enable More Affordable Detection of Pollution, Diseases
US - When it comes to testing for cancer, environmental pollution and food contaminants, traditional sensors can help. The challenges are that they often are bulky, expensive, non-intuitive and complicated....
Tyson Foods Rolls Out High-tech Chicken Welfare Programme
US - As part of its focus on sustainable food production, Tyson Foods has launched a broad, new animal well-being initiative that combines the latest technology with high-touch monitoring and training to improve the care of chickens....
16 May 2017
Diverse Rotations, Poultry Litter Improve Soybean Yield
US - Continuous cropping systems without rotations or cover crops are perceived as unsustainable for long-term yield and soil health....
27 April 2017
Calysta, Cargill Officially Break Ground on New Feed Production Plant
US - NouriTech and its lead investors, Calysta, Inc. and Cargill, were joined by state and local elected officials yesterday to officially break ground on a 37-acre Memphis feed production facility. ...
06 October 2016
CME: More Corn Available for Livestock, Poultry Feed
US - Grain inventories in the US as of September 1 were in line with market expectations, according to data released by the USDA-NASS late last week, according to the latest Daily Livestock Report published by Steiner Consulting Group....
30 September 2016
Economic Contribution of Export Trade of US Grain
US - Exports of grain and grain products generated $74.7 billion in annual economic output and added $82 billion in value to the United States’ economy in 2014, according to an Informa Economics IEG study commissioned by the US Grains Council. ...
Researchers Improve Diet of Female Broilers
US - A recent study by researchers Dr Sami Dridi and Dr Michael Kidd at the University of Arkansas yielded new ways to improve the diet of female broilers....
31 August 2016
ADM Debuts Customisable Feed Solutions Platform at 2016 Farm Progress Show
US - ADM Animal Nutrition™, a division of Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM), has launched a new customisable feed solutions platform for livestock producers that helps animals adapt to nutritional stresses, enhances animal well-being and productivity...
15 August 2016
Record US Crop Production Forecast Good News for Feed Prices
US - The US Department of Agriculture's August Crop Production report, which provides the first official government estimates of the corn and soybean harvests, suggested record yields are on their way for these important feed ingredients....
03 August 2016
Project Horizon Helps Producers Transition to Antibiotic Free Production
ANALYSIS - Novus International launches Project Horizon, a commitment to helping producers navigate through the transition to antibiotic-free production. ...
13 July 2016
Poultry Industry Calls for Further Reduction in Corn Ethanol Blending
US - The National Chicken Council (NCC) has called for further reductions in the amounts of corn bioethanol required in transport fuels for next year, due to the effects of these rules on feed prices for chicken producers....
14 June 2016
CME: More Wheat Could Enter Feed as High Yields Forecast
US - In this Daily Livestock Report, we review two reports from last week: the World Bank (WB) updated economic forecasts (released 7 June) and the USDA’s World Agricultural Outlook Board (WAOB) monthly forecasts for crops and livestock (released June...
11 May 2016
Poultry Grower Competitive with GrowerSELECT Feeder
US - When Billy Dossett, a poultry producer in Collins Mississippi, USA, decided to replace the 14-year-old feeding system in his broiler houses, he turned to Georgia Poultry to supply the equipment....
27 April 2016
ClearH2O Launches New Gel Vaccine Application Technology
ANALYSIS - With their commitment to continuous GelDrop® technology innovation, ClearH2O’s newest GelDrop Applicator incorporates unique 3-row manifold heads that deliver more GelDrops on day old chicks during hatchery processing, resulting in higher...
04 April 2016
Feed Mill Seminar Emphasises Importance of Avian Flu Prevention
US - Approximately 200 mill managers and allied suppliers attended USPOULTRY's 2016 Feed Mill Management Seminar in Nashville, Tennessee recently....
17 March 2016
CME: US Poultry Producers Benefited from Feed Prices in Early 2016
US - Livestock and poultry producers have benefited from benign feed ingredient markets so far this year, write Steve Meyer and Len Steiner....
10 February 2016
IPPE: Essential Oils Key to Reducing Antibiotics in Poultry
US - Essential oils in poultry feed can be important to help poultry producers reduce their use of antibiotics, but how do they actually work? ThePoultrySite's Editor Alice Mitchell spoke to Stephanie Ladirat, global technology lead for gut health additives...
18 January 2016
USDA Reports Added 50 Million Lbs to Chicken Production
ANALYSIS - USDA released four reports on Tuesday with implications for the livestock and grain markets, writes Sarah Mikesell for ThePoultrySite. ...
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