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22 December 2017
WA Govt Threatens to Pull Out of Review of Chicken Welfare Standards
AUSTRALIA - The Western Australian Government has threatened to pull out of a national process to write new legal standards on chicken welfare....
25 May 2016
Aldi's Cage Phase-Out Reduces Consumer Choice, Australian Egg Corp Says
AUSTRALIA - The Australian Egg Corporation Limited has said it is disappointed with the announcement that Aldi is seeking to phase out cage eggs from its stores. ...
20 April 2016
Australian Farmers Hit Back at TV Show's Laying Hen Comments
AUSTRALIA - The Australian Egg Corporation Ltd (AECL) has released a statement after comments on a television programme seemed to hit out at laying hen housing conditions and antibiotic use in the country's egg industry....
15 September 2014
McDonald's Commitment to Phase out Cage Eggs in Australia
AUSTRALIA - McDonald's announces the good news: by the end of 2017, no hen will suffer in a cage to produce eggs for McDonald's Australia....
30 May 2014
Welfare Costs Put Australian Poultry Farmers under Pressure
AUSTRALIA - The country's chicken producers say they are struggling to meet rising cost of new animal welfare standards, while new rules for free-range hens and last year's avian flu outbreak are making it hard for farmers to meet demand....
02 January 2014
South Australia's Poultry Farmers Urged to Prepare for Heat-wave
AUSTRALIA - Livestock owners in South Australia are being urged to ensure they take special care of their livestock during the next few days as severe to extreme temperatures are forecast across most of the state....
01 November 2013
Santrev Launches R&D Farm at Field Day
AUSTRALIA - Santrev has unveiled a real gem for the Australian Poultry industry at a field day on their broiler farm at Coominya, South East Queensland....
06 May 2013
Pressure to Lift Poultry Standards
AUSTRALIA - Australian and New Zealand primary industry ministers will consider increased regulations and enforcement measures over battery hen production, following a push by ACT Greens minister Shane Rattenbury....
14 December 2012
NZ Moving to Furnished Colony Cages, Says AECL
AUSTRALIA - "If there was good evidence that hen welfare was significantly improved in colony cage systems, Australia would already have made these changes," said the Australian Egg Corporation Limited (AECL) in a press statement....
23 October 2012
Cage Egg Production Delivers Welfare to Hens
AUSTRALIA - The Australian Egg Corporation Limited (AECL) has spoken out in support of eggs produced from caged hens. ...
28 September 2012
Nest Box Layers Stress Less Than Free-Range
AUSTRALIA - A study of the welfare of caged production hens has recommended chickens have access to a nest box to lay their eggs without being disturbed....
06 September 2012
Egg Producer Fined over Cage Eggs
AUSTRALIA - A South Australian egg producer has been fined A$50,000 for selling cage eggs as free-range. ...
09 July 2012
Broilers Farms for 600,000 Chickens Planned
AUSTRALIA - Two broiler farms large enough to grow up to a combined 600,000 chickens have been marked down for land north-west of Geelong....
27 June 2012
AECL Statement on Aussie Egg Standards
AUSTRALIA - AECL’s new, national Quality Assurance (QA) program, Egg Standards Australia (ESA), has 171 standards associated with hen welfare, food safety, farm quarantine & biosecurity, environmental management, egg labeling and hen health....
24 April 2012
No Choice at Free Range Egg Talks
AUSTRALIA - Consumer group Choice has been excluded from participating in egg industry talks over what can be labelled as free-range....
23 April 2012
SA Egg Producers Crack Free Range Definition
AUSTRALIA - South Australian egg producers want different free range egg definitions for different density farms....
04 April 2012
Greens Introduce Free Range Egg Bill in South Australia
AUSTRALIA - The South Australian Greens are teaming with the Liberal Party in an attempt to define what is and is not a free–range egg....
03 April 2012
MP Pushes for Free Range Eggs Change
AUSTRALIA - Proposed legislation in South Australia will try to outlaw selling eggs as free range if they are from a farm which has more than 1,500 hens per hectare....
22 March 2012
Egg Farm Urged to Change But Money Not on Offer
AUSTRALIA - The ACT Government is once again trying to encourage Canberra's only battery hen egg farm to convert to a barn laid operation....
23 February 2012
New Ways to Gauge Welfare in Free-range Hens
AUSTRALIA - Professor Geoff Hinch (University of New England) is researching new approaches to assessing welfare and behaviour of free-range laying hens. This joint University of New England/CSIRO project, supported by the Poultry CRC, harnesses behavioural...
06 February 2012
La Ionica Pays for Misleading Label
AUSTRALIA - Animal welfare groups are celebrating a decision by the Federal Court over a label used in chicken advertising....
19 December 2011
Shade Encourages Better Free Range Use
AUSTRALIA - The number of birds in the range depends on the availability of overhead cover and it is possible to get the birds out of the shed and improve their ranging ability by installing shaded areas, according to the latest issue of E-Chook News...
28 June 2010
Australian Experience with Aviary Systems
AUSTRALIA - When using an aviary system, the need for well trained birds cannot be underestimated, according to Ryan Peacock, talking about his experiences to the PIX 2010 conference. ...
30 June 2009
Egg Industry Welcomes Minister's Crack-Down
AUSTRALIA - The Australian Egg Corporation Limited (AECL) has welcomed government moves to crack down on non-compliant egg producers whose facilitates do not meet the industry's standards....
14 April 2009
Big Dutchman Appoints New Distributor
AUSTRALIA - Big Dutchman Asia has appointed a second distributor for Australia....
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