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03 August 2016
Project Horizon Helps Producers Transition to Antibiotic Free Production
ANALYSIS - Novus International launches Project Horizon, a commitment to helping producers navigate through the transition to antibiotic-free production. ...
26 July 2016
S. Enteritidis Shedding More Frequent in Conventional than in Enriched Cages
GLOBAL - Fecal shedding of Salmonella enteritidis was significantly more frequent among experimentally infected laying hens in conventional cages compared to hens housed in enriched colony cages, indicates a study from USDA and North Carolina State University...
14 July 2016
Vigilance Needed in Fight Against H5N1 Bird Flu in Africa
AFRICA - The outbreak in Cameroon has brought the number of Central and West African countries battling highly pathogenic avian influenza up to six, with the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation calling for heightened surveillance and prevention efforts....
17 June 2016
Condemnations, Mortality Shift Focus to E. coli Vaccination in Some Broiler Flocks
GLOBAL - While infectious bronchitis remains a serious threat to broiler health, it often opens the door to the more costly secondary infection, Escherichia coli, explained Kalen Cookson, DVM, director of clinical research at Zoetis....
09 June 2016
Nigeria Bird Flu Outbreaks Continue to Kill Thousands of Layers
NIGERIA - A new outbreak of Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) has been reported on Nigerian layer farms....
07 June 2016
Further Bird Flu Reported in Jalisco Poultry
MEXICO - A new outbreak of Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) has been reported in Mexico....
86,000 Layers Killed in Niger Bird Flu Outbreak
NIGER - A new outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) has been reported on a layer farm in Niger....
25 May 2016
New Central American Plan to Eradicate Low-Path H5N2 Bird Flu
CENTRAL AMERICA - Central American agriculture ministers and poultry organisations met in San Salvador at the headquarters for the International Regional Organisation for Agricultural Health (OIRSA) last week and developed a plan to eradicate low pathogenic...
11 May 2016
Poultry Grower Competitive with GrowerSELECT Feeder
US - When Billy Dossett, a poultry producer in Collins Mississippi, USA, decided to replace the 14-year-old feeding system in his broiler houses, he turned to Georgia Poultry to supply the equipment....
06 May 2016
Campylobacter: Pre-Harvest Research in the US
US - Despite significant progress by the poultry industry in reducing foodborne pathogens, the rates of human illness persist. ...
Halamid®: On-farm Biosecurity Still Needs Enforcement
GLOBAL - With the upsurge in occurrences of avian influenza since 2014 in various parts of the world, the discussion related to appropriate measures for containment has taken a new swing as well. ...
“Cleanliness is Key” - Preventing Diseases Transmitted by Humans
GLOBAL - Health and hygiene are the backbone of every successful poultry business. ...
06 April 2016
Bird Flu Spread Continues in Nigeria with Three New Outbreaks
NIGERIA - Three new outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza have been reported in Plateau province in Nigeria....
09 March 2016
Fifteen More Bird Flu Outbreaks Found in Nigeria
NIGERIA - H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza has been found at fifteen more locations in Nigeria....
07 March 2016
Suspected Avian Flu Outbreak in Norwegian Turkeys
NORWAY - An outbreak of avian influenza is suspected on a turkey farm in Østfold after routine surveillance detected antibodies....
249,490 Chickens Die in Taiwan Avian Influenza Outbreak
TAIWAN - Five new outbreaks of Low pathogenic avian influenza (LPAI) have been reported on poultry farms in Chinese Taipei....
04 March 2016
Reducing Salmonella and Campylobacter in Broilers
GLOBAL - Poultry companies have made great progress in meeting food safety objectives, yet poultry meat remains a major source of the Salmonella and Campylobacter that cause foodborne illness....
24 February 2016
Antibiotic Free Poultry Is Key Industry Driver
ANALYSIS - The move to antibiotic free production is one of the key drivers in the poultry industry as consumers demand what they perceive as a healthier product, reports Sarah Mikesell, live from the 2016 International Production and Processing Expo...
03 February 2016
Biosecurity Guidelines Help Protect Viet Nam's Poultry Supply Chain
VIET NAM - Biosecurity guidelines developed by various agriculture organisations in Viet Nam have helped smaller hatcheries and parent flock farms to improve animal health and protect the poultry supply chain....
29 January 2016
New Recordkeeping Requirements for Indiana Poultry Purchases, Sales
US - Last October, in response to the highly pathogenic avian influenza findings throughout the Upper Midwest, Indiana adopted new recordkeeping requirements for Hoosier poultry owners buying and selling birds. At the time, members of the Indiana State...
IPPE: Highlights from The World's Biggest Poultry Event
ANALYSIS - This week, ThePoultrySite team has been busy at the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, where the latest research and new products in the industry have been presented....
27 January 2016
Nigeria Reports 11 New Avian Flu Outbreaks
NIGERIA - A further 11 outbreaks of Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) have been reported in central and northern Nigeria....
25 January 2016
Indiana Veterinarian Reminds Producers Avian Flu Event is Not Over
US - Although tests in the Dubois County avian influenza incident continue to prove negative, much more work must still be completed before this event can be considered over, according to Indiana State Veterinarian Bret D. Marsh, DVM....
15 January 2016
Danger From Rats to Poultry Underestimated, Study Shows
CANADA - Rats can absorb disease agents from their local environment and spread them, according to a new study from the University of British Columbia (UBC)....
14 January 2016
Culling Under Way at Scottish Avian Flu Site
SCOTLAND, UK - Laboratory tests have confirmed a very mild strain of the H5N1 virus at the site of the Scottish avian influenza outbreak, and a humane cull of almost 40,000 birds has now begun....
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