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20 September 2018
Sierra Leone working to build huge pullets and egg farm
FREETOWN, Sierra Leone - The new farm, which will be one of the largest in West Africa, will address all domestic egg needs by producing about 195 million eggs per year and will create 2,000 new jobs...
19 September 2018
Hurricane Florence: Sanderson Farms reports loss of 1.7 million broilers
USA - Sanderson Farms, Inc reported that the Company continues its assessment of damage to its North Carolina assets caused by Hurricane Florence...
13 September 2018
Weathering the storm: how you can prepare for Hurricane Florence
USA - Delmarva Poultry Industry Inc release advisory detailing safety tips producers out to take to prepare for Hurricane Florence...
11 September 2018
Red Tractor bid to become British food and farming flagship
UK - A new million pound TV advertising campaign launched by Red Tractor will help raise its profile and that of the thousands of farmers behind the assurance scheme and the high standards they adhere to, the NFU said today...
06 September 2018
The world’s largest turkey hatchery
Local officials and turkey farmers gathered in Terra Haute Indiana as the doors were opened on the world’s largest turkey hatchery on August 15....
05 September 2018
European Citizens Initiative: Commission registers 'End the Cage Age' initiative
EU - The College of Commissioners has today (5 September 2018) decided to register a European Citizens' Initiative entitled 'End the Cage Age'...
60,000 pullets learn for life
Christelle and Bruno Le Parc from Priziac (department 56), about 100 km east of Brest in Brittany, have transformed one of their poultry houses: where they once kept their layers in enriched colony systems, pullets now learn how to fly and jump in the...
02 September 2018
VIBRA Group aims for excellent results with Petersime
Maximising the genetic potential that’s inside the eggs, delivered by their own breeding activities. That’s what VIBRA Agroindustrial, one of the market leaders in poultry breeding and production in Brazil, is striving for....
31 August 2018
Peace of mind with Petersime’s new Hatchery Alert System™
Trustworthy, state-of-the-art and dummy-proof. These are only a few characteristics of Petersime’s new essential safety system for your hatchery: the Petersime Hatchery Alert System™. This new system replaces the old Control Panel and brings along...
22 August 2018
Aviagen Anadolu’s Production Management School highlights importance of ventilation to flock health, welfare and performance
Aviagen® Anadolu held its second Ventilation School, July 4-6, in Ankara, Turkey. Welcoming 11 poultry broiler and breeder farm managers representing 9 customers, the school offered a good balance of classroom theory and on-the-farm training....
Avian influenza: mobile systems can inactivate virus
USA - USPOULTRY and the USPOULTRY Foundation announce the completion of a funded research project at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, in which researchers developed a mobile system that can inactivate avian influenza virus...
16 August 2018
Putting paper under chick’s drinkers: Is it really helpful?
Placing paper under water lines increases water consumption by baby chicks, but only for the first 3 or 4 hours after house placement, research indicates....
14 August 2018
Aviagen SAU invests in new hatchery in Spain
Aviagen® SAU has inaugurated a new hatchery in Spain, which will serve the needs of Ross® customers in Spain, Portugal and Morocco. ...
09 August 2018
Cage free in Thailand: CP Foods transition highlights cage-free trend in Asia
THAILAND - Consumers have been taking a closer look at how their food is produced, catalysing a major shift in the global food industry towards more ethical sourcing methods...
08 August 2018
UK animal welfare enhanced by new code for laying hens and pullets
The welfare code for laying hens has today been updated as part of a programme of reforms to safeguard and enhance the welfare of animals...
07 August 2018
Jamesway affirms commitment to growth in Asia
Jamesway is proud to announce a two part expansion to their Asian Pacific Sales and Service Team...
30 July 2018
Is precision poultry production possible?
While detailed behaviour tracking in larger livestock has proved a valuable tool for improving efficiency, a poultry flock’s greater population and erratic habits have made chickens much harder to pin down. Until now. Meet the Swiss researchers whose...
27 July 2018
Let there be light: early exposure to UV aids broiler behavior, performance
Adding windows to poultry houses is an inexpensive way to improve the environment for broilers and possibly improve productivity, according to Rachel Lynn Dennis, PhD, assistant professor at the University of Maryland...
26 July 2018
National Chicken Council: food transparency and immersive virtual reality
USA - With nearly 90 percent of consumers interested in additional information about chicken, new 360° virtual tours of chicken production in the US satisfies consumers’ hunger for more...
25 July 2018
Mixed outlook for practical rat control from farmers
UK - In roughly equal measure, concerns and reassurance about rat control on farms have been identified by a recent survey...
18 July 2018
The DOL 53 ammonia sensor performed extremely well
Good news from the USA: independent trials of the renowned University of Georgia have confirmed the high accuracy of the DOL 53 ammonia sensor. ...
16 July 2018
National Chicken Council animal care guidelines certified by independent audit certification organization
USA - After several months of review, the National Chicken Council’s (NCC) broiler and broiler breeder welfare guidelines have been certified by the Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization (PAACO), a leading authority on animal welfare...
10 July 2018
Our focus on innovation won’t change
Since early 2018, all five children of Vencomatic founders Cor and Han van de Ven work in the company. And when daughter Lotte will become the new CEO on 1 May 2018, the Vencomatic Group - based in the province of Brabant, but with worldwide operations...
Ovoset Pro: A gentle workhorse
“Many machines try to mimic the Ovoset, but this packer is the best. If you are going to pay for quality, no other machine is this hearty,” noted Tony Norris, CEO of Norris Farms....
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